These Top 6 Regional Cookbooks Will Walk you Through the Roots & Flavours of India

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide lockdown, from hotels to restaurants to businesses, everything has been shut down for this very reason. But on the flip side; this year, consumers have reopened their old hobbies which were completely forgotten till COVID-19 happened – And one of those is cooking. 

Besides, as the pressing virus is still rambling out in the cold air, everyone has started to focus more on their health regime by consuming home-cooked healthy foods. People have also been spending enough time watching cooking videos on YouTube and curiously checking out the next-yummy dish available online. 

According to the survey by The Hunger Food Study special report 2020, 54 percent are cooking more, 38 percent are enjoying cooking more than ever, and 26 percent are learning more amid pandemic. Altogether, a unique flavor touching the taste buds is what all mattered at this point for the consumers. 

However, Indian dishes are one of those amazing mouth-watering ones. If someone asks me to define how it is, I would rather not answer. Instead, give him/her a bunch of cookbooks that would again be insufficient to satiate the love for the available Indian dishes. 

Whether it’s dhokla of Gujarati’s most favorite dish or the famous Biryani of Telangana or Bhutte Ka Kees of Madhya Pradesh, you can relish the savor of all those Indian dishes through cookbooks. So, without any further ado, now try your hands on your favorite dishes with these 6-curated regional cookbooks that walk you through the roots & flavors of India.

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1) Made in India by Meera Sodha:

Made in India by Meera Sodha

This is a book of 130 lip-smacking dishes in a total collection consisting of how to make chapatis to puddings to street foods, this book has got everything you need without sweating a mile walk to have it outside. Plus, Meera introduced the old friendship of Britain with detailed pictures of several curries as well. Now, this book will make Indian cooking lovers dip their hearts in the very dish recipes by Meera Sodha. A masterpiece at making vegan dishes, Meera Sodha also writes a column for The Guardian about several recipes, from apple pudding cake to vada pav with coriander and peanut chutney, in case you missed the favorites from the lot.

2) The Dal Cookbook by Krishna Dutta:

The Dal Cookbook by Krishna Dutta

Dal is considered as the oftentimes consumed Indian native dish that’s served with food and also the indispensable part of the culinary recipes made at home. Not just that, from weddings to household parties, this dish has its peculiarity and ubiquitous presence as a form of celebration.

Unapologetically, “The Dal Cookbook” by Krishna Dutta has a collection of 50 recipes that solely centers on Dal. Additionally, this book teaches you the art of tackling lentils professionally and fulfilling your palate. The book covers dal dishes from all corners of India (North-South-East-West), including the style of making. Now, surprise your wife/mom with a pot full of delicious alternatives that reflects true colors of Indian culinary. 

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3) The Andhra Cookbook by Komala Sista Rao:

The Andhra Cookbook by Komala Sista Rao

If you are a busy professional leading your lifestyle more in front of the glaring screens, yet a foodie and wanna try hands-on various dishes, then “The Andhra Cookbook” is for you. Several recipes in this book touch the fresh air of Konasima of East Godavari District. From stews to veg curries to chutneys, this book is a complete version of pure Andhra cooking styles. You can experience the taste of Andhra dishes all from your place with the aid of Komala’s culinary book. 

For those who still think Andhra dishes are all about spicy chillies, then this book breaks that allegory. For better understanding, this cookbook comes in three languages (English, Hindi and Telugu). This handwritten recipe collection walks you through the roots of Andhra cooking style.  

4) Essential Goa Cookbook by Maria Teresa Menezes:

Essential Goa Cookbook by Maria Teresa Menezes

Most of us had Goa till its serene beaches and tranquil ambiance, but there is more to it. From cocktail parties to festivals, the food catches the gaze of the dancing crowd. As Goa is one of the widely visited destinations for tourists, a modicum of coastal cuisine will leave us wanting more. This Essential Goa Cookbook by Maria Teresa Menezes has all those coastal cuisines in here. The book consists of 100 recipes covering myriad culinary dishes echoing the Portuguese taste. Whether it is stuffed crab tiger prawns in Fen Vindaloo or a delicious mix of Portuguese and Konkani flavors, this book keeps the Goan tradition at its crest. 

5) I Love India by Anjum Anand:

I Love India by Anjum Anand

From having a mouthful of chaats on the streets of India to eating kebabs with her peers, Anjum has relished several months in India, traveling, meeting her friends, and trying every possible dish. With adoration towards Indian culinary, Anjum writes a cookbook named “I love India”, which comprises of the yummy Biryanis at the Hyderabadi favorite restaurants to Mumbai roadside hot lamb sandwich to charred, spiced sweet potato salad, every Indian flavor is touched and vividly reminisced in this incredible cookbook. Having this book not only lets you try all the exquisite street foods but eventually makes you fall in love with the country, India. 

6) Pankajam: Cooking from the Heart by Bharathi Ravi Prakash:

Pankajam: Cooking from the Heart by Bharathi Ravi Prakash

If grandmother’s stories put you to bed, her culinary recipes will remind you of the ancient flavor and traditional values. And this book “Pankajam’s Cooking from the Heart” is an exceptional cookbook that explores the collection of Bharathi’s dear grandmother, Pankajam. Consisting of 100 recipes, ranging from how to make Rasam to appetizing sweets like payasam, you’ll find everyday staples in here,  including festive dishes. Plus, this book is a handy go-to book for beginners who want to learn easy-ways of cooking.

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