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Government Verified Home Remedies to Fight Covid-19

Home Remedies to Fight Covid-19

The times are very challenging and it’s getting difficult to cope with the situation we are coming across because of the second wave of the pandemic.

In the wake of a topical spike in Covid-19 cases, maintaining optimal health and boosting up our body’s natural defense mechanism or immunity is the prime need of the hour.

Amidst all the myths and chaos coming to pass all over social media, the government of India has recommended multiple self-care guidelines and home remedies to follow while you stay back in your safe spaces. 

Mentioned below are the effectively proven home remedies that we all should follow.

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Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry

Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry

Ashwagandha is one of the most important ancient herbs in Ayurveda that has been in use for more than thousands of years.

It has the ability to minimize inflammation, increase strength and energy levels in the human body naturally through its efficient properties.

Keeping up our mental stability is equally important as having stable physical health and the winter cherry not only balances our physical health but also our mental well-being.

It performs vital functions like relieving stress and decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

The Health Ministry of India has therefore suggested an intake of 1 or 2 teaspoons of Ashwagandha powder daily or supplements of 500mg twice a day.

Mulethi or Liquorice Powder

Mulethi or Liquorice Powder

Mulethi is another age-old herb used for its extraordinary health-promoting attributes.

Chewing on Mulethi sticks or consuming the powder keeps our respiratory tract healthy and cures conditions like cough, sore throat.

It also has digestion-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties which relieve stomach problems like acidity and discomfort.

The enzymes present in Liquorice protect our body from microbes, allergens, and pollutants that cause auto-immune diseases.

Mulethi is therefore an effective choice to keep us away from allergies and infections and boost our immunity.  

The recommended dosage of Mulethi powder is 1-3 grams with warm water twice a day.

It can also be consumed with a mix of ginger and honey to make healthy tea with an inch of Mulethi root.

Warm Golden or Turmeric Milk

Golden milk is known to have excellent healing properties which help our body fight and recover from different diseases and injuries.

Turmeric works as a stimulant to speed up the healing process and shielding our body from multiple infections and ailments.

The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce body pain and can lower the blood sugar levels of our body.

Turmeric milk also holds the characteristic of being a perfect source of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral remedies.

The government has suggested the intake of ½ teaspoon of Turmeric powder mixed with warm milk twice a day.

Powdered black pepper and honey can also be added to increase the potency of the Golden milk. 

Giloy or Heart-leaved Moonseed

Giloy or Heart-leaved Moonseed

Giloy, also known as Guduchi is considered to be highly effective for its nutritional content. It is very useful in treating all types of fevers and boosting immunity.

Giloy also provides benefits to people recovering from Covid-19 as it has mild anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic effects and the ability to decrease body pain, burning sensation, relieve headache and indigestion.

Prescribed consumption of Giloy juice or Kadha twice a day or a tablet of 500mg per day.

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Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla berries have excellent antioxidants and contain high concentrations of vitamin C which help our body recover from illness and elevate immunity.

It also contains anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties to maintain our stable health.

Apart from its ability to treat cough and cold, Amla also strengthens the heart and respiratory system that is badly impacted by Covid-19. 

Intake of 1-3 grams of Amla powder daily is recommended by the health ministry of India to detoxify your body.



Chyawanprash is an excellent Ayurvedic health supplement with a blend of nutrient-rich herbs and minerals.

It helps in preventing a variety of negative health conditions.

Be it boosting the immune system, digestion aid, enhancing cardiac functioning or treating lung or breathing problems, this magical mix of minerals, spices and herbs does it all.

Taking 1-2 teaspoons of Chyawanprash daily is suggested by the Government to strengthen our immune system.

Gargling with Warm Salt and Turmeric Water

Gargling with Warm Salt and Turmeric Water

Sore throat is one of the many symptoms and aftereffect of Covid-19 infection.

Gargling warm water with a pinch of salt and turmeric powder is the best natural remedy to heal a sore throat.

Salt neutralizes the acid and provides relief from the burning sensation.

Turmeric plays a significant role in fighting infections, diseases and fastening the healing process. 

Gargling with half a teaspoon of salt and turmeric added in a cup of lukewarm water is prescribed.

Herbal Tea or Kadha

Herbal Tea or Kadha

Herbal tea is a traditional homemade aromatic drink that has numerous healing properties.

Various Ayurvedic and natural ingredients are used to make this Kadha like turmeric, tulsi, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, honey, etc.

This tea detoxifies our body with the antioxidants present in its ingredients and fights several respiratory complaints.

Herbal tea also reduces inflammation, aids in digestion, lowers blood pressure, and enhances our immune system.

Government has suggested the intake of Herbal tea at least once every day.

We hope you fight these difficult times by maintaining good physical and stable mental health.

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