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10 Fashionable Clothing Ideas for Christmas and New Year

10 Fashionable Clothing Ideas for Christmas and New Year

The season we waited around for a year is almost here, bringing with it an extra dose of merriment and joy.

Christmas, as most of you would agree, is an emotion that oozes out of our hearts just when the cold breezes brush past our hair and send shivers down our spine. But what it also does is awaken our soul and take us right into the mood of celebrations.

Humming along with melodious carols, wishing Santa for the greatest gift, getting overwhelmed by the tall Christmas trees decorated with ornaments, and the enlightened streets that further lighten up our minds are what this holy celebration is all about.

Even before we could snap out of the Christmas-y mood comes the euphoric and warm celebration of the New Year. Heading out with family and friends with a top-notch outfit not only multiplies the festive vibe but also shells out a chance to make a significant winter-fashion statement.

To aid your soon-to-be huge fashion moment, we bring you ten outfit ideas for this festive season.

Make A Fashion Statement This Season With 10 Great Outfits:

1. Pullover Sweater with Trousers

Pullover Sweater with Trousers

You can keep your Christmas and New Year look chic and sophisticated with a simple pullover sweater paired with some trousers. You can accentuate your outfit with a shoulder bag and layered gold necklaces to shine brighter than the Christmas Star. 

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2. Wrap Coat with Knee-High Boots

Wrap Coat with Knee-High Boots

Shun the cold winter breezes and of course, fashion police, with an over-the-top wrap coat over a plain turtle neck shirt. Sport this look with laidback hair and some trousers. To make this fashion statement bolder and better, put on some high-rise leather boots and strut your way through a fashionable and merry Christmas.

3. Full-on Denims

Full-on Denims

Whatever era it may be, denims will never go out of style. And whichever season it be, denims will always fit right in. So, when it comes to this time of the year, what better option than denims? You could still make daily fashion exciting with an all-denim look. Pair a casual blue denim jacket with matching jeans and some ankle boots. Try choosing a bright, warm color for your boots to grab the limelight right away. Besides, you could style your laid back or tied up hair with bright hair accessories. 

Note: Do not overdo your look. Keep your look simple and chic.

4. Leathered Up

 Leathered Up

Head out this Christmas and New Year in a leather jacket paired with (again) classy leather boots. Put on a turtleneck sweater over a cute woolen/cotton dress. Take this look a notch up with a black leather jacket paired with either a shoulder bag or a tote bag. You could sport this look with some sneakers or leather boots. 

5. Dapper in a Blazer

Dapper in a Blazer

Keep your look classy and sophisticated with a blazer over a mid-length dress. Couple this outfit with netted stockings (preferably, black) and heels. Accessorize with a sling bag and some gold chains if you will. This look will set you apart from the crowd and will send formal as well as sultry winter fashion vibes across.

6. Shine Bright with Sequins

 Shine Bright with Sequins

Make this New Year bright and dazzling with an eye-catching sequin dress. Grab a bright sequin dress and a radiant clutch, throw your hair into some nice curls, put on some stilettos and strut your way through the new year.

7. Turtle Necks and Plaid Skirts

Turtle Necks and Plaid Skirts

Be it the 1960’s or 2000’s, turtle necks are indispensable for anything winter. When styled the right way, these knitted sweaters dominate winter fashion. For your Christmas or New Year look, pair a turtle neck sweater with a plaid mini skirt with or without stockings (as need be). To accentuate this look, don a pair of high-rise boots or block heels paired with a shoulder bag and laid-back hair.

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8. Entrench Fashion in Trench Coats

Entrench Fashion in Trench Coats

Trench Coats in winters are inevitable. Not only do they impart class and sophistication, but they also help you become comfortable in the oh-so uncomfortable fog. Style a beige or black trench coat with either pants or a dress or a skirt. It would fit right in with anything you wear. With this over-the-top look, try minimizing the use of accessories and let the coat do the talking.

9. Sweater-On-Sweater


The new buzz word in the winter fashion domain is “sweater vest”. From models to influencers, any but all of them have been seen sporting sweater vests and setting a rage among millennials and gen-z. You could too opt for a sweater vest, preferably over a skin-tight sweater, coupled with some trousers and sneakers.

10. Puffed Up

 Puffed Up

What makes winter more stylish? Puffer jackets! This Christmas or New Year step out in a voguish puffer jacket along with some classy tie up boots and casual denims.

So, this Christmas and New Year set your own fashion standards with the aforementioned ideas as your underprop and strut your way through a warm and happy New Year.

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Written by Prachi Bora

Born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam, I have always been galvanized towards a diverse and dynamic career. My interests expand across fields like writing, finance, marketing and public speaking. As a life science student, my favourite genre of writing has to be health and wellness.
Besides, to ensure personal growth everyday, I jot down one lesson each day had to teach me.

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