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Take a Shill Pill: A Must Read To Take Charge Of Holistic Well-being! – By Shilpi Goel

work life balance

If striking a balance between your work life and personal obligations seems unattainable, read my experience to know how I learned to manage tough situations.

“Dear Life, I miss you! Let’s get back together as soon as we can”.

‘Shilpi, I don’t have enough energy through the day….’

‘Shilpi, I feel stressed and disheartened quite often…….’

‘Shilpi, I feel lethargic and have to munch on sweets for energy boost…….’

‘Shilpi, I don’t like the way I look, and just don’t seem to lose weight…..’

‘You know what? Staying healthy looks like a costly affair. I don’t have money to buy health…..’


Often while having my coffee which is also my me time, I reflect on life and wonder why people can’t just take it easy.

I counsel hundreds of my clients every month and find that people who come to me for losing weight are struggling with issues like guilt, resentment, mental stress, loneliness, insecurity, lack of peace of mind, strained relationships, etc. 

work life balance

These pre-dominant emotions force them to indulge in wrong food choices or lead an inactive lifestyle. We often get down to solving the end issue, but the root cause is our emotions.

As a nutritionist, I always extend my support to help them lose weight, but I am often left wondering, ‘Does achieving ideal weight guarantee complete fitness and wellbeing?’

Modern ways of living have drifted us away from the real essence of existence, which lies in enjoying little-little things.

It’s about enjoying the first conscious breath you take after waking up to the last thing you do before stepping on your bed. 

These thoughts provoked a desire in me to pen down my thoughts about being fit and happy. I want people to just learn this one thing from me which is, ‘How to take a chill pill?’

Of course, I understand that life is a roller coaster ride, but did it promise to be any different? 

The book Take A Shill Pill’ revolves around taking a 360° approach to health and wellbeing. It describes the five key pillars of health, which are, ‘Air (Vayu), Water (Jal), Food (Prithvi), Mind (Aakash), and Sunlight (Agni). 

Though each of these pillars is equally important, yet mind plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal wellbeing. The book provides the right lens to view health in totality and sends a strong message, ‘Save your mind at any cost.’


The book will inspire you and empower you to take charge of your mental, emotional, and physical health. I hope you will enjoy reading every bit of it!

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Shilpi Goel

Dietitian & Wellness Expert


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Written by Shilpi Goel

Shilpi Goel, a well-known dietitian from Raipur with over a decade of experience in the field of Nutrition. Her key expertise lies in the management of lifestyle and metabolic diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, and PCOS. Her focus is on preventive methods and holistic health.She has her own nutrition clinic with the name “NutriShilp “. She is also a visiting consultant at Apollo Clinics, Raipur.

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