Top Startup In Organic Food Business In India

Organic farming is one of the latest concepts which promises to revolutionize the process of farming in order to ensure sustainable development. The food which is produced from organic farms is called organic food. There are very strict rules which a farmer needs to follow for a farm to be certified as an organic farm officially by some of the top regulating authorities. Organic farming means farming without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides or weedicides. Instead, natural products are used to fertilize the field and to counteract the problem of pests and weeds.

This type of farming is developed with the help of scientists working closely with the agriculture sector of India. The output of an organic farm is less as compared to that of a traditional farm but the quality of the food is thought to be better because of less contamination of harmful chemicals in the food. Due to this, many people are preferring organic over traditionally grown food, mainly because of the growing popularity of health and fitness culture.

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According to the latest survey done by Exide, the organic market in India is set to grow at an exponential rate of 25%. This is only possible because of the improvement in the quality of organic products and their marketing by various brands. So, let’s a look at the top startups in the organic food business in India.

1.Just Organik

Just Organik

Just Organik was founded by Richa Agrawal and Sandeep Agrawal in 2013. They have teamed up with farmers in Uttarakhand to harvest, produce and supply organic products all over India. The goal of this company is to make organic food affordable and available all over India. The products of this company are certified by all the internationally essential certification standards like USDA and EU organic. So you can be sure about the quality of their products.

They deal with several regular food items like pulses, lentils, rice, flour, spices, oils, dry fruits, tea, coffee, sweeteners and even personal care products. So, this is a perfect brand for the health conscious and the fitness freaks out there who want to give organic diet a try. They have also received several awards and is one of the top startups in the organic food business in India.

2. Joy By Nature

Joy By Nature

This brand was launched in 2014 by two fathers, Shailesh Mehta and Rahul Amarendra Kumar were concerned about the harmful effects that chemicals might have on their children. Today it has a big customer base of 35000. They have products in about 10,000 categories including nutrition, food, beauty and health and they keep adding more items to their ever-increasing list of products. In the food category, they deal with simple wholefood products like rice, lentils, spices, dry-fruits, tea, coffee, seeds and also health related products like supplements that are related to disease and weight management. All these supplements  are claimed to be Ayurvedic and free of any side effects.

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3. I Say Organic

I Say Organic

This brand was established by an engineer from the University of British Columbia named Ashmeet Kapoor. One special feature of this brand is that they also mention the name of the farmer who grew the food on the packets. This system is quite prevalent in many developed countries including USA and Japan to encourage organic farming by giving the farmers their deserved respect and recognition. This system also helps to spread awareness about the well being of farmers.

The companies listed above only deal with products that can be stored but this brand also provides fresh produce like vegetables, fruit and bakery items.. Currently, this brand is operating in 13 States and has 100 farmers to grow their produce. They also conduct quarterly tests of pesticide residue and quality checks and have solar powered farms, which makes it not only organic but also an eco-friendly choice for the consumer.

4. Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours was created by Vinod Kumar who is MBA graduate from Cardiff Business School, UK and Priya Prakash who is a certified nutritionist and biotechnologist. This brand deals with noodles and pasta which is one of the most popular food items consumed by Indians now-a-days. It is difficult to even find anyone who doesn’t like noodles and pasta and it is one of the most famous street foods as well. But, it is just really unhealthy because of its lack of nutrition and high saturated fat content.

But, the noodles and pasta from Naturally Yours are different because it does not contain processed flour and instead is made with a mixture of quinoa, millet, red rice, etc to make it much more healthy and wholesome. The raw material used for the manufacture of the items is also organic and it is absolutely free from any kind of chemical additives and preservatives.These noodles are a tasty way to get your minerals, fibres and proteins into your diet. This works especially well for children who are often repulsed by healthy food stuff because they are boring.

5. Organic Crunch

Organic Crunch

This brand is founded by family members Raj Shrestha Juneja, who did his education from Switzerland, Neha Raj Juneja who is an hotel administrator and Raj snehil Juneja an investment banker and consultant. They are hoteliers and have had experiences with food for all their life. When people try to opt for a healthy lifestyle they often miss out on taste because popular diet food options seem to be bland. However, Organic Ranch has taken up the challenge to combine health and taste into a single product.

The awareness about harmful effects of chemicals used in traditional farming has led to the rise of organic farms. Organic farms in India usually use compost pits and predator animals to control insects which reduces the environmental impact of farming. Organic food is now promoted by many fitness and health experts and even many doctors. Organic food might reduce the risk of a myriad of serious diseases like hormonal diseases, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. More research is required in this field to figure out the extent of advantages provided by an organic diet.

With its current growth rate, the organic industry is expected to change the whole market around the world in the upcoming years.

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Written by Debasmita Bhattacharya

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