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Top 10 Inspiring Digital Illustrators Of India

Top Inspiring Digital Illustrators Of India

“True art is not the one which is inspired 

but the one which inspires” 

Art is something that holds our hand and brings us out of chaos, into the space of tranquillity where all that stands ahead of us is a spring of inspiration.

Over time, art has proven itself to be the perfect escape from our topsy-turvy state of life and reminded us of how admirable this world is. 

The difficult times have caught us hard and now is the time when we need to express ourselves and understand others for the sake of our well-being.

Now is the time, when everything around seems to be falling apart as the pandemic is taking over our lives and art can remind us that “this too shall pass”.

Digital Illustrations are the door to the magic of life you weave dreams about.

It is the creation of narration that conveys profound stories, shapes your emotions, and fills the gaps of your skepticism with vivid colors.

Contemporary India has witnessed a growth in the field of Digital Art as rapidly as the exposure rate of the audience with the digital elements in the last decade. 

Digital Illustrations have now crossed the standard purpose of art and is now more than the conventional art form.

It is also breaking stereotypes as modern artists share their vision of the modern lifestyle through their illustrations. 

India is graced with the new wave of artists who are crossing all bars and limits to skillfully mirror the world we live in, in the form of their astounding illustrations.

Scroll on to read through the list of India’s top illustrators who’ll inspire you and leave you in awe of their creativity.

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Ayush Kalra-

Ayush Kalra

Ayush Kalra is a revolutionary illustrator who is attempting to represent the world he envisions through his intricate digital art.

His illustrations exhibit independent and strong brown women who have left the conventional society behind to follow their own choices and opinions.

Kalra attempts to manifest the sort of society which doesn’t confine women in walls of orthodox culture.

ZHK Designs

ZHK Designs

Apart from performing the vital role of informing the audience, ZHK Designs has also been empowering its audience to bring the change in mentality that is of use in the present times.

With colors perfectly representing the mood of the illustrations, ZHK Designs attempts to do both, educate and entertain the audience with its subtle yet powerful designs.

Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza

Having worked with many reputed brands like Google, Tanishq, Yahoo, and The Times of India to name a few, Alicia Souza is a freelance illustrator turned entrepreneur.

Alicia loved drawing since childhood and turned her passion into a perfect profession of comic illustrations.

Her whimsical art will fill your day with a little more light.

Apart from the modest sketches, her art inspires us to love all animals and all the simplest moments of life.



Talking PRIDE like no other, Param is famous for his maximalist designs that boldly take a stand for LGBTQ+ rights.

His illustrations are vibrant with the neon palette of colours representing the contrasting life of people belonging to the LGBTQ community. 

Param is breaking stereotypes to celebrate pride. Engaged in work with many famed brands, he is truly an inspiration to contemporary India.



Dedicated to mental health, Sravyaa’s art is a collection of mindful and brilliant illustrations.

Taking the form of digital art to a different level, Sravya is successfully making use of her skill to spread love and normalizing the importance of therapy.

In the middle of a pandemic when people are suffering through mental and emotional breakdowns, Sravya’s art can inspire you to walk past the situation and heal, for it’s a bad time and not a bad life.

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If you’re having a tough day, paper.samosa by Simmi can be your go-to page.

With more than lac followers, Simmi’s art has been gaining popularity for her simple yet exceptional illustrations that attempts to display the simplest of daily activities and funny puns.

Along with the beautiful artwork, Simmi caters for her audience both the entertaining designs as well as extremely important conversations.

Ranganath Krishnamani

Ranganath Krishnamani

Driven by his passion for art and architecture, Ranga Krishnamani is a brilliant illustrator with his self-developed style of digital art.

With a unique point of view and a sharp eye for eccentric observations, Ranga’s illustrations represent his passion for the doodle and his deviant visions.

If you’re trying to find something relatable, liquid_ink by Ranganath can be your destination as he skillfully captures and expresses the simple tales of a common man’s everyday life.

Hanifa Abdul Hameed

Hanifa Abdul Hameed

Beautifully portraying what women across different castes and race go through, colorsofhoney is a collection of illustrations made by Hanifa A. Hameed.

By her bold art of Indian women in traditional attires, Hanifa attempts to smash the societal stereotypes of caging women in different orthodox beliefs.  

Colorsofhoney can be your treasure to feed the feminist in you and inspire you through what seems difficult.

Mira Malhotra

Mira Malhotra

Merging the local content with global reception, Mira Malhotra’s contemporary art strives to share stories with her designs openly speaking Indian.

Mira is not only creating vibrant art with a wide range of informational topics but also representing the complex Indian art and culture through her inspiring illustrations.

Apart from being a visual artist, designer, and illustrator, Mira also owns a studio named “Kohl” which reflects Indian culture and heritage in all of its inclusions.

Vidushi Yadav

Vidushi Yadav

Beginning from crucial national and international topics to simple everyday things, Vidushi Yadav’s art will both evoke concern and mesmerize your heart with its out-of-the-ordinary form of illustrations.

Vidushi creates art that educates the audience about important environmental issues and also body positivity for women who’re conscious about their appearance.

The combination of vivid colours in her art will soothe your mental and emotional state and make it bloom with inspiration.

Let us know about your favourite inspirational Indian illustrator below!

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