Top Places To Eat In Ahmedabad

Gujarat’s largest city and India’s first UNESCO heritage city, Ahmedabad is known for its rich culture and historical architecture. While most people associate Ahmedabad with dokhlas, khakhras, and fafdas, there’s a lot more that the city offers. Here is a list of top places to eat in Ahmedabad that you should try in Ahmedabad.

1. Bogarosa

Bogarosa -best restaurants in ahmedabad

The ambiance of the place is what will grab your attention right when you walk in; it is set along the lines of rose and bougainvillea, two flowers that come together to make the name ‘Bogarosa.’  To add to that, the menu is also super creative to look at and offers mini plates and tummy fillers separately. All items are moderately priced, which makes this a good place for small parties or to hang out with friends. Afghani spiced paneer and cheese loaded fries are top-notch!  They tweak the food presentation, which is a plus point.

Where- Opposite Rajpath Club, SG Highway

2. The Project Café

The Project Café-best restaurants in ahmedabad

The interior of the café is in stark contrast to the busy road where it is located. The color combination is excellent, and the décor is very quirky. It is a peaceful place and is known for hosting any meetings, workshops, etc. The egg and cheese sandwich and stuffed mushrooms are the stars of this café. They serve one of the best cheesecakes in the city. They also have a stunning premises decorated by boughs of colorful flowers. The place is value for money, and you can enjoy a quick bite with your friends here.

PS- they are a strict no-no for professional DSLR cameras.

Where- Ambavadi

3. Mocha

Mocha best restaurants in ahmedabad

Having multiple branches over the city, Mocha is one of the most well-known restaurants in Ahmedabad. You will be forced to visit it over and over again because of the dishes on the menu. They also hold open mics and other such events. The interior is divided into a duplex structure and can house at least 50 people at once. The six spice chicken wings and hands down the best you would have ever, ever had! Ferrero Rocher pastry and chocolate pyramid are the most loved desserts from Mocha. The craze of the place is such that there is a heavy waiting line almost every day of the weekend.

Where- Multiple locations.

4. Poetry

Service and ambiance of the place are a straight up 5 star! The food is filled with flavor and the presentation is bang on. Customers have specifically mentioned Palate Pleaser and Nachos as the most delicious dishes on the menu. The interiors are aesthetic and are designed, keeping every little detail in mind. To add to this, the crockery in which they present the food is quite distinct. The fantastic food is accompanied by live music to make your dining experience better.

Where- Sindhu Bhawan Road

5. Saffron

Saffron has branches all over Ahmedabad, including Gurukul, CG Road, and SG Highway, so you can try whichever is nearest to you. The food served is mainly North-Indian and tastes great! They also have an ‘unlimited’ menu priced at only Rs. 400/- (on weekends) and Rs. 375/- on weekdays. To be honest, it is the best! Starting with soups and starters, the menu has at least 15 items more. Remember to book a table in advance because the restaurant holds waiting almost every day. The service is prompt, and the staff is very polite. Recommended for a lunch/dinner with family.

Where- Multiple locations

6. Ph se Food

The ambiance and interior design of the place are as quirky as its name. The owner often comes down the restaurants and talks to customers about their experience, and that’s amazing! Starting with the food, the menu is extensive and super creative. The staff also responds politely when asked about a particular dish on the menu. However, they do not serve lunch after 3 PM. The vegetable eclairs in cheesy twist sauce will make you want to lick it off the plate! The pizzas are thin crust and have a generous serving of cheese. Though the item is not mentioned in the menu, their chocolate golpappa shots are amazing!

Where- Sindhu Bhawan Road

7. How Does It Matter

This is one of the best places where you can go for treating your taste-buds to some delicious food. The area has a vast glass cover and overlooks a football field, which makes the ambiance all the more attractive. The food menu is extensive is value for money. They serve vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Their specialties include chicken nacho bowl and skillet grilled sicilian lamb. The service is quick, and the staff is polite. They even try to suggest to you what dishes you can try based on your preferences. The deconstructed black forest for dessert has been recommended by many.

Where- Sindhu Bhavan Road.

8. MoMo Café

A part of courtyard Marriot, MoMo café is one of the best you should try if you are looking for luxury dining. The food is top quality, and we vouch for it! It is expensive, but you will not regret spending on food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available at 06:30 AM to 10 AM, 12:30 PM to 4 PM, 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM respectively. The staff is courteous and specialized in the art of cooking.

Customers have mentioned explicitly that the desserts here are to die for!  The presentation of food has taken the hearts of many customers.

Where- Satellite Road, Ramdev Nagar.

9. @Mango

Customers have called this one of the most romantic places in Ahmedabad. They offer multiple dining options inside as well as outside. The quantity and quality of the food here is amazing. The Ratatouille cigar and spinach cheese ravioli are a must try. Their “try the world” and ‘casseroles and stews” part of the menu will make you salivate! Live music on Friday nights adds to the beauty of your dining experience. Though this falls on the expensive side of the spectrum, it is a must visit at least once. They charge extra for candlelight dinners, and you have to book it in advance.

Where- Bodakdev

Now you know where to go to for a delicious meal in Ahmedabad. Bon Appetit!

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