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10 Amazing Ways Silver Can Be Beneficial For You

Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewellery

From managing health problems to being a highly appreciated jewellery metal, silver is regarded as the most preferred jewellery material you can wear on a daily basis without any worries.

Jewellery is an important part of a person’s attire. The jewellery you wear is a form of self-expression and it can say a lot about who you are.

But the jewellery you wear can also have an impact on your health especially when it is silver jewellery. In this article, all the benefits of wearing silver jewellery will be discussed.

10 Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewellery:

1. Silver is a versatile metal

Silver is a versatile metal

Silver is a precious metal that is highly malleable. This makes it versatile enough to be moulded into various styles of jewellery while still retaining the class and quality of a precious metal.

This means that when you opt for silver jewellery you have the choice between elaborate traditional pieces and sleeker modern ones. It is silver that allows you this variety of choice.

2. Silver is affordable

Silver is affordable

Although silver is still a precious metal, it is a great deal more affordable than gold. When you buy silver jewellery, you can avail of quality jewellery without breaking the bank.

Silver jewellery is also much more durable making it a great investment in the long run as it will outlast any other kind of jewellery. Silver is also liquidated and actually appreciates in value with inflation making it the perfect investment.

But the main benefits of wearing silver jewellery are to the health of a person. Silver jewellery has been traditionally worn by people in India due to the many benefits that it can have on a person’s health as well as wealth.

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3. Silver is a powerful antimicrobial metal

Silver is a powerful antimicrobial metal

Silver has proven itself to be a great antibacterial and antifungal tool which means that it can destroy bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. This is due to the positive silver ions which attack bacteria through various methods.

Silver ions also block the respiratory systems of bacteria which will restrict its energy production and will eventually lead to the bursting of the cell of the bacteria.

4. Silver is hypoallergenic

Silver is hypoallergenic

Silver is a hypoallergenic metal, meaning that it is unlikely to trigger allergies in anyone wearing it. This makes it a safe, if not beneficial, choice of jewellery for most people as it will not be a cause for concern.

This means that silver jewellery can be purchased, shared and worn freely without fear of aggravating your skin.

5. Silver helps with heat circulation

Silver helps with heat circulation

Silver begins regulating heat and circulation in your body as soon as it comes into contact with it which in turn helps manage energy levels and mood swings.

This is because the metal helps cancel out the electrical disturbances in your environment. This cooling quality of silver can save you from extreme menstrual bleeding, heartburn and inflammation.

It is a quality that serves people wearing silver jewellery well, especially in the hot Indian climate.

6. Silver has therapeutic qualities

Silver has therapeutic qualities

Silver accessories are prescribed in many psychotherapy and spiritual programs. The Vedas claim that silver is associated with the moon and Jupiter.

Therefore, it has water’s balancing properties that help keep the body calm. According to astrology, silver also brings happiness and prosperity to a person.

7. Silver is sterile

Silver is sterile

Silver has been used as an alternative disinfectant for years when generally used disinfectants like chlorine would prove too harsh for the surface being cleaned.

These sterile properties mean that silver can keep you away from the germs in the atmosphere as well. This is also why silver is the primary metal used for hospital tools.

8. Silver is an indicator of acidity levels

Silver is an indicator of acidity levels

Your silver jewellery could also act as a litmus test to see if you are well. If the prolonged wearing of your silver jewellery turns it blue, this may indicate that you have unusually high levels of salt in your body.

Therefore, your jewellery can help detect the levels of sodium in your body and act accordingly.

9. Silver prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering the body

Silver prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering the body

As mentioned before, silver has positively charged ions. These ions act as a barrier against electromagnetic radiation and prevent it from entering the body of the wearer.

Our skin’s natural conductivity interacts with the silver and is hence, guarded against any electromagnetic radiation.

10. Silver helps with arthritis

Silver helps with arthritis

Silver is one of the metals that help with pain. It relaxes the inflammation in the joints and therefore, lessens the pain. Silver jewellery is often prescribed as a treatment for pain of the joints.

In fact, silver rings are prescribed to patients suffering from arthritis in order to reduce the arthritic pain in their fingers.

In this way, silver jewellery adds not only grace and beauty to your looks but also comes with a myriad of benefits. The many benefits of silver were recognized by sages and saints long before they were recognized by science.

Silver jewellery and its many uses are a part of our heritage and culture and should be recognized as such.

If you are concerned about your current health status and don’t want to compromise on your style quotient, casting your jewellery in silver is the best thing to do.

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Written by Lakshmi Kalarikkal

Lakshmi Kalarikkal is pursuing her degrees in History and Economics at Mumbai University, although she has been researching, studying and writing about the world around her for far longer than that. With over a decade of professional training in classical dance and music, she is deeply interested in Indian culture and lifestyle. She has studied many aspects of Indian life ranging from Ancient India to the present century, both in her formal classroom and beyond it. With a penchant for reading and writing history, she works to enrich the Ethnic Lifestyle and Joyful Celebrations pages at Yeh Hai India with well researched stories about the culture and life in India.

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