Famous Mythological Stories of India

Mythological stories inculcate values and principles in children. Every story teaches a lesson and has a significant output in our lives. Well, these stories are ancient yet intrigue people to know more about it. So, here are some of the best mythological stories that you can pass on to your children or friends. Let’s start!

1. Guru Dronacharya’s Dakshina

Guru Dronacharya’s Dakshina

Dronacharya was the teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas. Eklavya was the prince of a hunter tribe, Nishada. He wanted to learn archery skills from Guru Dronacharya so that he can become a great warrior.

But Guru Dronacharya refused to teach him the same because he belonged to the lower caste. Eklavya then made a sculptor from the mud, Dronacharya stepped on and considered him as the Guru.

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One day, when Dronacharya learned about Eklavya’s archery skills, he questioned about his Guru. Eklavya pointed towards the sculptor and said, ‘You are my Guru.’ Dronacharya didn’t want anyone to become a better archer than Arjuna.

So, he asked Eklavya to cut off his right thumb as a teacher’s fee or Guru Dakshina. Without a second thought, Eklavya did the same and chopped off his right thumb. He gave it to Dronacharya and with this offering he lost the chance to become the best archer than Arjuna.

MORAL: One should always respect their teachers and be focused on their ultimate goal.

2. Shravan Kumar’s devotion

Shravan Kumar’s devotion

Shravan Kumar was a poor boy who lived his blind parents. One day, both of his parents made a wish that they wanted to go on a pilgrimage. Sending them alone due to their illness wasn’t an option.

So, Shravan Kumar tied two large baskets at the ends of a bamboo stick. He then made his parents sit in those baskets and carried the bamboo stick on his shoulders.

One day, Shravan’s parents were thirsty, so he went searching for water. There he accidentally got killed by King Dashrath’s bow. Shravan’s last words to the king were to fulfil his parents’ thirst and inform them about his death.

MORAL: Always respect and love your parents, even in their twilight years. Support them when they need you the most.

3. The Courageous Abhimanyu

The Courageous Abhimanyu

 Arjuna and Subhadra’s son, Abhimanyu was one of the most courageous souls one has ever seen. When Subhadra was pregnant, Arjuna told her about the Chakravyuh technique which usually soldiers would make to trap the enemy.

He told her about the trick to break and enter the Chakravyuh, while Abhimanyu memorized the whole process being in Subhadra’s womb. But by the time Arjuna was about to tell the process of how one should come out of the Chakravyuh, Subhadra fell asleep.

Due to this, Abhimanyu knew the one-way process, i.e. to enter the Chakravyuh. Later, when Abhimanyu fought in the Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata, he knew the technique to step inside and even defeated many enemies.

The only problem was, he didn’t know how to step out of the Chakravyuh, yet he fought courageously till his last breath.

MORAL: Abhimanyu’s determination and bravery is an example of how one must never give up even when the situation is not in your favour.

4. Prahlada’s incessant faith

Prahlada’s incessant faith

Hiranyakashipu had superiority complex and he believed himself to be the God. Prahlada was the son of Kayadhu and King Hiranyakashipu. He was a follower of Lord Vishnu and despite getting several warnings from his father, he still used to pray to Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashipu tried to kill his son many times because he didn’t like Lord Vishnu as the latter had killed his evil brother, Hiranyaksha. Every single time Prahlada was saved by Lord Vishnu.

One day, Prahlada’s father challenged him to show the existence of his idol. Prahlada very sweetly replied, ‘God is everywhere and in everything’. Hiranyakashipu got furious when he showed a pillar and asked his son, whether Lord Vishnu was in it. His son’s answer was yes.

So, Prahlada’s father was about to kill him and then suddenly Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha from the pillar and killed Hiranyakashipu.

MORAL: Have faith in your doings and don’t let any criticism affect your final journey.

5. Vibhishana’s noble qualities

Vibhishana’s noble qualities

Well, all of us know about Vibhishana, the younger brother of Ravana, the majestic king of Lanka. He always advised Ravana to leave the evil path he’s following and do something useful. Ravana on the other hand called Vibhishana weak and the people in his kingdom hated Lord Ram.

Even after being called ‘weak’, Vibhishana never gave up on his noble personality. That’s when the time wheel took a spin and Ram defeated Ravana. He also made Vibhishana the king of Lanka. So, clearly Vibhishana followed the right path and the end results paid off well.

MORAL: Always follow the right path and don’t deviate from it for the sake of proving yourself.

6. The Miracle Metal Coin

The Miracle Metal Coin

One fine day, a priest was seeking alms and then he found a bag full of gold coins. He took the bag because he couldn’t find the owner of the same. Then he saw a beggar, he felt bad for him but didn’t give him a single penny.

He then saw a glimpse of diamond on the ground, as soon as he bent forward, a thief from behind grabbed the bag full of coins and ran away. There was no diamond on the ground, it was an illusion. In fact, it was a glass piece which the thief used to lure the priest.

The priest got disappointed and continued his journey. Lord Krishna then gave him a metal coin. The priest was confused; he then saw a fisherman carrying fishes in his net. The priest again felt bad and gave the metal coin to the fisherman. He then brought those fishes home and put them in an earthen pot.

The next day when he was about to empty all those fishes in the stream, he was surprised to see that there were 2 diamonds in the water. The fish swallowed the diamond by mistake and then vomited it out. The priest was very happy and thanked Lord Krishna.

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MORAL: Never be greedy; believe in the power of giving and doing good for others. In this way, the good will always come back to you.

These were some mythological stories that taught and instilled some great values. Reading one story every day will develop your personality and make you a better person!

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