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Famous Hindustani Gharanas in Music

Gharana in Indian Old style Music is a deep-rooted convention. All the Gharanas have particular styles and ways in which the notes are sung. There are diverse Gharanas situated in various areas, and their styles are likewise exeptionally impacted by the innovative style imagined by one expert that proceeds to be copied by his understudies.

Moreover, This Master Shishya idea is called ‘Gharanas’ in Hindustani Classical Music. They likewise conceived a new style by extemporizing on the current melodic designs and giving it a new structure through various methodology and translation.

Gharanas in Hindustani Traditional Music are separated into two significant classifications: ‘Thumri’and Khyal’, in view of the singing style or known as ‘Gayaki’ in Hindustani Traditional Music. So, let us know about Famous Hindustani Gharanas in Music.

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1) Kirana Gharana

This is the most profuse Gharana in Indian traditional music. The singing style transcendently centers around the ideal inflection of ‘Swaras’. It has establishes in the establishment by Ustad Bade Ali Khan, who was a player of ‘Rudra Veena’.

Also, the most prominent types of Kirana Ghara are Firoz Dastur, Bhimsen Joshi, and furthermore Prabha Atre. Besides, Sanhita Nanda and Sumitra Guha are dynamic examples of Kirana Gharana.

2) Atrauli Gharana: Jaipur

This is prevalently Khayal singing. Alladiya Khan began it in the late nineteenth century. Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana is celebrated for its interesting Layakari, and furthermore the rich collection of ragas.

Moreover, The singing style isn’t the same as other Gharanas but something different and unique. While in other Gharanas notes are basic, in this one they are very slanted with filigree including adjoining notes. Contemporary devotees of this Gharana are Raghunandan Panshikar, Ashwini Bhide Deshpande, Sanjay Dixit, and furthermore Shruti Sadolikar.

3) Gwalior Gharana

This is one of the most seasoned Gharanas of Indian traditional music and has decent and simple singing tune, style, and beat. A large portion of the tunes from this Gharana are ‘Bandishes’, that utilization an assortment of ‘Tans’.

Moreover, Miya Tansen had begun it, and the absolute most remarkable performers are Krishnarao Shankar Pandit and furthermore Raja Bhaiyya Poonchwale. Also, contemporary craftsmen like Shashwati Mandal, Meeta Pandit, and Vasundhara Komkali, are examples of Gwalior Gharana.

4) Bhendi Bazaar Gharana

Bhendi Bazaar Gharana is one of the old Gharanas in Indian Old style Music. It came into the image in the year 1890. The organizers of this Gharana are Nazir Khan, Chhajju Khan, and Khadim Hussain Khan.

The foundations of this Gharana are in the ‘Bhendi Bazaar’ zone of Mumbai. The singing style involves the utilization of the ‘Merukhand’ arrangement of extended ‘alaps’. The most prestigious followers of Bhendi Bazaar Gharana are Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar, and furthermore Begum Akhtar.

5) Agra Gharana

Agra Gharana is established in Nauhar Bani, which is followed back in 1300 AD. The way of singing is recognized by radiated profundity in the voice, which makes the structures deep, making a resounding impact.

It was established by Haji Sujan Khan and Ustad Ghaghe Khuda Baksh. The most prominent artists are Khadim Hussain Khan, Faiyaz Khan, and Zohrabai. Bharathi Prathap and Waseem Ahmed Khan are likewise well-known personalities of the Agra Gharana dynamic today.

6) Patiala Gharana

‘Patiala Gharana’ is one of the Gharanas in Indian Old style Music, which was established by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, and Ustad Ali Baksh. This Gharana utilizes more prominent mood play and by Layakari with particular ‘tans’.

Also, Patiala Gharana has the two sorts of singing: ‘Thumri’ and ‘Khyal’. The most popular examples of Patiala Gharana are Pakistani ghazal artist Gulam Ali, and furthermore the contemporary vocalist Shafqat Amanat Ali. Both the Pakistani artists have likewise accumulated gigantic fame in India.

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7) Indore Gharana

This Gharana was established by Ustad Amir Khan. The singing style is the mixture of the styles and pith of the singing of legends like Aman Ali Khan, Abdul Wahid Khan, Abdul Karim Khan, and Rajab Ali Khan.

Moreover, the tunes have moderate beat raga improvement, tune, and uncommon utilization of ‘Tihai’. Renowned people in this Gharana are Singh Bandhu, Sultan Khan, and Pandit Amarnath.

8) Sham Chaurasia Gharana

Sham Chaurasia Gharana is the most modern Gharana in Indian Old style music, which is known for its vocal duets. In this generation, the most remarkably addressed by artist siblings Nazakar and Samanat Ali Khan.

Moreover, Chand Khan and Suraj Khan had established the Chaurasia Gharana path back in the sixteenth century. Likewise, in the expressions of Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan, “It is a Dhrupad Gharana with Khyal ka Andaz.”

9) Sahaswan Gharana: Rampur

Sahaswan Gharana is Indian Old style Music Gharana, with its foundations in towns of Rampur and Sahaswan (North Uttar Pradesh), which Ustad Inayat Hussain Khan had established.

The singing style is more similar to Gwalior Gharana and highlights medium-moderate beats, a full-throated voice, and furthermore unpredictable musical play. The most renowned followers of this Gharana of Indian Traditional Music are Pandit Ganpat Rao and furthermore Arun Bhaduri. In well-known music or Bollywood, Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, and Shaan have additionally done numerous versions that have a trademark style of Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana.

10) Mewati Gharana

Mewati Gharana is a Khyal based music disciple family in Indian Classical music, which was established by Ustad Ghagge Nazir Khan of Jodhpur. The Gharana had acquired conspicuousness simply after Pandit Jasraj rose to acclaim with his melodious classical renditions.

Also, the compositions of this Gharana portray Sufi and Kirtankar impacts, and the tunes have mystical and profound components. Probably the most renowned examples of Mewati Gharana are Smt. Kala Ramnath, Pandit Abhyankar, and furthermore Pandit Aravind Thatte.

All the Gharanas are unique in their own ways and have an impeccable style of music.

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