Pump it Up with Madame Gandhi’s Latest EP VISIONS REMIXED

Madame Gandhi is back to groove you all with the tunes of her ecstatic music album VISIONS REMIXED

A globally-sourced collection of remixes of the five tracks encompassing her 2019 critically-acclaimed Visions EP.

And her fans are going frenzied over this new partnership with Sony Music Masterworks ahead of her third and final instalment in the series.

Kiran Gandhi, who goes by the stage name Madame Gandhi, is an electronic artist and activist based out on New York. The unique part of her latest EP is that each of the songs has been completely reimagined by a diverse group of female producers across the globe.

Kiran Gandhi, who goes by the stage name Madame Gandhi, is an electronic artist and activist based out on New York

She collaborated with the following artists to create a distinct and fresh collection of music for the people who hit the gym or dance club often.

  • Riobamba
  • Drik Barbosa & MC Soffia
  • Sarah Farina
  • Arushi Jain,
  • Jeia

When asked about the idea behind collaborating with female music producers, Madame Gandhi said, “Only 2% of the world’s music producers identify as female. Looking closer made me understand that an even smaller percentage identifies as gender non-conforming or trans. So, it’s our duty to make ourselves more visible by  putting each other on whenever we have the chance.”

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The EP Visions Remixed comprises these 5 refreshing tracks-

  • Waiting For Me (Riobamba Remix) is a reggaeton dance mashup that doubles as a protest anthem, calling for the disruption of institutionalized power structures and embracing the new narratives of self-expression. With accents of Indian percussion, the track roars for an intersectional vision of revolution. 
  • Top Knot Turn Up (Drik Barbosa & MC Soffia Remix) full of trap beats, enunciate gender liberation and empowerment. Drik Barbosa’s gut-punching verses and 15-years old MC Soffia’s rap make this track flamboyant to the core.
  • See Me Thru (Sarah Farina Remix) puts a fresh perspective into Gandhi’s original vibe-y R&B song with futuristic and UK funky beats. To infuse a sense of freedom, this Berlin-based DJ/Producer has put her soul with lots of bass and beats.
  • Young Indian (Arushi Jain Remix) is a techno remix of the original psych rock hip-hop tune. Arushi has used her unparalleled skills as a synthesist to make the song as raw and real as possible. 
  • Bad Habits (Jeia Remix) has Madame Gandhi’s signature big drums on top of an afrobeat rhythm, with vocal production that is uplifting for the soul. Considering  their mutual love for percussion and diverse culture, the remix is an absolute treat to one’s ears. 

Each song has its uniqueness in terms of beat, rhythm and music production. Embracing the best talents across the globe, these remixed tracks are virtual hugs for the souls who count on the healing power of music.

Over the years Gandhi has garnered much attention as an electronic music producer and drummer. Her music mainly speaks about female empowerment and fourth-wave feminism at large. She believes that the more intentional we become with the sounds, moods, and messages through our music, the more powerful we will become in providing positive impacts to society.

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She also mentioned a valid point that nobody usually mentions. “Oftentimes, we tolerate sexist lyrics in music because we love the beats or how the music energizes us. This needs an end without hampering the essence of music and pulsating beats. Visions remix is an effort to make music global without normalizing sexist remarks.”

How did music happen?

How did music happen

After studying Mathematics and Gender Studies from Georgetown, the young Gandhi instantly went viral in 2015 after running at the London Marathon. Madame Gandhi ran while menstruating without a sanitary napkin to combat the period stigma around the world. This sparked a global viral conversation about how we treat menstruation in various cultures.

Music and feminism are what she has truly cared for since her childhood. And this incident helped her to intertwine both her passions seamlessly for a good cause. Soon after this, she started to produce her own music and went on to become a global name within a short span of time.

Not known to many, she is also an MBA from Harvard. Considering her success at a young age, she has been listed as a Forbes 30 Under 30 member and is a 2020 TED Fellow.

Early life and background

Early life and background

Born to entrepreneur Vikram Gandhi and Meera Gandhi, the founder and CEO of The Giving Back Foundation, this outrageous talent has never failed to acknowledge her privilege. Though she has mostly spent her life in the United States, Gandhi still cherished her stay in India between 1997-2000 and takes pride in the culture.

Moreover, before becoming a drummer and playing for artists like M.I.A., Thievery Corporation, and Kehlani, Gandhi worked as a digital analyst with the record label Interscope Records.

On the work front, her song “The Future is Female” reached #8 on the Spotify Viral US Charts following the 2017 Women’s March. She also released two short-form albums, Voices (2016) and Visions (2019), accompanied by a series of music videos produced and conceptualized by women and gender non-conforming creatives. Currently, Madame Gandhi is working on her third short-form album Vibrations, which is expected in 2021. It will primarily focus on personal wellness, joy, meditation, and emotional intelligence.

You can listen to her latest release here. listen here

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Written by Priyanka Mondal

In the backyard of IIMC, amidst chaos and euphoria of Journalism students, Priyanka finds herself among the intricacies of Tagore and festivities of Ruskin Bond. For her life is easy with these two stalwarts and she can live an eternity among them. A copywriter from the core, she nurtures a tiny cinephile, a shutterbug, and a foodie within her. Oh yes, she takes a great interest in human behavioral science and the Universe!

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