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Product Review: Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix

Put an end to dry, dehydrated, and damaged skin with natural skin supplements in Kapiva skin foods Glow Mix and see how your skin magically glows from the inside out. 

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix

Packed with various ayurvedic herbs, Kapiva Glow Mix is here to rescue you from dull skin. Unlike other skin supplements, this glow mix improves the natural glow of your skin with a certified and clinically tested ayurvedic formulation. 

Never look at your unhealthy skin as a mere cosmetic issue. Your poor skin health indicates your worst internal imbalances too. The topical creams you use every day may provide temporary relief, but it’s not going to help you in the long run. So, adding several healthy foods to your diet is the only way to transform your dull, dehydrated skin into glowing skin.

But consuming varieties of healthy food every day is not easy with your bustling lifestyle. The only possible way to make sure you consume enough nutrients every day is by adding skin supplements to your diet. 

Here’s a detailed review of the Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix on how it makes your skin glow.

Product Claims : Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix promises to be a comprehensive solution, addressing various skin concerns through its plant-based formulation. By working from the inside out, it aims to redefine skincare, promising a radiant, youthful, and sustainable glow.

It is a plant-based supplement designed to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out, promising a radiant and youthful complexion. This unique formulation makes bold claims, supported by a blend of natural ingredients aimed at addressing various skin concerns across all three layers.

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix

1. Reduces Pigmentation and Dark Spots:

Kapiva Glow Mix asserts its ability to diminish pigmentation and dark spots, tackling skin imperfections at their root. The plant-based ingredients work synergistically to promote an even skin tone, helping you achieve a clearer complexion.

2. Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glutathione:

With a focus on skin health, this supplement is formulated to boost the production of essential elements like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glutathione. These key components play a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity, hydration, and a natural glow, contributing to a youthful appearance.

3. Radiant Skin:

Kapiva Glow Mix claims to work on all three layers of the skin. By nourishing the skin from within, it aims to promote a lasting and radiant glow that surpasses the temporary effects of traditional topical creams.

4. Combats Signs of Aging:

This supplement vows to be a powerful ally in the fight against aging. By addressing signs of aging at their source, Kapiva Glow Mix aims to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related skin concerns, helping you maintain a more youthful look.

5. Reduces Acne Scars:

For those grappling with the aftermath of acne, Kapiva Glow Mix promises to be a natural solution. By aiding in the reduction of acne scars, this supplement aims to restore a smoother and more even skin texture.

6. Sustainable, Healthy Glow:

In contrast to topical creams that provide a temporary sheen, Kapiva emphasizes a sustainable, healthy glow. Packed with herbs and natural ingredients, this supplement strives to offer a long-lasting radiance without the use of harmful chemicals often found in traditional skincare products.

Key Ingredients

Rose, Pomegranate, Shatavari, Mulethi

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix Packaging

The packaging of the Kapiva Glow Mix comes with a box full of 30 sachets. It is easy to store, and the sachets are travel-friendly.

Who is this for?

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix is tailor-made for individuals who have grown weary of experimenting with countless topical creams and serums in search of a truly radiant complexion. This product is specifically designed for those dissatisfied with the results of regular skincare approaches.

Ideal Candidates:

Whether you’re frustrated with ineffective topicals or striving to combat specific skin issues, this supplement promises a holistic and age-inclusive approach to achieving a radiant and healthy complexion.

1. Tired of Ineffective Topical Solutions:

If you’ve tried numerous topical creams and serums without achieving the desired glow, Kapiva Glow Mix offers an alternative solution that works from the inside out.

2. Struggling with Stubborn Skin Concerns:

Individuals dealing with persistent pigmentation, dark spots, and acne scars will find this supplement beneficial, as it targets these issues at their source.

3. Visible Signs of Aging:

Those facing the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines, can turn to Kapiva Glow Mix as a comprehensive solution for rejuvenating their skin and combating the effects of time.

4. Age Group 18 to 60:

This product caters to a diverse audience and is suitable for a broad age range, from 18 to 60 years. Whether you’re looking to prevent early signs of aging or address existing skin concerns, Kapiva Glow Mix provides essential nutrients for both skin and overall well-being.

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix Key Benefits for Users:

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix benefits

Inherent Skin Nourishment:

Kapiva Glow Mix offers a holistic approach to skincare by providing nutrients that work on all three layers of the skin, ensuring a thorough and lasting impact.

Youthful Radiance for All Ages:

Regardless of age, individuals can benefit from the supplement’s ability to promote collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glutathione, contributing to a youthful and radiant appearance.

Effective for Various Skin Concerns:

The product’s efficacy extends to addressing a range of skin issues, making it a versatile choice for those dealing with multiple concerns simultaneously.

Our Review of Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix expert review

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix is powdery in form and easy to consume with water. The Glow Mix tastes sweet and gives you a pleasant fruity flavor as the product has several fruits, vegetables, and natural extracts. When consumed consistently after lunch for 2 to 3 months, we noticed some improvements in the skin. This product helps to reduce aging signs, acne, and dark spots and improves overall skin complexion.

This product also improved further with new flavors, packaging, and dosage adjustment to 100 ml to enhance the overall performance of this product. Also, the formulation of this product is further enhanced with the concentration of bioactive components. These new changes in this product help to provide better visible results. 

Our Study of the Ingredients and Their Impact

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix contains several ayurvedic herbs as ingredients to promote collagen production and make your skin healthy and glowing. 

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix impact

Rose is one of the most widely used skincare ingredients, and no wonder for its popularity. Rose contains various components like fatty oil, organic acids, carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, and secondary metabolites like flavonoids, tannins, etc. This aroma-rich ingredient is better known for its anti-aging, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that promote collagen production. It keeps your skin young without any wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces UV-induced damage, acne, and any inflammation on your skin.

Pomegranate is known for balancing the tridosha in your body and improving your skin condition. It contains polyphenol and fatty acids and improves the hyaluronic acid synthesis in your body. With its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound-healing properties, pomegranate helps to improve pigmentation, reduce acne, and heal acne scars. 

Shatavari, also known as Asparagus means “curer of hundreds of diseases”. It contains flavonoids, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, sterols, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt, calcium, etc. It has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and many other properties and increases glutathione synthesis

Mulethi is another potent Ayurvedic ingredient known to balance the doshas. This ingredient helps to reduce dark spots and improve skin complexion. 

How to Use?

  • Add half a sachet of this glow mix in 100 ml water and consume it for the first four days. 
  • Later, you can start consuming the whole sachet with 100 ml of water.
  • Make sure to consume it after your lunch every day for 2 to 3 months.

Note: Never consume this on empty stomach.


  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Easy to consume
  • Infused with several Ayurvedic herbs
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Increase hyaluronic acid and glutathione production


  • Unable to mix properly
  • The powder is sticky while mixing in the water
  • The taste is not ideal for everyone

Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix Price

MRP Rs 1199 for 150g. This product has several toxic-free Ayurvedic ingredients that are scientifically and clinically tested. While considering this reason and the benefits it offers to the skin, we feel that this price is reasonable.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix here. 

Final Verdict

The popular Kapiva Glow Mix is the go-to skin supplement for glowing skin, and it focuses on reducing dark spots and pigmentation, improving the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glutathione. The key ingredients like pomegranate, rose, shatavari, and mulethi help to balance the doshas and treat skin problems. 

The packaging of this product comes with 30 sachets that are convenient to store and travel-friendly. The recent enhancement in this product further improves the potency and gives you better visible results. This product is best suitable for people aged 18 to 60, and consuming it consistently for 2 to 3 months is recommended. 

The only cons of this product are the taste and the difficulty of mixing the product in water. Overall, this product is the best, and we highly recommend this to improve your skin health. 

Take this skin supplement every day after lunch and see how your skin glows like never before. 

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Written by Nivithasri

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