Best Online Shopping Websites in India

Shopping on some of best online shopping websites in India is very common these days. But, do you remember the times when we used to go window shopping in stores, wanting to buy the stuff that we saw but wouldn’t dare to because of the exorbitant price and continuous stares by the store manager? Infact, stuff like grocery shopping too felt like a big burden and we took at least a month to go for it again, only because we had no other option?

Online shopping slowly changed everything and Indians have changed the way they shop.The top online shopping sites in India today give us everything right from the preferences, to comfort, to the shopping discounts – and surely not to forget the amount of options that we got, which was never an option with outlets. As of today, more than 30 million people are dependent on online websites for shopping clothes, groceries, beauty products, Diwali Sweets and what not!

Listing a few of them has put us in quite a dilemma, but let’s list out some of the online best shopping websites in India



Flipkart started as one our homegrown Amazon with the burgeoning middle class finally finding a  way to shop sitting in the comfort of home. Be it electronics, home appliances, clothing, there is nothing that Flipkart doesn’t sell and the buyers don’t buy.

Indians relying on Flipkart for the best deals and products is only expected to grow in the near future!



The Indian version of Amazon was a late entrant to the Indian online market, but eventually took over as one of the biggest online shopping portals with offers that no one could compete with.

But the talking point of this particular portal is the respect they give to the customers and a swift grievance redressal system. Amazon has been a boon to the sellers and businesses as well. It has given opportunities to small vendors to start selling who otherwise find it difficult to get customers. They have various sell outs and flash sales, which is complimented by best deals if subscribed to their prime membership.



This online shopping portal has been fulfilling all the shopping needs, in particular of the females who love their cosmetics. Being a female beauty centric brand, it has over 200 makeup, bath, body and beauty accessory related brands. The brands are obviously a 100% authentic at a price lesser than that offered in stores. This portal has specially brought convenience to women from smaller cities and towns where many brands do not have their outlets and the relevant stocks.

The brands on Nykaa range from the elite ones like Estee Lauder, Kiehls etc to common brands like Lakme. Nykaa also has its stores called Nykaa Luxe at the airports and many other locations as well. Recently they made Jhanvi Kapoor their brand ambassador, targeting the youth.

This portal is growing rapidly and has truly brought convenience to women.

4. Pepperfry


Have you ever moved places only to find it difficult to shop for furniture? Only the ones who shift a lot know the pain of finding the places, renting a vehicle, paying exorbitant amounts of lodging and furniture in a new city.

Trying to fill this gap, Pepperfry sells kitchenware, home decor, furniture, and a lot more, that makes the life of the family a heaven on earth. It currently has 17 fulfillment hubs with more than a million listed products.

5. Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder

This is one of the most popular online furniture shopping platforms, build on the same concept as Pepperfry. With over 12 fulfilment hubs, this one is fast becoming a reliable and user friendly portal to buy all kinds of home decor. Not only that, they also have options for installation and free service upto a year in case you buy new furniture from them.

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6. First Cry

First Cry

This is ASIA’s largest online portal designed specifically for baby and kid products. The customer gets about 2000 national and international brands to choose from – that too at one place. The large display category gives you a wide range to choose for the newly arrived kid, or a kid till the age of five.Adding to that is the “Same Day Delivery” option for select pin codes and products. 

7. Hopscotch


This is one more online shopping portal dedicated to the needs of the new babies. Shopping items like footwear, apparel, toys, you name it and they have it.

Since the children have their own choice with respect to toys, a wide range of toys can be chosen from. The application is available for both Android as well as iPhone users.

8. Myntra


A large number of men and women are now up for buying their product from myntra. The reason? Their top notch quality, immense respect for their customers, vivid range to choose from, and a lot more accessories to be complimented with the apparels you choose.

One has an option to buy different clothes starting from ethnic, to traditional, to clothes for the occasion of a Goa trip!

9. Lenskart


This website is dedicated to the ones who prefer funky and classy eye lens to sport their young look. Right from sunglasses, eyeglasses, lenses, they have whatever you ask for. At the comfort of home, you can try a number of frames by just uploading your picture or having a webcam.

Currently, it has outlets in most of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of the country.



Zivame is one of the best and most popular lingerie shopping websites in the country. It offers a wide range of undergarments for women in India. Be it bras, panties, sportswear, swimwear or nightwear. Also, on the purchase of your first item, you have the option of availing a good discount for the second item that you buy from the portal.



Who would have thought that buying groceries could be fun too?

Bigbasket is currently the top portal for grocery shopping in India. And why wouldn’t it be? Right from personal care, household, gourmet, dairy, fruits, veggies, meat, they have it all. In addition they provide multiple offers and express delivery of 2 hours as well. So say goodbye to carrying heavy grocery bags back home. Just download and you are sorted

12. Netmeds


This is a popular online medical store where customers can but all and any kind of medicine. They have access to a wide range of retailers, and hence provide you with both allopathic, branded, and generic options on medicines at the click of a button. Their aim? To cover the corner of the villages in the country, which currently have little access to medicines.

Make sure you upload a valid and genuine prescription before you start to buy from the site!

We looked at some of the best online shopping websites in their particular genres that are currently operating in the country. The fact that silicon valley is only growing, the days aren’t far when we would be getting much more options to choose and buy from. Let’s hope for the best!

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