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10 Yoga Asanas To Get Rid Of Back Pain By Ira Trivedi

Yoga Asanas For Back Pain

The pandemic and the resulting work-from-home lifestyle has caused too many adverse consequences in our lives, back pain for instance.

It has made so many of us lazy and even ruined our standards of good posture. Now, we rarely sit with our backs straight. Nor do we make any attempt to enhance our posture.

All we do is stare at the screens all day, slouching forwards, both our necks and backs suffering the impact of these habits.

Back discomfort is caused by such bad habits. A sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise also cause back discomfort. Yoga asanas can be super helpful in getting rid of back pain.

These asanas not only strengthen your back muscles but also improve flexibility and blood circulation to the nerves and spine.

So, here are some easy yoga asanas you can practice for back pain relief.

10 Yoga Poses For Relief From Back Pain:

1. Marjariasana (Cat-Cow stretch) 

Marjariasana (Cat-Cow stretch)

Get down on your knees and your palms. Keep your palms shoulder-width apart and your knees hip-width apart. 

Inhale, raising your chin up as you tilt your head backwards. At the same time, lower your spine so it curves inwards towards keeps the belly tucked in (in a concave shape).

Maintain this position for a few seconds.

Exhale, lowering your chin, and your back arching upwards. Hold for some time and release.

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2. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog Pose)

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog Pose)

Come on your hands and your knees. Keep your knees directly below your hips and hands a little in front of the shoulders. 

Lift your knees from the ground, making the legs straight and pushing your hips upwards and back. Keep your arms straight and place the palms flat on the ground.

Keep your head between the arms with your palms resting on the floor.

Bend your back to form an inverted V-shape. 

Breathe deeply and maintain this position for a few moments before releasing the body.

3. Salamba Bhujangasana (Sphinx Pose)

Salamba Bhujangasana (Sphinx Pose)

Lie face down on your stomach with your arms on either side of the body.

Placing your forearms on the floor parallel to each other and push the pelvis towards the ground and raise the chest.

Tilt your head backward slightly. This helps elongate your spine and create some length in your back.

4. Ardha Shalabhasana (Locust Pose)

Ardha Shalabhasana (Locust Pose)

Lie face down on your stomach with your arms on either sides of the body. Slide your left and right hand under the left and right hip respectively for traction.

Inhale and lift your right leg pointing your right foot towards the ceiling as high as possible.

Keeping the abdomen firmly rested on the ground, inhale and exhale deeply till the time you feel comfortable. Exhale and then rest.

Repeat on the other side.

5. Matsya Kridasana (Flapping Fish Pose)

Matsya Kridasana (Flapping Fish Pose)

Lie down on your stomach. Interlock your fingers to create a pillow for support, and rest the right cheek gently on your hands.

Bring your left knee up toward your elbow and shift the position of your hands, pulling the elbow closer to the knee. 

Relax and breathe. Repeat on the other side.

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6. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Lie flat on your stomach, face down. Place your palms on the floor beside your rib cage. 

Press your hands against the floor, inhaling deeply as you lift your upper body (that is, your head, neck, shoulders, and upper chest) off the ground. 

Keep your breathing normal and steady. Hold this position for 30 seconds. 

7. Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Begin with your body in kneeling pose with your feet tucked beneath your body on the floor. Inhaling deeply, bring your forehead to the ground.

Keep your arms straight lying on either side of the body. Breathe deeply.

Bringing your right arm underneath your left shoulder and look to your right fingers. Repeat on the other side.

8. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Stand with your feet wide apart. Inhale and stretch both your arms outwards on either sides and your palms parallel to the floor.

While exhaling, extend and bend on your right side, and bring your right hand towards the right foot. Your left arm should be stretched straight towards the sky.

Hold for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat the steps on the other side. 

9. Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

Lying on your back, bend both your knees and place your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Rest your arms on the sides of the body with your palms facing downwards.

Inhale, with your feet pressing against the floor and lifting the hips up. Bring your hands onto your lower back for support if you wish.

Stay in this position for 10 seconds and continue to breathe. Exhale and come down.

Start by holding this asana for ten seconds. Lower your body down to the floor, rest for a few breaths, and then repeat the steps again.

10. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Lord of the Fishes Pose)

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Lord of the Fishes Pose)

Sit with your legs straight and stretched out in the front. Bending your right knee, bring your right foot on the outside of the left thigh.

Inhale and twist to the right bringing your left arm by your right leg. Place your right hand on the floor behind you and gaze over your right shoulder.

As you inhale, straighten your spine, and exhale, twist even further.

Repeat on the other side.


Back discomfort is a very frequent complaint, particularly among those who live sedentary lifestyles. Yoga, through a special combination of mental and physical exercises can assist to relax and strengthen the body while also calming the mind.

All this makes yoga a wonderful remedy for back pain. So make yoga a daily practice and say goodbye to that sedentary lifestyle you’ve been following.

You’ll find quick relief from dreadful back pain that goes away with the help of this natural remedy.

Incorporate these exercises in your daily yoga practice and lead a healthy, pain free lifestyle.

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Written by Ira Trivedi

Ira Trivedi is a celebrity influencer and an author of a few international best-sellers. She is touted as one of India's modern age yoginis with her own original on Disney+ Hotstar, television shows on Doordarshan, and India TV, she has been spreading the love for yoga all around the world. She is the founder of Yog Love where along with our physical studios, we have established a new virtual studio and have celebrities, nutritionists, wellness enthusiasts, and students from 13 countries practicing with us every day.

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    In ur article u need to focus towards many point that if any one suffering from back pain then first thing is that which type (types- gap reducing, gap producing, bulging, herniation, loss of lodosis, kyphosis, sciatia ,degenrative disc )of back pain , every particular type having different sequence of asana .
    Patient perform asana according to deformitiy , holding it particular time fram then only physiological effect will start coming over body

    I suggest u write article according to type of deformities and its sequence which will helpful alot

    Thank u

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