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Ishita Banik, the best-selling author of ‘If We Last’. Journey of making it to top 10

Ishita Banik, the best-selling author in the romance thriller genre, a new and one of the new authors of India is living in the world of her creativity after publishing three novels in the last two years.

Ishita Banik, the best-selling author

Ishita Banik started her journey to make her debut novel reach to the maximum readers. Her first novel, ‘If We Last (After Crossing a Light-year)’ is a romance and thriller novel which became Amazon best seller after the overwhelming responses from the readers. Presently, her novel is not only a best seller in thriller fiction, but in top ten Amazon best-selling list. 

Life Journey

Ishita Banik, the best-selling author - life

Ishita Banik, who was all set to start her career in the corporate world, chose to give in her wish of pursuing her dream of writing stories. While she has always been passionate about writing, it used to be just one of her hobbies until she finished writing her first novel. After writing her very first novel, she decided to publish it to reach to more readers so that they can read her creation. At the same time, she took a leap of faith as she left her higher studies to live in her dreams.

 ‘After a long battle with myself regarding my career choice, I decided to listen to my heart,’ she says.

Ishita Banik is born and brought up in Kolkata and as she shares, she has always listened to her own wishes rather than listening to other voices. ‘One of the good things I have done to myself is listening to my own voice instead of others’ noise.

Maybe I did mistake at times, but in the end, I do live without regrets,’ the young author says.

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She has done her graduation in physics honours from her love for the subject, but then again, she changed her path several times listening to her heart. ‘As you keep evolving or keep doing various things, you start realising a lot of new things about yourself. You can like hundred things but there are only a few for which you can literally live! You need to find out that for yourself!’ Ishita Banik says as she talks about her journey.

Ishita Banik, the best-selling author

After the success of her first novel, she released her next two novels, ‘Till We Last’ and ‘The City of Tunes’.

Ishita Banik, the best-selling author - the city of tunes

Her upcoming novel is all set to release by this year. She loves to mix thriller with romance. According to her, these two are some of the main essences of our life. Her novels are filled up with dark mystery, suspense and realistic yet beautiful emotional storyline. There are a lot of quotes from her novels, which became popular among her readers as well as on the social site in no time.

Some of her philosophical quotes from her novels:

“Death is only the end of a part of the journey. That’s it.”

Time never fails to be unfair to us. It crawls when we need it to pass as soon as possible, and it flies when we plead for one second more.”

“Sometimes we are compelled to end a relationship, not because it is toxic. But because closeness becomes more hurtful than the distance.”

“Sometimes pain becomes a part of yourself. It grows and changes with you, inside you; but never leaves you.”

“One of the best luxuries in your life is not big houses, cars or branded clothes, but it’s the smile in the lips of the person you love, which reaches to his/her eyes.”

“There are certain moments in our lives, which make us happy and scared at the same time. It makes us happy, because these are one of the best things we wish for, and we become scared thinking it will not last for long.”

Apart from writing novel, Ishita Banik also writes and shares various quotes on life, hope, love and more on her social media.

Ishita Banik believes in dreaming and flying high and she has proved her dedication through her work. As the Indian literature keeps evolving, the new courageous authors are who keep it enriched and growing with their creations.

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