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Atmantan Naturals - Authentic nutraceuticals and herbal solutions

1. What is Atmantan NATURALS about? 

What is Atmantan NATURALS about?

Naturals is about unlocking your health. We are your ‘health wingman’.

Our products are designed to supplement and bridge the nutritional gap that your lifestyle creates with its hectic demands and choices.

Our healers will personally guide you through these highly effusive herbal formations made from a quality, 100% natural ingredients.

With no side effects, these help you reset the essential balance, reverse diseases, and correct deficiencies, without having to make significant, impractical, or even impossible changes to your life.

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2. How did the idea behind nutraceutical supplements came up?

How did the idea behind nutraceutical supplements came up?

As an individual while I was trying to eat good quality food and do the right things, I felt there was a gap when it came to me imbibing complete nutrition.

While there are many supplements available, there were a lot of unanswered questions – which ones are true naturals, which are suited to my individual health, are there any side effects, for how long should I have these, and most importantly whom can I review my progress with?

This started my journey into understanding nutrition, herbs, and professional opinions.

We come from a country that has a rich tradition in herbs and healers; When I started interacting with practitioners myself, who are steeped in this tradition, I realised there is a need for authentic, pure & natural nutraceuticals.

I decided that we needed to create a platform where we can take this knowledge and then offer it in the form of natural capsules to others like us.

Today, our platform has artificial intelligence working alongside our healers to offer you the right nutrition at the right time. 

Atmantan Naturals, we offer you authentic products made from the purest of the ingredients and we offer this along with the advice of our healers… all this to help you Unlock your Health.

3. How is it different from other herbal supplements?

How is it different from other herbal supplements

We are a team of individuals who are passionate and motivated to provide genuine health solutions to all. Some unique features are:

  • All our products are Doctor-Scientist formulated. And they have been finalized after extensive clinical trials only.
  • We use 100% pure and natural ingredients only.
  • We take these Herbal extracts and potentize them to enable maximum efficacy, for result-oriented solutions.
  • We control the entire process of sourcing to manufacturing these supplements.
  • We offer free consultations with our healers on our telemedicine platform so that our clients can select the products that are most suitable for their individual health.
4. What is the aim behind the launch of a brand-new range?

We are building a complete wellness Eco-system.

Besides having Atmantan Wellness Centre, which offers residential health programs, we are now foraying into this health-tech platform- Atmantan Naturals, so that we can continue to support our clients throughout the year; we become their wellness partner for life.

5. Launched as a Health-tech platform, how does it bridge the gap between people and professionals?

The majority of the individuals do not have access to healers/professionals who understand the medicinal properties and uses of natural formulations.

Our ancient Ayurvedic knowledge available with professionals needs to come in a consumable form to people and that is exactly what Atmantan Naturals does – it is the key to unlock your health.

We are bridging this gap with this telemedicine platform.

Here, our professional healers are available 24×7 and you can schedule your free consultation to get started on your journey to a healthier life.

6. What is the range of ailments that can be cured by your products?
What is the range of ailments that can be cured by your products

We offer solutions for the management and treatment of 44 chronic lifestyle diseases.

With our natural supplements and dietary/lifestyle protocols, we have treated 100s of cases of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Hypothyroid, Diabetes, PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome), Rheumatoid arthritis, Hyper-acidity, Erectile dysfunction, etc.

Our healers work towards treating the root cause of the diseases/illness, not just the symptoms, therein enabling disease reversal and management!

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7. What lies in the future of the brand? (Future Plans, Growth, Diversification)
What lies in the future of the brand? (Future Plans, Growth, Diversification)

Our vision is to make a complete range of therapeutic products for various lifestyle conditions and enhanced, sustainable living.

Our range is very different from the usual minerals and vitamin supplements that you will find in the market.

With unique formulas, our products function on multiple levels of our bio-system; our products are highly therapeutic and work towards actually reforming/repairing the disease pathway in the body.

This ensures that the actual problem is treated, rather than just supplementing a deficiency or managing a symptom.

Each product is a unique patented formula, derived from traditional sciences and human evolution and backed by empirical studies.

We are currently also working on adding to the range.

Within the next month, you will have more choices of highly effective formulas for brain health, anti-oxidants, liver health, skin and hair solutions, probiotics, and many more women’s and men’s health formulas.

We will look to venturing forth internationally in our 2nd year of operations.

  • Inputs on behalf of Mr Nikhil Kapur, Founder & Director, Atmantan NATURALS

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