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Sex Education in India- Are we teaching the kids enough, the right way at the right time?

Sex Education is still a taboo in India. People don’t say sex out loud just like periods. They prefer talking about it inside four walls but not openly. Does that make sense? Maybe or maybe not, either way people aren’t much aware about the importance of sex education.

Some people think that ‘sex education’ revolves around sex. Well, sex is definitely a major subject to discuss but there are various other subjects like talking about an individual’s sexuality. So, let’s dig deeper into this amazing under-rated topic.

What is Sex Education?

Sex Education is a broad programme which inculcates sexual wisdom in young individuals. Teens usually grasp things more better at their base level. In a country like India where the LGBTQ+ Community is continuously fighting hard to break stereotypes and establish their importance, it’s very crucial for children to understand the concept of sexuality.

Knowing about your Sexuality

Knowing about your Sexuality

Most people discover their sexuality by surfing through Google and that too when they are in their 20’s. Have you ever wondered the main reason behind this late discovery of your own sexuality? No hard guesses, it’s quite simple. You won’t know about something unless and until you are taught about it.

Sexuality is a notion which an individual discovers after a certain period. It may occur at an early stage if the child is well aware about the sexual notions and terms. Also, knowing about your sexual orientation at an early age will help you accept and own the fact that every gender must be treated equally with respect (amazing, right).

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Puberty Changes

Puberty Changes

Moreover, it’s not only sexuality that falls under the sex education course but the changes you experience through your puberty too. Some of you may have really hairy body parts, some may have hormonal changes, some may be victim of PCOS/PCOD, etc, there are endless number of possibilities.

Insufficient knowledge or lack of knowledge about the same can be really dangerous. You should know everything about your body. Children tend to get really conscious about these sudden changes in their body and develop inferiority complex. They then start comparing themselves to others which really hampers their mental health.

Sex Education briefs about how these changes are normal. Periods are normal. Facial Hairs are normal. Pimples are normal.

Good/ Bad Touch

Good/ Bad Touch

You all are pretty much aware about the increasing crime rates on women. It’s not just periods and pregnancy pain that a woman goes through but sexual assaults too. Adults do understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. But children, they have no idea about it.

Usually when a small girl is raped, she starts crying. That poor child is unaware about what just happened to her. She feels pain but can’t express into words. So, it’s very important to know about good touch and bad touch. If a person knows the difference between both, he/ she can respond to certain situations and ask for help (maybe also punish the sinner).

Importance of contraceptives

Importance of contraceptives

Almost 80% of millennials must have gained knowledge of sex by watching porn. The question is: Do porn sites communicate the right message?

The answer is: NO. Visuals that you see on porn sites can be deceptive. In fact, a petition was filed against Porn Hub, a porn site. It claimed that the videos shown on the site promote sexual abuse. It looks like they are normalizing sexual abuse and rape just to gain pounds.

Now, if a person who has absolutely no knowledge about sex education watches the same video, he/ she will get influenced by the same. Porn sites are bad influences because they communicate wrong information which leads to the other person committing crimes like rape.

Proper education can only be received through proper guidance from experts on these fields. People are unaware about the use of contraceptives. They are very important to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Even you don’t want to become a mother at the age of 18 or 19, right?

Is sex education a part of the school curriculum?

Is sex education a part of the school curriculum?

If by sex education you mean the process of reproduction and male, female genitals, then it’s a big yes. But even that chapters are sometimes skipped by the teachers in some schools. Those chapters contribute about 3% of the sex education concept.

At school level, sex education has attracted many objections from the government and the people of the state. It is banned in 6 states which include Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Chhattisgarh. They believe that it corrupts the Indian values and demolishes the stereotypical image of the Indian society.

Also, the National Education Policy 2020 talks about the freedom to explore different subjects, opt for their field of interest, etc, but it gives no hints about Sex Education being a part of the curriculum.

According to T S Sathyanarayana Rao, a renowned psychiatrist, sex education is deemed unnecessary because people feel it comes naturally. He said, “Many think that sex comes to people naturally. They think it is unnecessary to be taught separately or for it to be included in the curriculum.”

People are not aware about certain STD’s / STI’s like HIV Aids. They don’t take precautionary methods and are then infected by the same. Safe sex is important and can’t be neglected.

Rao also added, “Men in India are not sensitised about women’s issues. With no idea of how sexuality works, two individuals are forced into a room and expected to procreate. Without sex education, human beings fail to learn about how to respect the opposite gender. Of course, this leads to an increase in domestic violence.”

What you as an Indian citizen can do?

What you as an Indian citizen can do?

After reading and examining all the information written above, it’s your duty to decide whether this topic or subject is important. Should it be a part of curriculum? Are you ready to normalize talking about sex and periods in public? Are you ready to not depend on porn sites for sexual information?

Are you ready to educate young minds and help them build a great and safe future for themselves? If you are ready, then start being vocal on this topic. Let this issue gain importance. After all, one solution can cure many problems.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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