Best Astronomy YouTube Channels about Space and Extra-Terrestrial

Space is vast and is incorporated with many mysterious components that make us wonder about the possibilities of a new world out there. It demands a lot of research and experiments but what interests us is the completely different universe out there which as humans we are yet to witness.

It is about the exploration of hidden facts, mysteries, and most importantly what lies on the outer space that has existed all this while but still was hidden from us. The mystical nature of space is what fascinates us the most and that is the reason we are inclined towards delving deeper about it through different mediums.

Pandemic might have just changed the definition and the fate of 2020 but there are many magical moments we got to witness once we started noticing the sky above us starting from the Rare Super Flower Moon to the Lyrids meteor showers to ETA Aquarids.

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We know your love for space and cosmos, so here are the best YouTube channels that gives you a complete coverage on space and extra-terrestrial –


Best Astronomy YouTube Channels NASA

An independent agency of the US, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration carries out civilian space programme and also is involved in aeronautics and space research.

NASA is an authentic space channel on YouTube which sheds light on their mission to space exploration, aeronautic wonders, and scientific discoveries and basically showcases the 50 years of their extensive study, in-depth analysis, and research on the fundamentals related to science, space discoveries, and other related theories through their videos.

This channel is for all the space and cosmos lovers who want to know every aspect of the outer world and how the whole concept of the cosmos has developed over the period of time. 

Subscribers – 77.1 lakh

Videos – 5K


Best Astronomy YouTube Channels Space X

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company based in America. The organisation designs and transports space crafts, rockets, and shuttles and are known to revolutionise space technology since its founding year in 2002.

This YouTube channel specifically points out at new technologies and innovations that are upgrading the fields of space science, astrophysics, and universe. From rocket launches to space craft’s movements to the successful missions, they have got it all covered for the space and aeronautic fanatics.

Subscribers – 48.5 Lakh                      

Videos – 298


Best Astronomy YouTube Channels ISRO

The National Space Agency of India or the Indian Space Research Organisation comes under the Department of Space known for harnessing the space technology for national development and simultaneously pursue space science research and planetary explorations.

After seeing tremendous response on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, they decided to start their own YouTube channel with an aim of providing open access to the public for witnessing events such as rocket launches, etc.

The channel not only showcases rocket launches and space observations but also webinars on different topics related to the space research.

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ISRO has made us proud as a nation because of its achievements and this channel is surely going to make sure that all those interested in space can not only witness the launches but even upgrade their existing knowledge about it.

Subscribers – 6.55 lakh

Videos – 49

PBS Space-Time –

PBS Space-Time

PBS Space-Time is one of the best space channels on YouTube and that is because of the host ‘Matthew O’Dowd’ who is actually an astrophysicist. Not only does the channel shares videos related to sci-fi, astrophysics occurrences or space phenomenon but also gives content that gives you an insight into the rare concepts of Physics.

The host puts a lot of efforts in researching and structuring the concept along with visuals that covers every aspect starting from black holes to galaxies and extra-terrestrial. The channel also serves as an educational channel for aspiring astronauts, enthusiasts, and students.

Subscribers – 21.7 lakh                                                                     

Videos – 264

European Space Agency, ESA

European Space Agency, ESA

An inter-governmental organisation, the European Space Agency consists of 22 member states who have dedicated themselves to exploration of space. Their main aim is to shape the space ability of Europe and the investments being made in this aspect benefits the citizens and development of Europe.

The channel lets you get a sneak peek into the unheard and untold stories of the other side. They showcase everything related to space, from unknown facts, time lapses, and views of each part of the Earth from the space, to different phenomenons.

They feature images and videos of Earth and the universe for the people to watch and learn.

Subscribers – 6.97 lakh                      

Videos – 4K

Sixty Symbols

Sixty Symbols

Sixty Symbols is a series channel run by astronomy enthusiast and video journalist Brady Haran who started the journey back in 2009 and has kept the physics and astronomy enthusiasts hooked since then.

The channel brings different experts from the field of physics and astronomy explaining phenomenon’s, rare occurrences, important events, and much more. The cool and quirky videos help understand complex theories easily serving as an easy medium for students and aspirants to study and excel in their respective fields.

Subscribers – 8.17 lakh         

Videos – 357

Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope

Basic questions relating to space does deserve answers to dig deeper on the existing theories. Though there have been many innovations and developments in this field, still the team is working and finding information related to the formation of related to the old-age phenomenon.

The Space Telescope Science Institute uses the channel to study and share their findings on celestial occurrences through in-depth analysis. To know more about how it all started and how once unimaginable occurrences are now being shed light on fuels the excitement and information in the viewers and that in turn attracts them towards the undiscovered mysteries.

Subscribers – 1.94 Lakh

Videos – 518

Deep Sky Videos

Deep Sky Videos

Another channel that explores and showcases deep space videos once at a time is the Deep Sky Videos by Brady Haran. The channel even includes videos about ‘Messier Catalogue’ and close access to world-space telescopes. It explores and showcases videos on both space and astronomy.

You will be highly fascinated to see and explore the deepest secrets of the space and the instruments that exist above the sky. Though they come up with one video per month but the wow factor adds up to the worth of the wait. They give an insight into lesser known planets, galaxies, and other celestial bodies.

This channel surely will keep you hooked and leave you asking for more.

Subscribers – 2.4 Lakh

Videos – 160



How did the Universe begin?

Where will it end?

And everything in between is what we are looking for. The SpaceRIP is a combination of artistic vision and scientific curiosity. The channel combines amazing footage and photographs from advanced satellites and telescope. The channel takes you into a universe that is unimaginable with path breaking stories about the same.

Interested in cosmic journeys that takes you to the start till the end?

This channel takes you to the unexpected journeys through its well-defined footage’s which will surely leave you star-struck.

Subscribers – 8.26 Lakh

Videos – 389

Any other space channel you think deserves to be on this list?

Comment below!

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