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Masters in Zoology


2 Years

Nivithasri is a passionate beauty writer with a deep commitment to safe and eco-friendly beauty practices. Hailing from Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, she holds a degree in Zoology, a discipline that fuels her curiosity about the natural world and informs her writing. With over two years of dedicated experience in the beauty industry, Nivithasri is on a mission to empower her readers to make informed choices for their skin, hair, and the planet.

Her writing is characterized by meticulous research and a genuine desire to help her audience discover safe and effective beauty products that align with their values. Nivithasri is a staunch advocate for clean and sustainable beauty, and her work reflects this ethos.

Beyond her role as a writer, Nivithasri is a multifaceted individual. She finds solace in the world of literature, often immersing herself in books that broaden her horizons. Her artistic flair shines through in her passion for painting, and she enjoys the escapism of cinema. These diverse interests reflect her belief that a holistic approach to life is essential, encompassing not only personal care but also cultural enrichment.

Nivithasri’s unwavering dedication to spreading awareness about clean, safe and green beauty is a testament to her belief that everyone deserves access to healthier and more sustainable beauty practices. Through her engaging and informative writing, she strives to educate and inspire her readers to make choices that benefit both themselves and the environment.

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