Top 15 YouTube Channels in India

YouTube is among our favourites whether we are seeking information or just trying to get some form of entertainment.

Here are the top 15 YouTube channels (Most Subscribed Youtube Channels) in India that are ruling the internet and also show the diversity of fields –

1. ChuChu TV

You may or may not have heard about this channel but it is the second most watched YouTube channel in India.

Devoted just for the kids, this channel is India’s largest content creator. Based in Chennai, it has created every type of content specially designed for kids for their entertainment and educational purposes.

That’s not all! ChuChu TV is famous in many western countries such as the UK, Ireland, and Middle East and dominantly in South-East Asia.

Subscribers: 30.6 M.

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2. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana has carved his name in terms of popularity in the YouTube community and is one of most promising and top Indian YouTube superstar.

His channel aims at providing daily dose of laughter as he makes hilarious comic content on different topics like new age relationships, day to day scenarios and comic skits with his friends and family.

He aims of making a full length bollywood comedy movie someday but till then he can enjoy the limelight he has earned and the love of his fans.

Subscribers: 18 M. 


3. BB Ki Vines

Who doesn’t know Bhuvan Bam?

A comedian and musician by profession, his channel has become a YouTube sensation which has led to his immense popularity and tremendous fan following.

He created uniqueness in his videos which are not only known for its humour but he also tries raising awareness about the present social issues through his videos in an unconventional manner.

His multi-character performances, impeccable comic timing and content that targets the like-mindness of usual Indians has made him one of the most sensational You Tuber’s of our generation.

Subscribers: A Whooping 16 M.


4. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Just like Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani has managed to make a name and steal the spotlight in the YouTube community.

A YouTube sensation and keeping a passion for acting, he started his YouTube career in the year 2009 by uploading hilarious various characters comedy content which has been making us laugh since the beginning.

His original and high quality content and comic parodies stole many hearts increasing his female fan base too.

Subscribers: 15.6 M.


5. Technical Guruji

When it comes to the technical category, Technical Guruji has been winning many hearts and subscribers due to its informative and up to date content.

Created by ‘Gaurav Chaudhry’, a security professional, presently living in Dubai, on 18th October, 2015 and in a very short span of time, this channel managed to hit the list of most popular and watched YouTube channel.

The main aim was to make people understand about technology in a simple and easy way. This informative channel is in Hindi language making it easier for audience who belong to Non-English backgrounds.

Subscribers: 14.9 M.


6. Sandeep Maheshwari

One of the most powerful motivational speakers, Sandeep Maheshwari is an entrepreneur too.

His channel mostly focuses on an individual’s personality development, confidence building and how to move on in life when something hits you hard.

All his videos are again presented in Hindi language for better understanding by the audience.

He also focuses on topics like dealing with depression, how to relax your mind and how to be more of a balanced person both mentally and emotionally.

Sandeep has achieved many milestones and awards and continuous to excel in his life and tries to bring that change in our lives too.

Subscribers: 13.3 M.


7. Nisha Madhulika

She is an inspiration to many. At the age of 59, Nisha Madhulika is one of the highest paid YouTubers and has a high number of subscribers to her channel.

It’s been seven years since she started her career as a YouTuber and she never looked back.

Her channel will tempt you and pump you to rush to the kitchen and start preparing some really amazing and drool worthy dishes. From home-made French fries to heart filling Indian desserts, she makes it all.

She presents the videos in Hindi language, easily understandable by the audience.

So, next time you craving for some food videos, chuck the Instagram and go for her channel, you surely won’t be able to resist.

Subscribers: 8.07 M.


8. Vidya Vox

Vidya Iyer popularly known as her stage name ‘Vidya Vox’ is a bundle of talent.

She started her own channel in 2015 to showcase her music talent to the world.

From singing mashups of Hindi and English genres to creating and performing original songs to presenting songs in her native language in her soulful voice, she has proved her talent.

She has even collaborated with other singers creating some amazing dance tracks with quirky lyrics.

She has a great presence on all social media platforms and is also active otherwise as she does many shows and concerts.

At a very young age she became one of the most loved YouTube sensations and there has been no stopping since then.

Subscribers: 6.42 M.


9. Actor Varun Pruthi

Varun Pruthi

Social experiments have become ‘the thing’ and people do connect themselves after all humanity is something we have it in us but due to fast paced lives, somewhere we forget about it.

Varun Pruthi is one such You Tuber whose channel aims at making social experiments, inspirational and motivational videos.

Most of the time he can be seen helping people out who are in need of money and support who are mostly vendors, disabled people and people who are helpless due to extreme financial crisis. He helps them by buying their whole item at once.

Varun Pruthi even has his own website named ‘’.

Subscribers: 3.93 M.


10. Being Indian

If you want your daily dose of laughter, then Being Indian is the channel for you.

Founded by Sameer Pitalwalla, a graduate from University of Westminster in 2013, this channel is owned by Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd.

The variety in videos and the right amount of humorous content has made it a very popular YouTube channel for both youngsters and oldies.

The channel aims at bringing observational comedy based on the typical mentality characteristics of an Indian and how they react on different situations which are happening around.

The content can be viewed by any age limit and also is being accepted by everyone as it is totally relatable.

Subscribers: 2.74 M.


11. Vahchef

How much do we love watching food videos even if we don’t know how to cook or are too lazy to enter the kitchen!

VahChef is considered to be the best YouTube channel for cooking and belongs to Sanjay Thumma. He is a passionate Indian chef and also is the founder of the cooking website ‘’.  

Most of the content is narrated in English but he is also active on Hindi and Telegu medium as he hails from Hyderabad.

You can find many interesting videos where he prepares lip-smacking dishes from all over the country but has special interest in showcasing authentic Hyderabadi dishes which will make you drooling over it for long.

He is known all over the world, especially in the Indian communities living in mainland Europe, North America and Australia.

Subscribers: 1.73 M.


12. Health and Fitness

This T-series run channel in collaboration with Guru Mann, a fitness enthusiast is a one-stop solution to all your queries relating to diet and fitness regimes.

Guru Mann, gained popularity through this channel for his well-built and informative videos. He is a nutrition expert and holds a degree in Biomechanics and has extensive experience in showing others the way to get back in shape.

From the information about food supplements to bulk mass building programs, this channel gives ample information about the do’s and don’ts and how exactly to go about it.

They even created videos on baby food depending on their age and the amount of nutrition to be given through various baby nutrition programs.

Whatever the type of query you may have, you can easily subscribe to this channel to know more from this fitness expert.

Subscribers: 1.77 M.


13. SnG Comedy

A group of professional stand up, improve and sketch comedians from Mumbai come together to make us laugh with their witty and on point comedy.

It comprises of Karan Talwar, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Brij Bhakta, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastava.

They create contents which usually is about questioning the reality and getting individual’s views on it but in a comic way.  

And thanks to the different comedians they invite as a part of this process which adds more humour to it.

With subscribers increasing each passing minute, this comedy channel is just aiming for the stars.

Subscribers: 865 K.


14. News Laundry

Fed up of fake news or chaotic debates that go on for hours on news channels?

News Laundry is an independent new channel which is not funded by any corporate house or politician so you are assured of 100 per cent unbiased and true news.

A subscription based channel, it produces current affairs and media critique content on its website and YouTube channel in the form of news articles, podcasts, documentaries, comics, satires and animations.

The idea is to give real news and real truth about the happenings around so that people don’t fall into false content which can be usually seen happening in the current media scenario.

Next time, if you want some real piece of news, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel.

Subscribers: 288 K.


15. Kantri Guyz

Silver Creator award winner, Kantri Guyz also is India’s famous comedy content creators.

This group of young enthusiasts creates spoofs, pranks to comedy sketches adding the touch through their Hyderabadi slangs which surely makes us tickle with their hilarious and entertaining videos.

Not only that, the fact is that the channel did not start for public appreciation but for their self-satisfaction and happiness.

Though they upload three videos max in a month which as compared to other channels might be less as it is the matter of surviving in this competitive market yet their channel has been loved by one and all.

In a very short span of time, they became country’s favourite and are now ruling as one of the most watched and appreciated comedy channel in Indian market. Thanks to the slang they use!

Subscribers: 163 K.


Which of these channels would you like to subscribe?

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Written by Sharmila Feroz

Sharmila Feroz is a graduate of versatile vocations who grew up in a military household which led her to travel to interesting and beautiful parts of the country. Penning those travel experiences paved her way into writing about ethnic lifestyle and cultural celebrations in India.

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