mea ame – Therapeutic Solution for your Smoking Addiction

“Smoking is injurious to health” is a phrase that one often encounters in their life.

Wide spread public campaign has now ensured the knowledge of health problems due to smoking to the wider masses.

Working on quite a few concepts that were unexplored, Delhi based start-up ‘mea ame’ is developing cigarettes that are herbal, non-toxic and are effective in helping smokers quit smoking.

Mea ame produces natural, non-toxic cigarettes called ‘organic smokes’ through natural herbs.

The start-up operates online and also through multiple stores and medical agencies around Delhi and other parts of the country.

The start-up has recently driven its exports has also launched its product in Australia.

Formed with the passion to tackle reasons behind smoking addiction, the company offers a “therapeutic solution” for smoking addicts.

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Organic Smokes –       

Organic Smokes

Organic Smoke is a unique and authentic product of the Mea ‘ame.

It is an Ayurvedic smoking therapy and is made of organic ingredients like blends of Holy Basil, Camellia Sinensis, Rose Petals, and Mint leaves.

The herbs are organically procured from the hills of Himalayas and proportionally mixed and rolled into Virgin paper tipped with cotton filter. 

The product is 100% herbal and is purely non-toxic. It does not contain Tobacco, Nicotine or any toxic substances injurious to health.

Orgonic smokes are a one-way solution to get rid of addiction through a natural self-planned therapy.

The product is patented and GMP certified and hence, ensures the authenticity and credibility of the product.

One pack of Organic smokes costs around INR 255 containing 10 smokes.

The product comes in 3 variants – regular, mild, and menthol.

The Founders and the Founding –

The Founders and the Founding

The start-up was initiated by three brothers with Mr. Piyush Chhabra as the founder and CEO of the company.

The other two brothers are Gaurav Chhabra and Nitin Chhabra. The three brothers believe that passion has to be vested within people and the same passion has been the corner stone of the idea behind mea ame.

The brothers were smokers back in their college. For multiple reasons like curiosity, social need or parody they were smoking through their college days.

One day, they thought of smoking green tea and that’s where the idea got formulated into the concepts of Organic Smokes – an Ayurvedic smoking therapy.

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Planning your Smoke –

Planning your Smoke

The website of the company has a unique approach to guide its customers.

The website enables the user to plan their smoking through an online quiz which helps the customers choose their recommended products. 

The user can choose the product according to their smoking habits or through their personality.

The website makes an assessment of the user’s response and recommends suggestive products to its customers.

Coping with the Challenges –

‘Even if one sells gold, the gold is with you if you fail to sell it’, says Mr. Piyush.

The main key to drive the company Vis a Vis the products is awareness.

Pitching its awareness to the right customers has been a critical challenge to the company.

The customers, stores, and agencies who rejected to sell or buy the product are now asking for the product’s placement.

This achievement for the company came through patience, endurance, and belief in the vision that health is a key priority, says the founders.

Over time, the brothers have learned that customers are often market driven and so if you win over the customers, then you find a market for you.

Planning for the Future –

As of now, the company has only one product with different variants and sizes.

There are 38 more products in the pipeline that will be launched this year.

Working on innovative research, the start-up is also planning to develop alternative herbal drinks as a substitute to alcohol for alcohol prevention.

The brothers are also working on another start-up to use it as a marketing tool and also for launching a brand in the FMCG sector.

Soon, the company plans to open its markets in 100 different countries and launch campaign against smoking and health awareness.

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Written by Rohith Sai Stambamkadi

Rohith Sai Narayan Stambamkadi is a law graduate from the Birla School of Law and the founder of Indian Forum for Public DIplomacy (IFPD) and loves writing about Indian culture and lifestyle. He is a keen enthusiast of authentic ideas and an advocate of factual informative content. He writes well-researched articles on ethnic lifestyle and festivals celebrated in our country.

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