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Best Herbal Hair Colours You Can Rely On-Safe and Fun

Best Herbal Hair Colours

Love experimentation but are scared?

Don’t worry, we present you the safe options to go crazy with your hair!

Who doesn’t like experimenting with their hair?

Some like caramel brown whereas some people go all out and colour their manes blue or purple.

Either way, it’s fun to try a new look and therapeutic too!

But are you someone who is looking for the best herbal hair colour?

It is time to stay away from harsh chemicals and treat your hair with herbal hair colour instead.

Among the various hair colors, herbal hair colours are definitely the right choice as they contain natural ingredients.

Whether black or dark brown, the following products will meet all your needs.

The list also includes the best herbal hair color, so check out till the end!

1.  Kama Ayurveda Organic Hair Colour Kit

Kama Ayurveda Organic Hair Colour Kit

Kama Ayurveda products are always top-notch.

This organic set is the Ayurvedic treatment that your hair needs.

It will do no harm to your hair instead; it will add rich colour and nutrition.

The kit contains the organic henna powder and the organic indigo powder.

This product is on the expensive side but it is definitely worth it.

Kama Ayurveda Organic Hair color strengthens your hair and repairs damage.

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2. Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Color

Available in a wide variety of shades, this hair color is made up of 8 natural herbs that will nourish and repair your hair.

PHAB-free technology gives your hair an extra layer of protection.

Sourced from one of the best organic hair dye brands in India, this herbal hair color is a must have.

This Indus Valley hair color is also ammonia and peroxide free hair color in India.

This also does not contain a PPD. This also prevents hair loss and makes the hair soft and flexible.

3. Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder Hair Colour

Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder Hair Colour

This hair color comes in the form of a freshly ground powder.

Henna hair dye also contains mango seeds that are great for your hair.

You can mix this herbal hair color with water and apply it as a paste to add color and shine.

One of the best herbal hair colors in India which is effective in adding color and also in improving hair texture.

4. Surya Brasil Henna Cream

Surya Brasil Henna Cream

Using henna to color your hair can be a very wise decision.

This particular organic hair color from Surya Brasil is available in 15 bright shades.

They are completely safe for your hair, and you will not see any damage.

Also, the herbal formula will replenish the lost nutrients in your hair. It also makes your hair look lustrous.

5. Khadi Natural Hair Colour

Khadi Natural Hair Colour

Khadi Natural ‘s range of natural hair colours is just the perfect one for newbies.

This is especially good for those who are new to trying the home colouring option.

Hair colour is available in a wide range of hair colours that restore hair while deeply nourishing it.

Enriched with natural herbs, the hair colour treats dull and damaged curls.

The absence of chemicals ensures that your hair is treated naturally without damaging it.

Plus, you don`t need to stress about using a developer alongside.

6. Herbal Roots Herbal Henna Powder – Natural Hair Color And Conditioner

Herbal Roots Herbal Henna Powder - Natural Hair Color And Conditioner

If you are looking for a good henna hair dye, then you should definitely try this product.

Henna for hair is a great way to add colour to your tresses without damaging them.

You can apply it directly and see the results.

One of the best herbal hair colour, this is 100% natural and is free from harmful chemicals like ammonia, peroxide and PPD which can damage your hair.

Full of essential herbs, this nourishes the hair and also makes them soft and silky.

Also, it repairs your damaged strands and adds the perfect glow to your hair.

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7. Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color

Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color

Shahnaz Hussain’s hair dye formula is a great choice because it’s kind to Mother Nature.

They come in sustainable packages and use 95% natural ingredients such as indigo, henna, amla, catechu, shikakai, brahmi, and bhringaraj that intensely replenishes the hair.

The natural hair colour also hides gray hair, cares for the hair, promotes hair growth and gives it a natural shine.

This means that you can change the color of your hair without worrying about damage.

8. Sadhev – Ayurvedic Hair Color

Sadhev – Ayurvedic Hair Color

Do you want to try the best hair color for your hair?

And worried about the damage and loss of your hair.

We will do it!

We have a unique product for you that will repair your hair from damage.

Sadhev is the natural color that is safe and also gives the scalp the nutrition it needs and restores the natural pH of your hair.

It is one of the best hair dyes made with homemade natural elements based on 200 years of family intelligence.

9. Dr. Batra’s Herbal Hair Color Cream

Dr. Batra’s Herbal Hair Color Cream

Do you want to change your look or try other colors for your hair?

Then Dr. Batra’s Herbal Hair Color is perfect for you.

The color is enriched with thuja, henna, and herbs.

It comes with ammonia-free hair color that colors, repairs, and hydrates the hair giving it a shiny look.

Moreover, the product is of good quality and will give your hair a natural look.

The paint is for external use only.

10. Jovees Heena & Brahmi Herbal Mehandi

Jovees Heena & Brahmi Herbal Mehandi

If you want an ammonia-free hair color that will fill your curls, then you should go for this organic hair color from House of Jovees.

This formula is made with natural proteins and precious herbs and adds strength and shine to your hair.

Which one are you willing to try?

Let us know in the comments below!

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