#RasodeMeinKaunTha: Main Thi? Tum Thi? Kaun Tha? – The Viral rap in India

The answer is Hum Sab The. Yes, the entire nation sang (and still singing) this addictive musical spoof produced by engineer turned musician Yashraj Mukhate.

A daily soap named Saath Nibhana Saathiya has managed to steal people’s attention even after years because of the super-funny antic scenes. Preferred by a lot of meme-makers across the countries, characters like Gopi Bahu and Kokilaben have been on our screen. But nothing closest to what this young talented musician did.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Using a scene from the serial and mixing it up with rap, Yashraj’s musical twist has given it a hysterically funny turn. And we can’t get it out of our head.

“Khali cooker gas pe chadha diya, chadha diya”… (We bet you can’t read this without singing)

You Never Know What Goes Viral

They say light travels faster than sound. However, this track of Aurangabad-based musician created a spark within less than 24 hours proving the law deceptive! With no prior knowledge of going viral, Yashraj uploaded the 57-second video as a part of his routine life only to realise later this is going to change his life.

Soon after uploading, the content spread like wildfire not only among the crazy netizens but also the celebrities. Personalities like Taapsee Pannu, Sanya Malhotra, Rajkummar Rao, Varun Dhawan, and Prateek Kuhad to name a few shared and commented on his video.

Within a short span of time, Yashraj Mukhate became an overnight sensation. When he uploaded the video, the count of followers was 24k on Instagram and now it’s 734K+. In 2018, Priya Prakash Varrier caught the country’s attention with her viral wink and gun kiss attracting over 606,000 followers on Instagram in a day.

In the case of Yashraj, there is more to this. The video that featured Kokilaben (Rupal Patel) was so overwhelmed after watching this, she ended up calling the artist and praised his work and even invited him to meet her whenever he is in Mumbai.

However, the Universe has planned something more. Much to his surprise, Anurag Kashyap contacted him on Instagram and applauded his work. Guess the best part? The director even shared his contact number expressing his willingness to work with Mukhate.

Goodness Gracious!

That’s the power of Indian cyberspace.

Little-known Facts About Yashraj Mukhate

Facts About Yashraj Mukhate

Apart from creating such hilarious mixes, this 24-year old musician spends a lot of time composing his originals too. Some of his soothing and melodious original tracks are “Tinka Tinka Barsa”, “Uchlingo Machlingo Re”, and “Manzil”.

Claiming his love for music since childhood, Yashraj is also an excellent mimicry artist. Browsing through his Instagram feed, you will come across a couple of videos where he dubbed in the voice of the late actor Irrfan Khan that are too good to be true. Mukhate also loves practicing dubbing for wildlife shows in Hindi. According to the sources, this is an inherited talent as his father is a mimicry artist. Quite a genius!

Yashraj Mukhate is currently basking in the glory of his new-found fame. Be that as it may, this overnight success was not an easy journey. The youngster was quite consistent in his effort and always experimented with music. He spends 12 hours in his self-made studio to outperform himself with his new endeavour.

Yeh Hai India gives a shoutout to all such hidden talents across the country and encourages them to stay honest, and work hard with their creative pursuits. For it always seems impossible until it is done!

P.S. Chahe kuch bhi karlo, bass khaali cooker gas pe mat chadhana! Ting!

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Written by Priyanka Mondal

In the backyard of IIMC, amidst chaos and euphoria of Journalism students, Priyanka finds herself among the intricacies of Tagore and festivities of Ruskin Bond. For her life is easy with these two stalwarts and she can live an eternity among them. A copywriter from the core, she nurtures a tiny cinephile, a shutterbug, and a foodie within her. Oh yes, she takes a great interest in human behavioral science and the Universe!

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