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Top 5 Natural Weight Loss Supplements For Men & Women

Are you struggling to manage your weight and improve your metabolism? Weight loss supplements are here to make it easier for you. Check out the best 5 supplements for weight loss with natural, plant-based ingredients. 

Natural Weight Loss Supplements For Men & Women

If you are not fond of strenuous physical exercise, weight loss supplements are a good alternative to manage your weight complementing a healthy lifestyle. Along with managing weight, these supplements help with appetite control, improving metabolism and nutrient supply, enhancing energy, and burning fat deposits. 

Several weight loss supplements are available in the market. However, consuming supplements with plant-based herbs provides you with better and safer results. To help you save time, here we handpicked the top 5 supplements for weight management. 

1. Kapiva Get Slim Powder (Mix)

An ayurvedic result-driven brand, Kapiva offers a special supplement for weight management called Get Slim Powder (Mix). This supplement is formulated with special natural ingredients to manage body weight by keeping you fit and healthy. The ingredients of this best-selling supplement, like ACV, Triphala, green coffee, cinnamon, Malabar tamarind, and fiber (Inulin) are clinically tested. 

Kapiva Get Slim Powder

This ayurvedic and safe weight management supplement is best suited for individuals looking to achieve safe long-term weight care and stay fit. However, If you are a pregnant, lactating mother or with any medical conditions,  you should consult healthcare professionals before using this mix. This product is also not suggested for children. 

When compared to Get Slim Juice, this mix contains 2X more fat-cutting herbs with a tasty jaljeera flavor. This Get Slim Powder (Mix) has been crafted by experts at Kapiva Academy of Ayurveda with a blend of 10 herbs to help you with weight management.

Unlike other brands, Kapiva offers multiple variants of Get Slim Powder focusing on different body types and medical issues. No product in the market has a taste of jaljeera in their supplement like this product. 

Look at the price section below to find out all the different variants offered.

Key Ingredients

Green Coffee Beans, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon, Ginger


  • Kapiva Get Slim Powder (Mix) improves metabolism and burns calories. 
  • Control your appetite and prevent unhealthy junk food cravings.
  • Reduces fat accumulation in your body.
  • Reduces excessive weight by preventing weight regain.
  • Green coffee beans help to control the body’s ability to absorb fat. 
  • Apple cider vinegar improves metabolism and regulates appetite.
  • Ginger improves the ability of your body’s digestion.
  • Cinnamon targets belly fat and boosts metabolism. 
  • Cinnamon, Methi, and Boswellia limit the sugar cravings. 
  • This Get Slim Powder (Mix) contains non-caloric sweeteners.

Serving Size

1 pouch of Kapiva Get Slim Powder (Mix) with 200 ml of water at 4 PM (This dosage is recommended best on your body’s concern).

How to Use

  • Take a sachet of Kapiva Get Slim Powder (Mix) at 4 PM.
  • Mix this powder in 200 ml of water and stir completely.
  • Drink everyday for 3 months for visible results.


HealthyNoneRs 1298
HealthyPCOSRs 2297
HealthyCholesterol, Diabetes & HyperthyroidismRs 1897
OverweightNoneRs 1597
OverweightPCOS Rs 2596
OverweightCholesterol, Diabetes Rs 2196
OverweightHyperthyroidismRs 2496
ObeseNone, Cholesterol, DiabetesRs 3494
Obese PCOSRs 3894
Obese HyperthyroidismRs 3794

2. oZiva Plant Based Japanese ACV Matcha

oZiva, a popular plant-based clean nutrition brand, offers supplements for weight management and gut health. This plant-based supplement helps you to control weight and makes you experience better metabolism and digestion. This product is certified vegan by the Vegan Society of the UK and contains no artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, gelatin, or added sugar. 

oZiva Plant Based Japanese ACV Matcha

This supplement is best recommended for individuals looking to manage their weight and improve gut health. If you are a pregnant or lactating mother, elderly, or individuals with certain medical conditions should consult healthcare professionals before consuming this product. This weight management supplement is also not recommended for children below 5 years. 

When compared to other products in the market, oZiva ACV matcha contains natural ingredients like licorice that further improve digestion and skin health. While most weight management products are available only in drink form, this oZiva ACV matcha is in powder form and is ready to drink with hot water that reduces the bitterness of taste.

Unlike other products that barely combine the benefits of apple cider vinegar and matcha, this supplement combines the power of both to offer you both weight management and skin health. 

Key Ingredients

Licorice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pomegranate, Matcha powder


  • This supplement combines the power of apple cider vinegar and matcha to maintain weight and skin health. 
  • Licorice promotes digestion.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps manage weight and improves metabolism.
  • Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and gives protection against skin damage. 
  • Matcha powder improves skin tone and reduces pigmentation.
  • Ginger rejuvenates skin and helps reduce dark spots.
  • Improves blood glucose levels and enhances healthy weight management. 
  • Increase fat metabolism and reduce excess fat content in the body.
  • Treats hyperactivity and provides relief from nausea, gas, bloating, and discomfort in the upper abdominal area. 
  • Inhibits melanin production and reduces skin pigmentation. 
  • oZiva Prime membership offers you free diet consultations with nutritionists.

Serving size

1 scoop (1g) of powder daily

How to Use

  • Add 1 scoop of the supplement in 150 ml of hot water.
  • Consume this daily 20 to 30 minutes before any meals.
  • Make sure to consume this for 3 to 6 months to get visible results. 


Rs 499 for 50g

3. Healthoxide 10 Days Fat Burner Powder

A trusted Indian brand, Healthoxide offers quality nutrient supplements to enhance health conditions. It also offers 10 Days Fat Burner Powder for weight loss with 100% pure herbs. Ingredients like Malabar tamarind fruit extract, green tea leaf extract, kokum fruit extract, ginger, turmeric, and other natural herbs improve the metabolism and help burn fat in 10 days.

Healthoxide 10 Days Fat Burner Powder

When you strictly follow the diet chart with this supplement, you can get the desired result. You should also notice that the results may vary from person to person. Unlike weight management supplements from other brands, this powder combines powerful weight loss ingredients like Malabar tamarind and kokum fruit extract. 

Other products take 3 to 6 months to show visible results. But, this supplement claims to burn fat in just 10 days. So you don’t have to wait for a longer period to get that slim look. 


Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Garcinia Indica Fruit Extract, Ginger, Turmeric, Long Pepper, Haritaki and Fennel Seed. 


  • This supplement has been proven to burn fat in 10 days. 
  • Enriched with pure herbal ingredients to burn fat with no toxins. 
  • Improves appetite control and reduces the urge to consume high-carbohydrate food.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract helps with weight loss, reduces appetite, prevents excess fat production in the body, and improves skin texture and overall metabolism.
  • This weight loss supplement provides antioxidant support. 
  • It’s free of preservatives, sugar, gluten, aspartame, and genetically modified organisms.
  • Green tea leaf extract helps to break down the fat cells deposited in your body.
  • Garcinia Indica Fruit Extract also helps with weight loss and prevents oxidative damage to your cells.

Serving size

1 scoop of powder in 500 ml of hot water.

How to Use

  • Add 1 scoop (10g) of the Healthoxide 10 days fat burner powder in 500 ml of water and boil it for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Filter and consume it regularly twice a day before breakfast and dinner. 
  • You can also add original honey for better results. 


Rs 1299 for 200g

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4. Setu Lean: Lite

Setu is a nutrition brand focusing on creating supplements that make sense to improve lifestyle-related health concerns. This product uses the power of natural plant-based actives for weight management with Capsimax™ and Garcinia cambogia. These tablets stimulate fat breakdown, reduce appetite, and improve your metabolism. 

Setu Lean: Lite

Product Claims

The formulation of this supplement is backed by science and claims that 1 tablet burns 130 calories, equivalent to a 30-minute walk.

  • An hour after you consume this tablet, your body’s metabolism increases.
  • The increased metabolic rate breaks down the fat deposited in 2 hours.
  • You can witness the burning of 129 calories in just 4 hours.
  • In the 1 week journey with Setu Lean: Lite, you can see yourself stopping craving unhealthy food.
  • By the end of the first month, you can see a loss of 2 kgs and a loss of 5 to 6 kgs in 3 months.

Unlike other supplements for weight management, this product is available in tablet form and is easy to follow. This product also has its patented Capsimax™ as an ingredient to make it unique from other products. It also has no unpleasant flavor like other supplements. 

Key Ingredients

Capsimax™, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract


  • Backed by science, this product helps you to lose 5 kgs in 3 months.
  • Boosts metabolic rate in the first few hours of consumption.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Capsimax™ increases metabolism & promotes fat burning.
  • Garcinia Cambogia helps weight loss & controls appetite. 
  • Green tea extracts burn fat and increase energy.
  • Green coffee bean extract improves glucose metabolism, fights insulin resistance, and prevents fat accumulation.
  • Easy to swallow tablets with no unpleasant taste.
  • No added sugar, artificial color, GMO, or side effects. 
  • Boosts thermogenic activity.

Serving Size

1 tablet per day within 10 minutes of having breakfast or lunch.

How to Use

Consume it as you generally take tablets. 


Rs 700 for 30 N capsules

5. Plix Fit & Slim Plant Protein Shake

Plix, a plant-based nutrient brand offers Fit & Slim Plant Protein Shake to reduce weight. It sources antioxidants from blueberry, cranberry, and goji berries and healthy fats from pumpkin, watermelon, and sunflower seeds. 

Plix Fit & Slim Plant Protein Shake

This product is specially formulated for individuals looking to reduce weight and daily calories. It is also best for people with busy lifestyles and those who overeat. Unlike other products, it has complete nutrition with 12g plant protein and 5.2g fibers along with low calories. Other supplements are just filled with an inadequate amount of plant protein, fibers, and no vegetables. 

This product has dietary fibers to curb unhealthy appetite while other products have no such dietary fibers. It has pumpkin and blueberry seeds to increase metabolism, whereas other products have no fruit seeds in them. It doesn’t taste bitter, but this product tastes the goodness of chocolate delight.

Key Ingredients

Pea & Brown Rice, Oats Fiber, Blueberry, Antioxidants


  •  Pea & brown rice support lean muscle growth.
  • Oat fiber increases beneficial gut bacteria, manages weight, and reduces consumption.
  • Blueberries promote weight loss and reduce appetite. 
  • Helps to lose weight with protein, fiber & antioxidants.
  • Comes with chocolate and strawberry flavors for better taste.
  • In the first month, this product boosts digestive and immune systems & promotes gut health.
  • In the second month, this product suppresses appetite, whereas in the third month, you can see visible weight and inch loss. 
  • You can replace it with lunch or dinner. 

Serving Size

1 scoop (35) of this supplement in 300 ml of chilled water.

How to Use

  • Take 300 ml of chilled water and mix one scoop of this product well.
  • Shake it for 15 to 30 minutes until it has a uniform texture.


Rs 699 for 350g


In conclusion, these above-mentioned supplements for weight management work best with plant-based ingredients. You can choose your supplements based on your individual preferences, dietary requirements, and health goals. If you are a pregnant or lactating woman or diagnosed with any medical issues, you should consult healthcare professionals before consumption. Choose the supplement that suits you well and get fit as you desire. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Supplements Effective for Weight Loss?

Yes. If you want to lose weight, you can try supplements and get the desired results. 

2. Can I Take Supplements for Weight Loss During Pregnancy?

No. Before consuming any supplements, always consult your gynecologist. 

3. Are There Any Weight Loss Supplements Formulated for PCOS?

Yes. Kapiva Get Slim Mix has a variant specially formulated for individuals with PCOS. 

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