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Kumkumadi Tailam – 7 Magical Products for Your Skin!

Embark on a journey into the world of skincare enriched with centuries-old wisdom with our exploration of Kumkumadi Tailam. A revered Ayurvedic concoction, this elixir has captivated beauty enthusiasts for its potent blend of saffron, rare herbs, and essential oils. In this article, we unravel the secrets behind its time-honoured reputation and unveil the myriad benefits it offers for radiant and rejuvenated skin.


Unveil the radiant potential of Kumkumadi Tailam, an ancient Ayurvedic elixir coveted for its transformative effects on the skin. Infused with the essence of saffron, potent herbs, and nourishing oils, this magical concoction offers a spectrum of benefits.

The core ingredient of Kumkumadi Oil is saffron, which gives the oil its distinct golden hue and contributes to its numerous benefits. Alongside saffron, the oil typically includes a combination of rare and beneficial herbs, such as sandalwood, turmeric, lotus, and various other botanical extracts. These ingredients are often blended with carrier oils to create a luxurious and aromatic potion.

Used traditionally in Ayurvedic practices, Kumkumadi Tailam has gained popularity in modern skincare routines as well. It is typically applied as a facial oil or serum, often at night, allowing the skin to absorb its nourishing properties while you sleep.

It works as a natural skin illuminator, lightens skin tone, improves skin texture, minimizes dark circles, repairs hyperpigmentation, reduces signs of ageing, eliminates skin discolouration, treats blemishes and scars, and brightens dull skin.

From brightening complexion to reducing blemishes, soothing inflammation to promoting a youthful glow, discover how Kumkumadi Tailam can elevate your skincare regimen to new heights of natural radiance. 

Here’s a list of Kumkumadi products to get your hands on!


1. Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Night Cream

Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Night Cream


This night cream is an infusion of powerful Ayurvedic ingredients which includes Manikya Bhasma.


These herbs are responsible for lightening pigmentation, healing acne scars, and leaving a clear and glowing skin effect. 

It also helps revitalize the skin for new cell growth and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Kumkumadi oil hydrates your skin and improves uneven skin tone. It cleanses, nurtures, protects, and tones your skin. 

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2. Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil

Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil


Saffron, Manjistha, Oudh, Padmaka


A mixture of unique and extraordinary oils and Ayurvedic herbs along with the presence of saffron provides spotless and flawless glowing skin around the clock. 

It refreshes your skin and the fragrance is aromatherapeutic! The best end to a stressful day of work.

3. Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub

A natural exfoliator that consists of 12 special ingredients, leaves a toned surface of the skin and reinforces the skin’s natural elasticity.

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub


Saffron, walnuts, almond oil, lotus, sunflower seeds


The scrub includes the properties of saffron and ground walnut powder and serves as a gentle exfoliant that adds better effects after application removing dead skin cells and excess oil.

4. Auravedic Kumkumadi Skin Brightening Gel

Aauravedic Kumkumadi Skin Brightening Gel


Saffron oil, Red sandalwood, Lacca, Manjistha, Daruhaldi, Ushira, Padmaka, Gokshura, Brihati and others


It is a perfect blend of antioxidants that heal and repairs the skin and makes it bright and healthy. The natural ingredients work with the wonders of Kashmir and leave the skin feeling smoother, lighter, softer, and brighter.

The gel is suitable for all skin types and all throughout the year, and has no parabens, sulfates, or harmful chemicals. 

5. Plum Saffron & Kumkumadi Oil Glow Bright Moisturizer

The Plum Saffron & Kumkumadi Oil Glow Bright Moisturizer is a luxurious blend that harnesses the power of saffron and kumkumadi oil to deliver radiant and hydrated skin. With its natural ingredients, it offers a vibrant glow and deep nourishment in every application.


Saffron, kumkumadi oil, niacinamide, papaya


It is enriched with saffron and kumkumadi oil known for their skin-brightening properties. Regular use helps even out the skin tone and promotes a luminous complexion.

Packed with natural oils and antioxidants, this moisturizer provides deep hydration and nourishment to the skin. The blend of ingredients works to replenish moisture and restore the skin’s natural barrier, leaving it soft and supple.

Kumkumadi oil is a traditional Ayurvedic ingredient renowned for its anti-ageing properties. Its potent mix of herbs and oils helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, promoting a more youthful look.

It is lightweight and non-greasy.

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6. Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Tailam


Kumkumadi, Chandana, Lodhra, Patanga, Rakta chandana, Agaru, Usira, Manjistha, Yasti, Tejpatra, Padmaka, Lotus, Kustha, Gorocana, Haridra, Laksa, Daruharidra


Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Tailam offers 5 skin repair benefits enriched with unique blends of luxurious oil and an Indian ancient Ayurvedic herb. It protects the skin and cures damaged skin bringing it to its purest and natural form.

The kumkumadi tailam improves the texture and surface of your skin, reduces dark spots, and eradicates blemishes and pigmentation. The antioxidants and nutrients in the formulation help brighten and moisturise the skin. 

7. Auravedic Kumkumadi Face Mask

Auravedic Kumkumadi Face Mask


Kesar, Chandhan, Manjistha, Yashtimadhu


The anti-oxidants added with the properties of Kumkumadi restores dull dry skin. It’s an anti-blemish face mask that softens, and brightens the skin and also helps in tightening skin and minimizing pores. 

The face mask absorbs the impurities without removing the natural oils of the skin giving a new and refreshing look that brings out the natural glow and radiance of the skin.


Kumkumadi Tailam stands as a testament to the rich heritage of Ayurveda and continues to be celebrated for its potential to enhance and rejuvenate the skin naturally.

When using Kumkumadi Tailam, a patch test is recommended to check for any allergic reactions or sensitivities, as some individuals might be sensitive to certain herbal ingredients.

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Written by Dr Janani Arvind

Janani Arvind is a Dental Surgeon from Tamil Nadu with 5+ years of clinical experience. Her favourite past time is reading books and writing poetry. Her passion for writing began in her undergraduate days and has 2 years of experience now, writing on Health, Wellness and Beauty-related topics.

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