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Best Law YouTube Channels

Drawing inspiration from Suits ( the famous netflix series) saw in order to become a lawyer isn’t a viable option. The show is indeed very influential and admiring, but extracting career choice through it should not be considered since The Harvey Spector might have been very appealing but the show did no justice to the reality of Law.

Even many of us form a picture of a court from the ones that are shown in movies or TV shows unless we have been to one. Being a lawyer isn’t an easy task, it needs years of practice and knowledge. Now you must think what these successful lawyers do to become so innovative and influential. Well, it takes years of research deep under the books of Law.

But, what if I tell you, you can learn those skills without having to read those fat books? Guess what? It is possible.

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Several successful and aspiring lawyers tend to spread their knowledge through uploading videos on YouTube for the other aspirers to refer to. Its true when people say you get to understand the lesson better when you teach it to someone else. Now, it’s obvious that the knowledge that they spread is the same for all the YouTubers who teach law, but what will make you choose?

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It is the way they teach, it depends on your level of understanding whether you are able to grasp or not. Operating at such a fundamental level they must back their knowledge with facts and they must depict their reliability towards the content they teach. People have to believe everything they say, for that they need to be accurate and correct.

We have a small list of YouTubers who are immensely focused on providing law education that they procured and practiced over the years to the world out there to know. Those include:

1. Ishaan LLB

Ishaan LLB is one of the most successful YouTubers with over 3.5 million subscribers in fact it is the highest number if compared to other YouTubers in the industry of Law education and awareness.

In the course of his career on YouTube, he has uploaded 514 videos as yet and continues to do so for many more years to come. He tends to teach people out there who are not aware of how the law works in the country he helps them with their government tasks such as making Adhaar card or making changes in it, how to make pan card, etc.

2. Sudhir Sachdeva

The next very successful YouTuber in the dimension of Law education is Sudhir Sachdeva who holds over 4 lakh subscribers, it’s the second-highest number of subscribers in this domain.

He focuses on teaching Law education for all stages from undergraduate to post-graduation with all topics being explained impeccably by him. He is himself quite educated and holds a myriad of degrees including LL.B, MBA (IB), M.Com, B.Ed. He also provides paid lectures for the students aspiring to become a CA, CS, CMA.

He is also an Unacademy teacher and serves a lot of hard work in providing Law education to aspiring children in every way possible.

3. Faizan Mustafa’s Legal Awareness Web Series: LAW’s

He is also one of the most successful YouTubers with over 393k subscribers and has uploaded over 206 videos as of yet. He is not someone who teaches law curriculum or anything, he features videos that explain the ongoing situations of the country in terms of law and helps ordinary people understand the terms correctly. He also performs interviews with successful journalists and basically tries to make law understanding easier in Hindi. He also raises social issues and economic issues and presents his personal opinion over it and suggests ways for people to understand and make changes when required.

4. Sanyog Vyas Law Classes

Sanyog Vyas Law Classes are one of the most flourishing YouTube channels that teach Law. The channel holds almost 2.5 lakh subscribers who believe in his teaching and follow it to gain knowledge on all Law topics that are being taught in the current undergraduate, postgraduate and further curriculums. He provides special lectures for CA, CS, CMA from foundation to final. He also raises the ongoing issues of the country and leads them as an example to make children understand how the law works in the country. He performs very deep research himself and uploads videos accordingly.

5. Lead Indian Law Associates

Lead Indian Law Associates is another successful Law Youtube channel that has gained over 6 lakh subscribers over the course of its YouTube career. It isn’t necessarily focusing on educating people about the degree curriculum; it focuses on real-life issues that are being faced by the Indian law every day. The channel targets ongoing controversies and suggests solutions to it and not just that it also explains the new bills or laws passed by the government over the years. It directs at issues such as marriage formalities that are being changed in the country or the freedom being provided to the LGBTQ community and many others. This channel is not just for children but for the ordinary people of the country as well.

These were the few very successful Law YouTube channels that have operated on a supreme level to acknowledge issues of the country and encourage the game changers to educate themselves properly and become the face of change. There are several problems in the country that still need correction, for that we need innovative and creative lawyers who have the courage in them. It’s true when people say ‘Only Lawyers and painters can turn white to black’.

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Written by Bishakha Nihalani

Bishakha has a passion for writing about clean beauty and wellness. She believes in the Indian Science of Ayurveda and including it in our daily lives through food and skincare.

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