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Sasi The Don’s Life-Changing Song ‘Anbe’

Sasi The Don's Life-Changing Song 'Anbe'

Sasi the don talks about his single ‘Anbe’ and how it changed his life!

Tell us something about your recently released single ‘Anbe’.

Okay so, this song is a song that is very close to my heart because, you know, every artist has a song, which makes them or breaks them. Some songs take you up while some bring you down. Sometimes its just luck and I believe ‘Anbe’ happened to me at the right time.

It has changed my life and I wanted to bring that magic back for all the fans who grew up on it and connected with it. In these current times of crisis when the world is cooped up at home, it’s necessary to stay positive and remember the good times when we could do whatever we wanted at any time. It helps keep the spirits high.

This song will help people reminisce the good times and hopefully bring a smile to their faces. It’s about spreading joy in these dark times and that’s the major endeavor behind Anbe.

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It’s a 20 years old track, what prompted you to release a new version of the same now?

As I said, I just felt that I wanted to bring the magic back I think the pandemic has really drained people of their energy not just in Malaysia but across the world.

I just felt I could create a new version that will cater to new markets for instance India, Nigeria, Jamaica to name a few. These are new emerging markets for me along with markets like Malaysia where I am established.

As an artist, I’m privileged to be able to make music for people and help people rekindle their good times, bring a smile on their faces, and just for a few moments let them forget their woes. It is a blessing that I can do this through music.

‘Anbe’ made you a star overnight, how was your experience back then?

The experience was very different because you know it’s not like today where you have YouTube and all these different digital platforms that give you a real-time count of numbers.

Back then it was all about how many CDs were sold, how often radio stations played your song, how much people spoke about it etc. Word of mouth was everything in those days. Friends and acquaintances would inform you about what people they knew thought about the song, it was all very organic.

20 years ago the song changed my life and created the base for what I’m today. I deeply appreciate everyone who supported me, encouraged me pushed me to create better music throughout my career.

I learned to never take anything for granted, to never to do anything halfway, and to give your best shot in everything you do. These lessons have helped me throughout my professional career. 

Your last two songs ‘Daddy Don’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ were huge hits, when can we expect another original track from you?

I have a song that is coming out in July and it’s called come ‘Follow Me’.

It is about how we as people can spread positivity and impact other’s lives in a positive way. Many of us look up to others for inspiration And I feel I have inspired others in many ways.

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