Top Rock Bands in India

Rock Bands have been an integral part of music for long across the world. Indians have followed many Rock bands of the west. Lately Rock bands have caught up with the youth big time and we now have many desi Indian Rock bands. Some of them have made it to the top rock bands in India and have become famous internationally as well.

As we know music is that form of art that touches our soul, caresses our spirit even the spirits that surround us, it helps you reach the inner peace of your mind and lets you free from all the discomforts of your life.

Music for musicians is like meditation, they would never consider it as comprising sounds, it is much more than that, every instrument performs its magic differently but any instrument that triggers your ears will help you loosen up and leave you stress-free.

Musicians compose music to let their stress out and attain that level of symphonic relaxation to please the audience as well as themselves. The songs that are featured in movies are also made with extreme joviality that emboldens people to rock and roll while listening to it.

Bollywood has produced an endless number of songs that people bustle upon for years after their release. As the music industry evolved throughout the country, and new technology got introduced, several new bands turned up with their own blend of euphony. With new technology like YouTube, we were not restricted to songs that were only featured in movies but it also encouraged new and young musicians to stage themselves and perform their magic for the world to see.

Unlike concerts, they were able to spread their love for music everywhere just with a click, this helped young musicians attain popularity and recognition and exhibit their talent within minimum resources and earn reams of money.

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Let’s discuss the top rock bands of India that were able to mark their essence over the technologically advanced country and inspired millions of other youngsters that aspire to become like them.

1. Agnee

desi Indian Rock bands in India - Agnee

Agnee is one of the most famous rock bands in India that also carried out a world tour and derived huge publicity through their iconic songs that obtained wide recognition by the audience. It was formed in 2006 in Pune and released their debut album called ‘Agnee’ in 2007. The band is known for its incredibly soothing euphonies that bide into our hearts, their hit melodies include Sadho Re, Kabira, Splitsvilla Theme song, etc.  It had been one of the few bands to have cracked a deal with Sony BMG. Their highly recognised songs by the audience include Yaariyan from Cocktail, Aahtein among others.

2. Avail

Avail - Top Rock Bands in India

Avial is another renowned rock band in India that had performed in several corners of the country. The band was formed in 2003 in Thiruvantarapuram and initially got recognised for its Malayalam songs, they also like to be called as ‘Alternative Malayali Rock’ for their profound blend of Malayalam lyrics and rock music. It has an extensively wide recognition across the country and had composed songs such as Nada Nada, Ayyo, Ettam Attu, etc. It has a wide potential of representing the country at an international level any given day. They encountered departure of few of the band members in 2008 after which new members joined and have continued the legacy ever since.

3. The Local Train

The Local Train - Top Rock Bands in India

The Local Train is one of the most famous ones and has performed at an endless number of concerts and fests. Recently, they were observed to have performed at the One Plus concert of Katy Perry and Dua Lipa. They are a Hindi rock band and they belong from Delhi, the band was formed in 2008 in Chandigarh and ever since then they have attained massive commercial success in the industry and has represented the country at almost all corner of the world and will continue to do so. The band is known for its renowned gigs called Aaoge Tum Kabhi, Choo Loo, among others.

4. Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean - Top Rock Bands in India

The Indian Ocean as the title suggests has attained huge publicity among the youngsters, their melodies have become the humming tune for a large portion of the population. It is a rock band that was formed in New Delhi in 1990, and no list of rock bands can be finished without their description in it, it is one of the oldest and has composed several iconic songs that touched souls all across the world. Their albums have received huge appreciation by their audience and they believed in performing for festivals and in concerts rather than composing for recording labels.

5. Indus Creed

Indus Creed - Top Rock Bands in India

Indus Creed is a rock band based in Mumbai that was founded in 1984 as Rock Machine and got renamed in 1993. In its course of their musical journey, the band got disbanded in 1997 but got assembled again in 2010 with new members. In 1988, Rock Machine released their first album called ‘RockNRoll Renegade’. It was hailed as India’s first all-original rock album that attained huge success. In 2008, Uday Benegal who was the last standing band member who wished to resume their musical journey assembled new members and initiated to compose songs with others with the name of Indus Creed.

6. Parikrama

Parikrama - Top Rock Bands in India

Parikrama is a rock band based in Delhi that got formed in 1991, they had done several live performances along with the release of their own originals that helped them draw attention by the audience and receive huge success in the industry. They are observed to have rarely recorded any of their symphonies but rather performed most of their originals in concerts and festivals. The band often fuses classical instrumental music using mridangam, tabla, and flute. They have been inspired by the iconic rock bands of the world including Pink Floyd, The Doors, among others.

7. Pentagram

Pentagram - Desi rock band

Pentagram is an Indian rock band formed in 1994, Mumbai and it is recognised as one of the pioneers of the original ‘Indian independent Music’. It is headed by Vishal Dadlani who also happens to be quite famous within the Bollywood music industry. Their initial recognition punched up the clock through winning three major rock competitions at IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay. Apart from these, The Live Wire, the annual band competition at Mood Indigo served them a record deal. Their record deal led to the release of tier debut album called ‘We are not Listening’ in 1996. Their latest album was known as Bloodywood that got released in 2011.

These were the few rock bands that had received immense popularity and commercial success across their musical journey, their gigs were recorded as one of the ‘Rolling Stones India’s 25 Greatest Indian Rock Songs of the last 25 years among others. Many encountered their ups and downs but managed to stage themselves as strong as ever and will continue to release new albums that will leave the country speechless.

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