Top Indie Music Artists and Bands in India

We always jam to Bollywood remixes and Punjabi songs on full blast in our cars or in our room. But in all this exciting music, there is another genre that is making its own space in the hearts of people.

Since India is mainly known for its classic Bollywood remixes and the new hip-hop genre, amid all this mainstream music, the indie genre has found its way in India. This is because the hype that the indie genre received mainly in the western culture along with the fan base in India, also started to get massive.

But what does “Indie” mean?

There are two different concepts that we can categorize Indie into-

  • The sound of music that is considered ‘indie.’
  • The band or artist that is considered ‘indie’ due to their independent manner of production

Indie truly means the independent artists and bands that take the route of producing and distributing their material through low-key record labels rather than mainstream record labels that provide huge exposure by marketing, etc. Indie artists mainly depend on themselves and their low-profile record labels, which are mostly owned by them.

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Some Indian bands and artists have gone mainstream with their indie music production like Ritviz, Nucleya, and many more. There are various indie bands and artists that have been creating music for years, and are yet to come into the spotlight.

We have prepared a list of such bands and individual artists, with their best songs listed, so that you can refresh your quarantine playlist!

1. Prateek Kuhad

Genre: Indie Folk

Prateek Kuhad, a leading singer-songwriter, is known to the world through his mesmerizing angelic voice. While Prateek Kuhad has been a known name in the country for years, 2019 became the most outbreaking year for him internationally. Not only was he featured in former United States President Barrack Obama’s “favourite music list of 2019”, but he also became the most streamed artist on Spotify India the same year.

His ability to serenade us with his vocals in Hindi or English with his roots firmly gripped on the soul of songwriting, that is where his talent shines.


  • Kho Gaye Hum Kaha (Baar Baar Dekho)
  • Cold/mess (cold/mess)
  • Dil Beparvah (The Dewarists season 05)

2. Parekh and Singh

Genre: Pop

Parekh and Singh are a dream pop duo from Kolkata, India. The band is a duo of Nischay Parekh and Jivraj Singh, with Nischay on guitar and vocals and Jivraj playing the drums and adding dreamy effects. The experimental artists came together in 2011 under the banner of ‘Nischay Parekh’ and later became Parekh and Singh in 2015.


  • I love you baby, I love you doll (Ocean)
  • Drum Machine (Drum Machine)
  • Ocean- dream levels (Ocean)

3. The Local Train

Genre: Rock

The Local Train in an Indian rock band, which was formed in Delhi during 2008. It has been more than a decade, and the band has achieved great success and became a staple in music and cultural festivals across India. This band is widely known for their blend of Hindi and Urdu lyrics and their raw sound that resonates with the youth.

The band comprises of 4 members – Raman Negi for vocals, Paras Thakur as a lead acoustic guitarist, Ramit Mehra with Bass Guitar and Sahil Sarin on drums.


  • Choo Lo (Aalas Ka Pedh)
  • Dil Mere (Aalas Ka Pedh)
  • Aaftaab (Vaaqif)

4. Ankur Tewari

Genre: Pop

Ankur Tewari, a singer-songwriter, storyteller, is a well known Bollywood lyricist and composer. His songs are straightforward and evocative; and the lyrics come to form a very vulnerable place, that connects with the audience instantly.

He also is a part of a band, ‘The Ghalat Family’. The band consists of 5 members – Sidd Coutto, Johan Pais, Gaurav Gupta, Vivaan Kapoor and Ankur Tewari, and together they have been creating Hindi and Urdu acoustic ballads. The band has played in many music festivals around India like Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Kala Ghoda Festival and many more.


  • Rehne Do Na (Guilty OST)
  • Wagairah Wagairah (Side A)
  • Aajao (Side A)

5. Anuv Jain

Genre: Folk

Anuv Jain is a singer-songwriter and a TEDx speaker. Anuv Jain opened his own YouTube channel in 2012 with an aim to produce good music. A few of his popular songs include Ocean, Baarishein, Riha and Maula. Baarishein is his first studio recorded song.


  • Baarishein (Baarishein)
  • Riha (Riha)
  • Maula (Maula)

6. The F16s

Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock

The F16s is a band hailing from Chennai, India, who describe their music as ‘pop disguised in rock and roll.’ The band consists of five members; they are- Josh – Vocals/guitar, Abhinav – Guitar, Sashank – Bass, Harshan – Keyboard/MIDI, and Manu – Drums/Percussion.

Even though their songs are mostly lyrically driven, the music can give a different vibe to your room during this quarantine time. The band has released three albums: Kaleidoscope, Triggerpunkte, and Wknd Frnds. They have bagged many achievements like The Jack Daniel’s Award 2013 for the Best Emerging Act and Radio City Best Young Indie Artist (Judge’s Choice).


  • Moon Child, Triggerpunkte
  • Amber, WKND FRNDS

7. Peter Cat Recording Co.

Genre: Jazz

The Delhi-based indie band named ‘Peter Cat Recording Co.’ was founded almost a decade ago. These music producers make one of the most impeccable jazz tunes that make your laid-back Sunday afternoons more indie.

The band consists of Suryakant Sawhney, the lead singer; Karan Singh, the drummer; Dhruv Bhola, who plays bass and samples; Rohit Gupta on Keys and Trumpet; and Kartik Sundareshan Pillai, who plays keyboards, guitar, electronics, and trumpet. They have released four albums until now – Sinema (2011), Wall of want (2012), Climax (2015), and Bismillah (2019). The newest album Bismillah is by far the best and most accessible work of the band, with songs that are sonically coinciding.


  • Where the money flows (Bismillah)
  • Portrait of a time (Portrait of a Time)
  • Memory box (Bismillah)

8. Black Letters

Genre: Alternative Rock

The Bengaluru band ‘Black Letters’ is one of the most popular rock bands in the southern part of India. Originating in Kochi, the band is of 4 Malayali members- Akash Chacko, the drummer, Sarang Menon, the guitarist, Arjun Radhakrishnan on bass, and Sharath Iyer on guitar and vocals.

They initially came together as a metal band in 2007 and then transformed themselves into a rock band when they found their sound in 2010. They released their debut album Shapes on the Wall in 2014 and an EP’ Petrichor’ in 2015, which gained many critical acclaims. They have recently released many singles like still like you, in my senses, dripping, and some do some don’t which resemble a lot the themes of you hitting your late twenties: love, connections, trust, dependency, loneliness, and money.


  • Phila (Phila)
  • Autumn Hue (Petrichor)
  • Find You (Shapes on the Wall)

9. The Yellow Diary

Genre: Alternative Rock

The Mumbai-based band ‘The Yellow Diary’ has made a name for itself in the indie music scene in less than half a decade. They have released only two EPs yet, which in total has six songs, but the rich composition and lyrically driven tunes have given the band the recognition it deserves.

The band comprises- Himonshu Parikh for music production, keyboard, backing vocals; Rajan Batra for vocals and songwriting; Vaibhav Pani, the guitarist; Sahil Shah on drums and Stuart DaCosta on bass.

The band after signing with Sony Music released its first EP, Marz, in 2017, which today has almost six million views on YouTube. The band’s second EP named ‘Izafa’ (which in Urdu means advancement) represents the advancement the band has gained in their musical journey.


  • Rab Rakha (Rab Rakha)
  • Tere Jeya Hor Disda (Izafa)
  • Marz (Marz)

10. Taba Chake

Genre: Folk

Taba Chake, a singer-songwriter hailing from the Nyishi tribe family in Arunachal Pradesh, makes songs inspired by tribal folklore. He is known for his unique vocals, songwriting and performing style. He released his latest album ‘Bombay Dreams’ (2019), which has hit big numbers on major streaming platforms.


  • Walk with Me
  • Aao Chalein
  • Shayad

11. Stevie

Genre: Indie

The Indie singer-songwriter from Chennai, Stevie, whose songs are all about soul-searching, is a lot greater to mull over. He mentions some songs off his six-track debut self-titled EP have been the source of contemplation for about two years. The opening tune “21,” for example, remembers the likes of Frank Ocean and John Mayer. It’s possible that the listening curve makes “Hey Becky” clean pay attention ” piano-based R&B melodies over lo-fi beats. Stevie recollects he utilized his track and didn’t provide it a lot till he was nominated for Best Young Indie Artist.


  • All Night (STEVIE)
  • 21 (STEVIE)
  • Hey Becky (STEVIE)

12. Piyush Bhisekar

Genre: Indie

Piyush Bhisekar, a poet, turned songwriter, turned singer is like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. His melodious music will take you to places of melancholic nostalgia. Piyush launched his Debut EP ‘Hai Bharosa’ in December 2018, which went on getting nominated for the prestigious Independent Music Awards 2019 in the quality ‘World EP’ category. He is considered to be one of the best upcoming Indie singer-songwriters of India!


  • Wajah (Hai Bharosa)
  • Tu Hai Wajah (Hai Bharosa)
  • Tum Aao Baitho Baatein Kare (Hai Bharosa)

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Written by Vaishnavi Nagwekar

Vaishnavi is a travel enthusiast and a binge connoisseur. She is currently pursuing a degree in Mass Media. She has a passion to pen down her experiences when she travels to share with world and also to write down critical analysis of movies and series she binged last weekend. Being a Gen Z Zoomer, she has achieved a lot of karmas on Reddit and loves music that can speak to your soul, even if its a rap.

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