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Why Cotton Dhotis Always Make A Winning Clothing Choice?

Why Cotton Dhoties Will Always Make A Winning Choice

Dhoti is an Indian traditional wear known with different names in various parts of the country. In the event that you at any point see photos of Indian men, during and long before the autonomy period, you will observe a large number of them wearing a dhoti dress with a kurta.

In the earlier ages, dhoti used to be an easygoing everyday wear for Indian men. Be that as it may, with modernization of our general public, it consistently consigned to being simply a formal clothing in India.

However, there are still individuals particularly in the belts where dhoti is regarded as the standard clothing. 

A cotton dhoti is a rectangular piece of unstitched material around five yards in size . Since a long time, it is wrapped with regards to the midsection and the legs and tied at the midriff.

It is known by various names like Laacha in Punjabi, Mundu in Malayalam, Dhuti in Bengali, Veshti in Tamil, Pancha in Telugu, Dhotar in Marathi and Panche in Kannada.

In north India, Dhoti is worn with a kurta top, a long baggy shirt. This dhoti dress is not the same as a lungi as the fabric in Dhoti is sewed to frame a circle. It is one of the oldest garments worn by Indian men. 

Origin and History of Dhoti:

Origin and History of Dhoti

The word ‘Dhoti’ is acquired from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhauti‘ which means ‘to scrub’ or ‘to wash’. It is generally intended to wear as a normal ordinary clothing. Hence, it is considered as a ‘purged’ day by day wear in India. It developed from the old Indian piece of clothing called the ‘Antariya‘ which is an article of clothing worn by the gods in Ramayana and Mahabharata

The conventional Indian cotton dhotis are normally made of a white cotton textured cloth. Indeed, even today, numerous men in certain parts of India, wear dhoti as their ordinary clothing. 

Very much like the assorted societies in India, dhoti has its own variations across different states and towns of India. The essential standard continues to be what it was before, yet, there are minor varieties as per the practices of the individual spots.

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Why you should wear a dhoti?

Why you should wear a dhoti?

Although, the justification for why individuals wear a dhoti relies upon their own decision, yet, individuals in India generally wear dhotis for two fundamental reasons;

Number one: It feels more comfortable. Being lightweight and fine, it is an ideal clothing for warm environment in India. The way of wearing it makes it very comfortable as it doesn’t stick to the legs and gives loads of ‘ventilation’ to your body.

Number two: Individuals wear it as a statement piece.  Presumably, it is a profoundly comfortable base wear, however, it also makes you look stylish and sleek. Pair it up with a decent kurta or a shirt and you’re prepared to parade in style.

Style Statement:

Style Statement:

This piece of clothing is essentially available in tones of white or cream. The material can either be cotton or silk, though cotton is widely preferred.

In many districts of the south, it is, for the most part, made utilizing a thin golden border. This makes it seem a little extravagant and more modern. Most of the time, a five yard long segment of fabric is utilized to make this piece of clothing.

Roughly, five metres are utilized to create this garment by the southern standards. The way of wearing also varies in each land. In different parts of India, it is generally worn in ‘pant style’ and not like the ones worn in the southern districts.

The ends of the cloth are used to drape the legs individually one more time. One end of the cloth runs between the legs and then tucked at the back while the other one is gathered together in pleats and then tucked at the belly to function as pants or trousers.

Modern Influence:

Modern Influence

Throughout history for an undefined time frame, individuals in India have been impacted by western clothing and customs. As a consequence, Western culture assimilated beautifully with Indian culture and was accepted by Indians. This shift in culture made people reserve this particular clothing mainly as a home wear.

This cultural shift prompted the designers to think about ways to make the garment more stylish to be accepted as a daily wear. This modern influence opened up a wide range of design and colour choices available for this particular garment.

Back in time, we only had cotton dhotis in tones of cream or whites, but in the northern parts the options were more colorful and vibrant.

Nowadays, not only is there an influence in the colors at every corner of the country, you can also buy pure cotton dhotis online from the online market that opened just to increase the accessibility of this clothing to people around the world.

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Occasional Wear:

Occasional Wear dhoti

Dhotis are generally worn during a celebration, like a wedding or in prayer ceremonies. In most south Indian weddings, dhoti is a significant piece of men’s wear. Most government officials wear it as it has grabbed the honour of a conventional ‘office wear’ for ministers and government officials. Indian priests and those frequenting the temples also prefer wearing dhotis as their standard choice of clothing.

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Dhoti is one such garment that can be worn at any time and season. People usually wear it on auspicious occasions like weddings or religious ceremonies to enhance their look. Dhoti is a vital part of Indian culture and still preserves the authenticity to be regarded as a formal attire for all kinds of traditional ceremonies.

The ordinary dhoti is conventional, exquisite and elegant simultaneously. It is viewed as a symbol of prestigious Indian culture. When worn, it brings a quality of respect showcasing an adherence to local norms while also adding a customary feel to its outward appearance.

Dhoti has remained a favoured clothing choice among Indian men for an extremely long period particularly in the southern part of India and there’s no reason you should disregard this essential clothing that makes a great addition to any ethnic look.

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