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Best Places to Buy Banarasi Sarees

Best places to buy Banarasi Sarees

The Banarasi sarees are made in the city of Varanasi, which is an ancient city, also known as Benares.

Banarasi Sarees are one of the best sarees in India, famous for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and beautiful embroidery.

Depending on the complexity of the design, the price of a single Banarasi saree ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 200,000. The cost of a decent design is about 8,000 to 10,000 rupees. The red Banarasi saree is famous for Indian weddings and bridal events.

The Sarees are on the costlier side as pure yarn woven fabrics are of higher quality than synthetic blends. And are therefore more expensive. For example, different types of Zari may look similar visually. But the real Banarasi Zari is made from sterling silver, not the proven Zari that is commonly used in Banarasi sarees of affordable prices.

People from different parts of the world buy Banarasi Sarees due to their alluring vibe.

If you’re a fan of Banarasi Sarees and are on the hunt for the best stores out there, then this article is going to be a lifesaver for you.

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It has a list of online and offline stores that sell some of the Best Banarasi Sarees.

Go and Explore the world of Banaras!

1. Kalanjali


Kalanjali is known for its exclusive collection of Indian handicrafts, handmade furniture, traditional saris, ethnic women’s clothing, and handloom materials.

This is a journey to discover a century of tradition. This is a tribute to art and a celebration of beauty.

Kalanjali is a retail chain consisting of 5 showrooms, with offices in two states in southern India (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana).

You can find exclusive Banarasi Chiffon, Banarasi Silk, and Banarasi Georgette Sarees on their website. The sarees are available in many vibrant and beautiful colours.

2. Zari Banaras

Zari Banaras

Zari is also called the “thread of gold” and has a long history related to the handloom of the Banaras.

The brand revives the ancient art of weaving with modern tones and offers the best products. Zari Banaras preserves the highest level of modern Banaras fabrics.

As a tribute to the tradition of Indian classicism and to commemorate the promotion of manufacturing in India, Zari Banaras showcased the most trusted e-commerce website, demonstrating the highest level of technical and artistic excellence, reminiscent of the highest level of the last.

Zari Banaras’ mission is to manufacture the best quality products and offer products at affordable prices!

Moreover, their professional team ensures that international standard quality inspections are delivered on time. Their exquisite braided Banarasi sarees with shiny Zari (metal thread) just add to the beauty of a woman.

3. Karagiri


Pallavi, an IIM Lucknow graduate and Amol, an orthopaedic surgeon, two people who are diametrically opposite in profession but are surprisingly synchronized in enthusiasm come together, and Karagiri is born!

Karagiri connects you to the roots of Indian tradition, the most beautiful handmade products from all corners of India!

Moreover, Karagiri aims to bring the world closer to the true beauty of India. They discover the best designs of artisans and craftsmen from all over India and deliver them to your doorstep irrespective of your location.

You can be anywhere in the world, enjoy their mind-boggling collection with just one visit to their website.

They have a wide spectrum of sarees available in different colours. If you are looking for a gorgeous Banarasi Saree, this is your sign to visit their website.

4. Sacred Weaves

Sacred Weaves

A website exclusively made to deliver premium quality Banarasi sarees. Sacred Weaves has long been one of the best online platforms to buy handmade Banarasi sarees online.

Sacred Weaves has the best, newest, and most beautiful series, multiple colour options, guaranteed quality and delivery, and global delivery. They are trusted by millions of people around the world.

To make sure they get the right product, Sacred Weaves offers its customers video shopping options.

So, if you want to buy Banarasi sarees online, Sacred Weaves is your one-stop shop. Handloom Banarasi sarees are the best and most popular in the world due to their brilliant design.

For this, they use the best fabrics such as pure silk or Catan silk, organza with zari and silk, Cady silk or Georgette.

The most commonly used techniques for making Banarasi saris are Kadwa and Katwa.

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5. Urban Womania

Urban Womania

Embracing the wonder of Indian ethnic fashion, the brand sources its premium Banarasi Sarees from a community of skilled designers, artisans, and producers.

They take pride in making these exquisite creations available to customers at an affordable price. They spread the charm and magnificence of Banarasi craftsmanship to every corner of the world.

Their online store serves as a one-stop shopping destination, boasting an extensive collection of exquisite Banarasi Sarees, Suits Sets, Lehengas, Kurtis, trendy Indo-Westerns, and an array of elegant accessories.

The brand’s mission revolves around providing customers with an enriching online shopping experience characterized by unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

From the moment of purchase to the seamless product delivery and beyond, Urban Womania ensures swift and secure processes to satisfy its valued clientele.

6. Shades of Benares

Shades of Benares

Shades of Benares is a unique interactive online market that brings you the best authentic Banarasi products, including sarees, shawls, dupattas, fabrics, suits, etc. It is a unique platform that allows you to access Banarasi’s series of designer products and collections online and deliver them to your doorstep at an affordable price.

The main goal of Shades of Benares is to connect customers directly with Benares, the traditional silk textile centre of India, and to highlight the authentic artworks and designs of Banarasi artisans on a global scale through e-commerce. The website is a bit on the costlier side, but you will definitely find designs worth the price.

7. Ekaya


Ekaya is the first luxury handloom brand in India, showcasing the best Banarasi art from the repertoire of Indian artisans. It was proposed by one of the most famous families in the country. It is famous for maintaining the tradition of Banarasi textiles for more than four generations.

Moreover, Ekaya is the first textile brand to adopt a model of cooperation between renowned designers and weavers, helping the brand provide new product lines. They also help transform traditional textiles into luxury goods.

You can visit their stores present in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. Also, you can have a glance at their online website. It will surely leave you mesmerized.

8. Mehta’s Silk

Mehta’s Silk

Mehta’s Silk is a very old shop in Banaras famous for selling Banarasi Sarees. They have senior and experienced people working there.

They have everything from beautiful handicrafts to dresses, suits, and silk. The large showroom has a wide variety of high-quality handmade silk products. The workers use a large traditional handloom for handicrafts.

9. Jagdish Das Shah and Company

Jagdish Das Shah and Company

JDS was established in 1913 under the name Baldev Das Sarees. It has now become a pioneer in the textile industry. However, “Jagdish Das Shah & Company” (JDS) was born after the company was split. JDS offers a series of elegant saris, from modern to traditional, from party wear and bridal collections to ordinary wear.

Over the years, this family-owned company has become a household name in Uttar Pradesh. Now it offers unparalleled quality at a competitive price and has more and more loyal customers throughout the country.

JDS is the hometown of highly skilled designers and weavers, with efficient production lines that can ensure the satisfaction of more than 3,000 retailers across the country. You can visit their stores to grab some mind-boggling Banarasi Sarees.

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