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Get Glowing And Luminous Skin With These 10 Ayurvedic Face Oils

Embark on a journey of ancient wisdom and modern skincare as we delve into the realm of Ayurvedic facial oils. Rooted in the time-honoured traditions of Ayurveda, these oils hold the secrets to nurturing not just the skin, but also the soul, offering a harmonious fusion of tradition and rejuvenation.

Get Glowing And Luminous Skin With These 10 Ayurvedic Face Oils

Many people hold the mistaken belief that using facial oils results in acne and pimples. But the reality is quite different. Ayurvedic face oils magically work to seal in all the good stuff your face needs in your skincare regimen.

They hydrate, moisturise, and soften the skin of your face. Some specific formulations recommended by experts also work to heal acne and pigmentation on the skin, thereby giving you a clearer complexion.

Try these Ayurvedic face oils infused with herbal extracts to check issues like skin sagging, blemishes and pore-clogging.

Ayurvedic Face Oils: What are they? 

Ayurvedic face oils are special formulations prepared to treat specific skin issues with a combination of cold-pressed oils, essential oils and exotic herbal and natural extracts.

They help smoothen and nourish your skin to give it a healthy glow. Massaging your face with these oils also helps ease the lymph nodes by releasing all the fluids under the skin.

Also, they unclog pores. However, if these ayurvedic face oils are left on the skin for hours, they might clog your pores because some of them are comedogenic.

While Ayurveda does recommend massaging your face with appropriate face oils, it does not advocate leaving the oil on after the massage.

Applying an herbal ubtan and then washing it afterwards will get rid of the oil. Depending on your skin problems, you can also infuse the oil you’re using with other ayurvedic herbs.

If you’re looking for an accurate face oil that works for your skin type, check this list of Ayurvedic face oils to know which one would work best in achieving your ideal type of skin.

10 Best Ayurvedic Face Oils For Glowing Skin

1. Just Herbs Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The key element that distinguishes coconut oil from other oils and gives it its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties is lauric acid.

It works great on people with Pitta Dosha and helps quick healing of skin issues that arise due to this dosha such as rosacea, acne and eczema.

Just Herbs Extra Virgin Coconut Face Oil

This oil is water-white in colour, cold-pressed, and contains natural vitamin E in its purest form. The Just Herbs Unprocessed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is refined at low temperatures which means all the skin nourishing components remain intact even during the refining procedure.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in natural antioxidants and fatty acids.

It deeply moisturizes, nourishes, and softens the skin.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe irritation and redness, while its antimicrobial elements help combat acne-causing bacteria.

Additionally, the oil assists in enhancing skin elasticity, lending a youthful radiance.

How to Use As Face Oil?

To harness its potential as a face oil, gently massage a small amount of Just Herbs Extra Virgin Coconut Oil onto clean, damp skin.

Allow it to absorb for a few minutes before continuing with your skincare routine. For a replenishing overnight treatment, apply a thin layer before bed.


While Extra Virgin Coconut Oil offers an array of benefits, those with extremely sensitive or oily skin might need to exercise caution.

It’s advisable to perform a patch test and monitor skin reactions, as coconut oil can potentially trigger breakouts in some individuals.

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2. Kama Ayurveda Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

This oil contains organic sesame oil as its main component. This all-natural oil is great for massage, acts as a skin purifier and helps meet all the nourishment needs of your skin. as well as repairing skin damage.

Kama Ayurveda Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Ayurvedic Face Oil


Since ancient times, sesame oil has been a fantastic natural beauty element. It is abundant in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and E, all of which help to hydrate your skin.

The face oil also maintains moisture levels and exhibits some notable detoxification qualities. Applying a few drops of sesame oil with a night cream is the simplest way to give your face an extra boost of moisture; in the morning, your face will look young and healthy.

The oil is also packed with anti-ageing chemicals that improve your skin’s cell renewal process and postpone the ageing process of your skin.

Its natural antibacterial properties can help address acne and blemishes. The oil’s high content of antioxidants aids in reducing signs of ageing, promoting a youthful complexion.

How to Use As Face Oil?

To incorporate this oil into your skincare routine, apply a small amount of Kama Ayurveda Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil onto clean skin, massaging gently.

It can also be mixed with other oils or moisturizers for added hydration. For a nourishing pre-cleansing ritual, use it as an oil cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, followed by a gentle cleanser.


While Kama Ayurveda Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil offers numerous benefits, individuals with nut allergies should exercise caution, as sesame oil is derived from seeds.

3. Khadi Essentials Cold Pressed Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Your daily beauty and wellness routine will not be complete without pure sweet almond oil for skin rituals. This oil penetrates your skin and scalp tissues deeply, infusing them with nutrients and moisture, leaving you radiant with health.

Khadi Essentials Cold Pressed Pure Sweet Almond Ayurvedic Face Oil


With a mild sweet almond scent, this organic sweet almond oil is perfect to nourish and restore the natural glow of your skin and is abundant in vitamins A and E.

Almond oil is also known to balance out skin tone and lessen skin irritability. Additionally, it helps show a new version of your skin and is useful in enhancing your complexion over time.

How to Use As Face Oil?

Gently massage a small amount of the oil onto cleansed skin, allowing it to absorb. Use it alone or mix it with other products for added hydration and nourishment.

Applying this face oil is a fantastic approach to maintaining your skin healthy all the time and sealing in moisture. The fact that this face oil absorbs quickly and is non-sticky is its best quality. 


Individuals with nut allergies should avoid Almond Oil due to its almond-derived nature.

4. Tattvalogy Organic Moringa Cold Pressed Oil

A great anti-ageing oil, Tattvalogy Certified Organic Moringa Seed Oil is used widely in cosmetics and therapeutic preparations around the world. Besides being effective against acne, it is also a great moisturizer for Indian skin.

Tattvalogy Organic Moringa Cold Pressed Face Oil

In addition to being extremely nutrient-rich, moringa oil is extremely light on the skin and is extracted from the drumstick tree (moringa oleifera). Although moringa oil is a dry oil, it has medicinal properties that make it a moisture magnet.


There are many health benefits associated with this product, including acne treatment moisturizing dry scalps, and promoting hair growth.

It is anti-inflammatory and soothing, as well as anti-ageing. With just a few drops of this oil, you can rejuvenate dull, and tired-looking skin, giving it a radiant appearance. 

How to Use As Face Oil?

For a rejuvenating skincare routine, apply a small amount of Tattvalogy Organic Moringa Cold Pressed Oil onto cleansed skin. Gently massage in circular motions, allowing the oil’s nutrients to deeply nourish and enhance your complexion.


Potential cons include skin sensitivity reactions or allergies, especially for individuals with existing plant-based allergies.

5. SoulTree Hemp Ayurvedic Treatment Face Oil

SoulTree Hemp Ayurvedic Treatment Face Oil

Four cold-pressed oils are combined in SoulTree Hemp Ayurvedic Treatment Face Oil for Youthful Radiance.


This 100% organic Ayurvedic formulation is non-sticky, quickly absorbed, and calms the skin while evening out your skin tone.

This face oil is enhanced with pure organic hemp seed oil to nourish and hydrate dry skin. Your skin is deeply nourished and soothed, and hemp’s healing qualities aid in fading dullness and repairing uneven texture.

Hemp’s deep nourishment releases a skin-rejuvenating effect, while Almond, olive, and sunflower seed oils, improve skin suppleness and help prevent early symptoms of ageing.

How to Use As Face Oil?

Apply a few drops onto cleansed skin and gently massage in upward motions. Allow the oil to absorb before applying additional skincare products for a nourished and radiant complexion.


Patch testing is recommended before full application to ensure suitability for your skin type.

6. Bella Vita Organic Kumkumadi Face Oil

Bella Vita Organic Kumkumadi Face Oil is an all-natural Ayurvedic formula that works well on your skin and provides the necessary nourishment to give you the most radiant skin possible.

Bella Vita Organic Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Face Oil


The Kumkumadi Face Oil promotes healthy, young-looking skin with its active skin ingredients known to treat skin dullness and ageing. This oil works well for your skin and provides the necessary nourishment, leaving you with a radiant glow.

It is a naturally safe and effective Ayurvedic formula. Your skin will be renewed, repaired, and hydrated thanks to the nourishing combination of ayurvedic herbs, leaving you with nothing but pure radiance! 

It is safe, and effective at what it does. Saffron inhibits free radicals, revitalises lacklustre skin, and lightens pigmentation for a more even complexion. Sandalwood helps to maintain skin moisture while calming inflamed skin.

Turmeric has potent therapeutic properties, lightens dark spots, and imparts a healthy glow to the skin. 

How to Use As Face Oil?

Apply a few drops on the face and gently massage in circles.


It’s advisable to patch test before incorporating the oil into your routine to prevent any adverse effects.

7. Earth Rhythm Pomegranate Seed Facial Oil

Elevate your skincare regimen with Earth Rhythm’s Pomegranate Seed Face Oil, a botanical elixir crafted to revitalize and rejuvenate. Harness the nourishing power of pomegranate seeds for a radiant complexion that’s as vibrant as nature itself.

Earth Rhythm Pomegranate Seed Face Oil


This face oil, obtained from Pomegranate Seeds is proven to lessen acne, hyperpigmentation, and indications of age while shielding your skin from UVB radiation.

Additionally, the vitamin C in it contributes to the beautiful complexion of your skin without leaving behind any greasy residue or pore clogging.

This oil also increases the development of collagen, lessens the visibility of scarring, and leaves behind long-lasting moisture.

How to Use As Face Oil?

Apply a few drops onto cleansed and toned skin. Gently massage the oil in upward motions, allowing it to absorb. Use it as a standalone treatment or incorporate it into your skincare routine for added hydration and a youthful glow.


Individual skin sensitivities, as some users might react to specific botanical ingredients. Patch testing is advisable before regular use

8. UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, a skincare staple, offers deep hydration and balance. Rich in nutrients, it mimics skin’s natural oils, making it ideal for nourishing and soothing various skin types.


Jojoba Oil boasts a spectrum of benefits, from moisturizing dry skin to regulating oily skin, thanks to its similarity to sebum.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it promotes skin health, aids in reducing acne, and supports a radiant complexion, making it a versatile addition to any skincare routine.

How to Use As Face Oil?

It can be used as a standalone moisturizer or mixed with other products for added hydration and nourishment. Adjust the quantity based on your skin’s needs for a balanced and radiant complexion.


Excessive use on already oily skin could potentially lead to congestion or breakouts.

9. Plum Rosehip Face Oil 

Plum Rosehip Face Oil, a beauty elixir enriched with rosehip extracts, rejuvenates and hydrates the skin. Packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it works to restore radiance and promote a youthful glow.


It fades scars and hyperpigmentation with its potent vitamin C content.

Rich in essential fatty acids, it nourishes and moisturizes, while its antioxidants combat signs of ageing, making it an excellent choice for enhancing skin elasticity and promoting a smoother complexion.

How to Use As Face Oil?

To maximize the benefits, apply a few drops onto cleansed skin. Gently massage in upward motions, allowing the oil to absorb. Use it as a moisturizing treatment day or night, or blend it with your favourite products for an added boost of hydration and nourishment.


Excessive use on sensitive or acne-prone skin might exacerbate breakouts, underscoring the importance of patch testing and moderate application.

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10. Vedix Anagh Face Oil

Vedix Anagh Face Oil for Pigmented Skin is a naturally hydrating and antibacterial oil that helps fade acne scars, dark spots, and pigmentation.

Vedix Anagh Ayurvedic Face Oil


With the richness of three ingredients Kumkumadi, Arjun and Manjishtha, it reduces marks and blemishes due to their natural antibacterial and depigmenting effects.

Chronic skin disorders are significantly impacted by the oil. Moreover, Manjishtha aids in minimising acne-related redness. It has a cooling impact on the skin and has been shown to hasten the recovery from acne breakouts.

The special combination of herbs in this oil helps in the healing of skin problems brought on by germs. The Vedix Anagh Face Oil is backed by Ayurvedic experts and is also silicone and sulphate-free.

How to Use As Face Oil?

To effectively use Vedix Anagh Face Oil, apply a few drops onto cleansed skin and gently massage in upward motions, allowing the oil to absorb.

Incorporate it into your skincare routine as a moisturizing treatment, adjusting the quantity based on your skin’s needs for a balanced and rejuvenated complexion.


Improper or excessive use could lead to an oily or congested complexion, highlighting the importance of suitability and moderation in application.


Never forget that your skin requires both oils and moisture to stay healthy and moisturised. While the skin needs 70% water and 30% oil, the secret is to maintain a healthy balance between the two.

The ideal face oil aids in maintaining the moisture it receives while supplying that extra nourishment to generate a healthy glow. 

Replace your moisturiser with these humble Ayurvedic face oils to restore your skin’s natural glow without any artificial agents.

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