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Dr. Vaidya’s – Reviving the Ayurveda Sciences to Modern Consumers

Dr. Vaidya’s brand vision is focused on Ayurveda for the 21st century. Their view is to take the Indian formulations and rebrand them in a form that makes them cool, sexy, and fun for modern consumers’.Arjun Vaidya

Dr. Vaidya’s – Contemporary Approach to Traditional Science –

Dr. Vaidya’s is a three-year-old new Ayurvedic Start-up that has worked marvels to bring back the rich, traditional Indian science of Ayurveda to modern consumers.

Taking forward a legacy of 150 years, the product formulations have been passed from generation to generation, treating thousands of patients through Ayurveda.

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The Test of Time for Ayurveda –

The Test of Time for Ayurveda

Every practice goes through a test of time.

The Indian Ayurveda Market, despite being centuries old now faces a trust deficit. Bringing time tested goodness of this ancient science to the 21st century is certainly a huge endeavor.

With an aim of making traditional Ayurveda appealing and accessible to modern consumers both in India and worldwide, Dr. Vaidya’s is expanding India’s Ayurvedic footprint through its products, medicines, and advocacy of better health and wellness choices.

The New Age Establishment and Old Age Entrenchment –

The New Age Establishment and Old Age Entrenchment

The start-up launched in 2017, is a new age Ayurvedic Products Company that provides Ayurvedic recourse to all kinds of diseases through expert consultation, medicines, and various products.

Founded by the Vaidya’s family whose expertise spans nearly 150 years in Ayurveda, the formulations and knowledge has been passed from generations to generations within the family and has strive to protect the Ayurvedic heritage.

After treating thousands of patients for more than a century and perfecting unique blends through careful experience and expertise, the company today owns 100+ FDA approved formulas for Ayurvedic medicine.

The Founder’s Story –

The Founder’s Story - arjune

Arjun Vaidya, presently the founder and CEO of Dr. Vaidya’s suffered from juvenile bronchitis at an early stage.

It took 14 years of meticulous Ayurvedic treatment for his cure. From a young age, Mr. Arjun developed a keen interest on Ayurveda and was fond of ancient Sanskrit scripts of his family that contained secret formulations.

Mr. Arjun’s grandfather, Late Natoobhai Vaidya, who is the son of Dheerajlal Vaidya, was an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Mr. Natoobhai took over the family’s heritage of treating patients through Ayurveda and set up a clinic in Mumbai that has treated nearly 350 patients per day for free.

Mr. Natoobhai had assumed a legendary status in 1970s and has endeavoured to set-up a full-fledged FDA approved factory by 1999.

The factory has been manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines with robust formulations that are carried down to the family and is located at Silvasa, a city 180 km away from Mumbai.

Mr. Arjun’s grandfather wished his grandson to take over his legacy. Nevertheless, Mr. Arjun pursued his interest in International Relations and Economics from Brown University.

But destiny seemed to have a different plan for him.

A Drastic Realisation –

After working with L Capital Asia, the private equity arm of Louis Vuitton Group in the United States, Mr. Arjun headed back to India in 2013.

Unfortunately, within 3 months of his arrival, his grandfather passed away.

The death of his grandfather left a severe impact on him.

After spending the next two years in the affairs of the factory at Silvasa, Mr. Arjun decided to follow his grandfather’s wishes and initiated Dr. Vaidya’s with a bootstrap capital in 2016.

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Dr. Vaidya – The Clinic –

Dr. Vaidya - The Clinic

With Dr. Vaidya, the company followed a retailed business model with the online-first strategy.

The company has an in-house expert, Dr. Mrs. Surya Bhagwati, a highly distinguished Ayurvedic practitioner who brings with her expertise and knowledge of over 25 years in Ayurveda.

Providing a Recourse –

Ms. Surya’s expertise lies in prevention of diseases through Naadi Pariskshan or comprehensive pulse reading, imbalances in chakras, mind and body.

She provides insights for healing, diet recommendations for health, and well-being of her consultants.

The consultation still remains free and the company charges only for medical prescriptions or suggested products.

Facilitating Well-Being –

The Ayurvedic Centre in Mumbai also facilitates medicines, diets, and other practices for physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of its customers.

Through the help of compassionate staff, the centre offers truly authentic Ayurvedic experience helping thousands achieve balance and equilibrium.

Products and Formulations –

Products and Formulations

At present, the company has 24 SKUs with around 120 herbal formulations.

With innovative products like LIVitup and Chakaash, which is world’s first Chyawanpraash toffee, the company tries to bring a new wave of well-being to its clients through ancient Ayurveda.

With its contemporary approach to traditional science, the brand provides medicinal recourse for 35+ products in arthritis, asthma, sexual wellness, diabetes, skin diseases among others.

Today the company owns FDA approved proprietary formulations for Ayurvedic medicines.

All products of the company are manufactured at Silvasa based factory and are ISO approved, GMP certified and US FDA registered.

Sourcing and Sales –

All the raw materials are sourced from within India such as Amla from Madhya Pradesh and Kesar from Kashmir.

The brand sells products on its own website and also through third party e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Nykaa, Medlife, and Netmeds among others.

Revenue and Partnerships –

Today, the company is one of India’s largest Ayurvedic products brand with over 1000 orders per day. The company aims to build a deeper market for global markets soon.

The start-up has recently partnered with RP Sanjeev Goenka Group in June 2019 raising around $5 million and was listed in Forbes Under 30 Asia list.

Preparing for the Future –

Preparing for the Future

Building a consumer brand in India is not easy. Given the size and number, the potential in the market is unlimited so are the challenges.

Thus, staying true to one’s core identity of being online first has allowed the business to stand in the market.

While online has been the focus area, the next phase of growth for the company aims to be in selective offline as well as export markets.

Each one of Dr. Vaidya’s products bears the mark “Proudly Indian” marking the legacy of a rich Indian heritage.

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Written by Rohith Sai Stambamkadi

Rohith Sai Narayan Stambamkadi is a law graduate from the Birla School of Law and the founder of Indian Forum for Public DIplomacy (IFPD) and loves writing about Indian culture and lifestyle. He is a keen enthusiast of authentic ideas and an advocate of factual informative content. He writes well-researched articles on ethnic lifestyle and festivals celebrated in our country.

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