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Raw Mango: Beauty lies in imperfections!

Raw Mango draws from the tones, cultures, and philosophies of India to make a one-of-a-kind voice, addressing the spot and viewpoint through the design. Raw Mango’s relationship with handloom started in 2008 as an examination of potential outcomes. As a design house, it keeps on making new discussions in material, culture, and legislative issues through a scope of saris, pieces of clothing, and items.

Moreover, Made with karigars across Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Varanasi, Raw Mango’s design develops upon exceptionally old abilities, in the quest for characterizing another tasteful jargon.

The Beginning of a New Journey

Sanjay Garg, the founder of Raw Mango always believes in the art of minimalism. In one of his interviews, he talks about how he got the chance to show Jaya Jaitley a portion of his designs and she truly loved them. Yet, when he returned it to his weavers, they weren’t too certain that it would be acknowledged.

Additionally, he says that they didn’t have the money to put resources into that assortment. In this way, he acquired Rs.90,000 from his dad and got them made. His first show saw everything being sold out. Incredible, right?

Moreover, he adds on by saying that when the stall opened, one individual needed to purchase everything. After that, he made a bigger offer thinking that the man would refuse and leave. Yet, the nobleman consented to that cost and got it in any case. This is how the journey of Raw Mango began.

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All along, the plan was intended for the elite. Yet, he and his group guaranteed that the weavers got something for their incredible work. Taking everything into account, it originates from Sanjay’s conviction that ‘Beauty lies in imperfections’. So, he found that ‘Raw Mango’ was the ideal illustration for this wonder.

Sanjay’s Perception of Fashion Shows

Raw Mango is all about making sarees, dupattas, stoles, and textures. The experimentation with Chanderi weavers has been successful. Along these lines, Sanjay is trying to make the Benarasi and Ikat collections a great hit.

Also, Indian culture has a lot of components and so does its craft. One can experiment a lot and curate a masterpiece out of it.

In all, Sanjay says he prefers to produce quality products and not just sell glamour. Moreover, He believes that it’s horrendously offending to the weavers. So, he doesn’t believe in advertising his brand through fashion stores rather he sells to high-end stores directly.

Well, this is something praise-worthy especially in a world where brands are competing to get the best advertising mediums as a part of their communication link.

Special Projects of Raw Mango

After knowing the brand and its journey, it’s time to see their exclusive work. Let’s start by some of the special projects by Raw Mango.

1. Objects


This project is a selection of some very rare limited edition objects, each one celebrates Raw Mango. The utilization of material, strategy, and structure gives a further understanding of its extensive style.

Also, every item is designed and made with love and precision. The objects are something different and they tell a story, further adding an innovative touch. Some of the objects are Jehangir and Nahar. You can check out others on their website.

2. Sounds of Raw Mango

Sounds of Raw Mango

‘Sounds of Raw Mango’: Characterizing music is pretty much as emotional as the actual sound. Regardless of whether through chorale or solo, words or articulations, joined by instruments or accapella, its different classifications and articulations are boundless.

Through ‘Ghar’, they reconsider the different sounds which shout home no matter how far you are.

3. Mothers & Daughters

Mothers & Daughters

This beautiful project is a progression of photos captured by Shovan Gandhi as a component of an assortment of flipbooks, shared digitally into short clasps. Impressions, expectations, and recollections surface among moms and their little girls.

Moreover, this bond is reflected through the amazing and beautiful sari collections. One should definitely check this out.

Collections of Raw Mango


Collections of Raw Mango

Sanjay Garg belongs to Rajasthan. So, this collection is quite special to him and brings back all those nostalgic memories of his childhood.

Rajasthan catches the hearts of many, on occasion maybe a visual equivalent for India. Its spirit nonetheless, lives inside those local to its lesser-known traditions and reasons for living with one such story of an everlasting adoration among Moomal and Mahendra.

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Strong in both tone and mix, Rajasthan’s assortment of layers live across shadings, materials, and themes; jade green and white Rajasthani poshaks, rani pink accumulated lehengas, and desert orange cholis.

Also, the peacock, a focal theme, moves in the midst of realistic lines of material and weaving. Deciphered from people the peacock draws from oral customs, the two its design and language address the significance of this style, one unstudied yet critical.



A wild cluster of lime, rani, rama green, and orange become the overwhelming focus in ‘Radha’, a light and fun-loving assortment of spring Chanderi saris. A significant marker of culture and convention, our endless love of shading discovers its supplement in the city of Vrindavan, the focal point of famous Holi festivities.



‘Shamiana’ is a collection of timeless saris bringing out recollections of party and delight. The assortment is a festival of shading and exemplary themes on silks from Varanasi and Chanderi.

This article features Raw Mango’s journey, its collections, and projects. If you are really intrigued to explore their designs, surf their website. You might get a view of the artistic expression of the artisans.

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Written by Rohith Sai Stambamkadi

Rohith Sai Narayan Stambamkadi is a law graduate from the Birla School of Law and the founder of Indian Forum for Public DIplomacy (IFPD) and loves writing about Indian culture and lifestyle. He is a keen enthusiast of authentic ideas and an advocate of factual informative content. He writes well-researched articles on ethnic lifestyle and festivals celebrated in our country.

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