Transgender community in India: NGO’s working for them!

Transgender community in India

The Transgender Communities or the LGBTQIA+ Communities have been suffering oppression from the society for a very long time.

It’s because of these NGO’s that people are starting to respect this community. Also, these organizations promote sex education and educate people about the same.

So, let’s know about the NGO’s in India which are working for the transgender community.

1) Sahodari Foundation

Sahodari Foundation is a pioneer association in India which has been voicing for transsexual and non binary community of India since 2007.

The association is a family, a movement, and a group of youthful transsexual individuals that was established by artist, transgender rights activist, and writer Kalki Subramaniam.

This foundation registered in 2008 doesn’t have a standard association structure. Instead, they work as per the need.

They have finished 12 years and have been dynamic in supporting and educating people about transgender rights in India.

Since 2012, their attention was on legal acknowledgment and they campaigned in numerous spots in India.

Since 2017, their motive is to empower transgender individuals on every aspect.

Main Objectives of Sahodari Foundation –

Main Objectives of Sahodari Foundation
  • Promoting social, political, and monetary equality and campaign for civil and lawful rights of intersex and transgender individuals.
  • Working to set up friendly, economic, and environmental equity for transsexuals, intersex and gender non-affirming individuals.
  • Also, erode oppression and prohibition dependent on such factors as race, nationality, sex, class, religion, legitimate status, age and sexual orientation.
  • To stop discrimination dependent on gender identity and guarantee that the whole scope of transgender and intersex individuals are ensured.

Awards and Recognition –

The association has gotten numerous honors for its contribution towards the society. Sahodari invites funders to help their project activities.

Presently, their work is upheld through little donations from companions and well wishers.

2) Udaan Trust

Udaan Trust is an Indian non-government association working in the territory of Maharashtra.

It is the first HIV/AIDS association established by gay people living with HIV/AIDS.

Udaan centers around issues of sexual well-being inside the gay and transsexual networks, especially as to the counteraction of HIV/AIDS.

To achieve this, Udaan offers types of assistance like condom dispersion, sex education, guiding, and clinical benefits to in danger populations.

Udaan likewise endeavors to build consciousness of issues relating tho the LGBT community and individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

The association doesn’t only offer types of assistance to these people but it is intended to mirror their inclinations.

Also, this is primarily because Udaan employs TG, MSM, and PLHA individuals (men who engage in sexual relations with men, transsexual, and individuals living with HIV/AIDS, respectively).

Every one of the six individuals from the Board of Directors is an individual living with HIV.

Moreover, Udaan is supported through donations, and takes care of an organization of an expected 1500 individuals living with HIV.

It has workplaces in Pune, Mumbai, Thane Locale, Jalgaon, Raigad Area, Ahmednagar and Nashik.

Udaan works inside the structure given by Avert Society, a joint undertaking of the U.S. and Indian government.

It was among various comparative associations censured as ineffectual by India’s National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) in June 2011.

3) Gay Bombay

Gay Bombay (shortened to GB) is a LGBT social association in Mumbai, India, established in 1998 which speaks about LGBT rights.

The association attempts to make a consciousness of gay rights through workshops, film screenings and parties. The association means to make a protected space for the LGBTQ community.

Moreover, It is one of Mumbai’s longest-running gay support communities, which has been facilitating gatherings in various clubs since 2000.

Gay Bombay coordinates different LGBT occasions like –

Dance parties, picnics, film celebrations, film screening, guardians meeting, trekking, cooking, speed-dating early lunches, counseling sessions, meet-ups, social affairs and conversation on subjects like HIV/AIDS and relationships.

In July 2009, Gay Bombay coordinated a gathering to commend the Delhi High Court’s decision of de-condemning homosexuality in India.

In 2008, the Queer Media Collective Awards was begun by Gay Bombay to recognize and respect the media’s help of the LGBTQIA+ movements in India.

Also, It arranges a talent show each year, Gay Bombay Talent Show, to give a stage to LGBT entertainers/artists.

In May 2017, Dominic D’Souza was honored by Gay Bombay. He is India’s first AIDS activist. It was by showing a short film on Positive People, a NGO established by D’Souza.

4) Sappho For Equality

Sappho For Equality

Set up in October 2003, Sappho for Equality is the only enlisted association in Eastern India that works for the rights and social equity of transmen (female to male transpersons) and social marginalized women.

It extraordinarily attempts to make the cis gender society an ally of the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Important elements of Sappho for Equality

Vision: A general society liberated from sexuality-based segregation’s, where privileges of the sexual minorities will be guaranteed.

Mission: To address the issues of female to male trans persons in society and sexually marginalized women.

Ideology: To problematize the current thought of a sexual ‘mainstream’ as opposed to a ‘margin’.

Politics: To go past identity-based politics to a politics of viewpoint.

Also, to give a stage regardless of sexual orientation and gender to people who question the coordinated activities of hetero-sexism, homophobia, and both hetero and homo-normative.

Activities: Sappho for Equality works with a three pronged methodology –

i) Empowering the community.

ii) Addressing general common society and systems administration with different gatherings/associations.

iii) State-bound or lobby/advocacy with the State.

5) The Humsafar Trust

The Humsafar Trust (HST) was established in April 1994 by reputed journalist Ashok Column Kavi, to contact LGBTQ groups in Mumbai Metro and encompassing territories.

After much advocacy and networking with the Mumbai Municipal Corporation it turned into the first openly Gay Communities Based Association to be assigned space in a Municipal building in Mumbai.

The Trust started its workflow by welcoming gay men and lesbian ladies to go to its workshops on Fridays at its drop-in focus.

The drop-in center saw different workshops on issues of HIV/Helps and common liberties of LGBTQ.

It became obvious that the trust should work forcefully on the well-being and basic freedoms of the local area.

Over the most recent twenty years, the effort program has contacted in excess of 110,000 Gay, Men engaging in sexual relations with Men and Transsexual.

And appropriated more than 700,000 condoms consistently at in excess of 129 actual locales in Mumbai and almost 40000 HIV tests and 70000 STIs screened and medicines provided.

Also, this organization contacts more than 10,000 gay men and men who have intercourse with men and transsexual networks each year through its web-based media and online effort programs.

HST Workflow

HST Workflow collaborates with general well-being conveyance frameworks of Mumbai like LTMG, Nair, KEM and JJ Clinics.

In house, centers stay open five days per week with three qualified Specialists and two Lab Experts taking care of customers.

Also, A clinical psychologist works all day alongside a group of 4 local area guides and 2 well-being facilitators and a nutritionist chipping away at the program giving wholesome advising help.

HST arranges advocacy workshops for medical care providers, law enforcement offices, legal executive, lawmakers, legislators and political parties, government bodies, media and student communities to educate them on Gay, MSM and TG issues.

Moreover, it has sustained care groups YAARIYAN for youthful LGBTQ, UMANG for LBT people and SANJEEVANI for people living with HIV.

HST additionally offers legitimate help, emergency the board, emotional well-being and nourishment directing to its communities.

These organizations are working towards a noble cause, so it’s your duty to support them and raise your voice against oppression of LGBTQIA+ Communities.

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