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TRAVEL GUIDE- MUMBAI! Must know things before you visit

Heads Up is our new series of ‘What to Expect’ when you’re visiting India. It will give you a Heads Up on what to do to ensure your trip is hassle free! The list will also help you make the most of your time here.

 Read on the find out ‘What To Know’ before visiting the City of Dreams- Mumbai.

The Locals

mumbai local train

The pride of Mumbai are its local trains . You can travel from one end of the city to another at dirt cheap prices and in limited time frames thanks to the Mumbai locals. Else, with the amount of people residing in Bombay and traveling everyday- you could get stuck for hours in traffic. The locals provide you with the option of reaching quickly and avoiding vehicle traffic altogether!

Heads Up! Due to the time saving benefits the local trains offer, many Mumbaikars (people of Mumbai) choose trains as their everyday commute. Thus, while you may be able to avoid vehicle traffic, you will still face a lot of human traffic. The trains are crowded, especially during peak office hours and you may not even have space to stand. One way out of this is opting for a First Class ticket; while it may not be an empty bogey, you still may be lucky enough to find a place to sit.

The Crowd

mumbai local train crowd

Since Mumbai is called the City of Dreams, everyday hundreds of people head over to this city to try and find livelihood. Thus, the city is immensely populated. You will find yourself getting lost in crowds as well as going ballistic with the noise levels here. But it’s normal. It all adds to the charm of the city.

Heads Up! Be prepared to be pushed around by people sometimes. You will notice that everyone in this city is rushing to be somewhere and hence may forget to excuse themselves politely. Take it with a pinch of salt and ignore the lack of etiquette*laughs*!

The Street Shopping

street shopping in mumbai
Colaba Causeway

A lot of Indian metropolitan states are known for their street shopping options but Mumbai is home to some of the biggest street markets in the entire country. Colaba Causeway and Hill Road in Bandra are every shopaholic’s paradise. You can find the latest clothes, jewellery, footwear and a lot more fashion related items in these markets and that too at throwaway prices!

Heads Up! None of the prices of the items are fixed. You can (and should!) bargain your heart out. The items may already seem reasonable but sometimes sellers may think of looting you by quoting higher prices. So make sure you negotiate and bargain till you get a good deal. You could start at half the price quoted by the seller and then work your way to the final price. Some shops claim to have fixed prices but you can still try negotiating. If they don’t budge, don’t be disheartened; you can move on to other shops as most shops have similar items and you may just find your selected item at a cheaper rate in another shop.

The Weather

Climate of Mumbai
Mumbai Monsoons

The weather in Mumbai is extreme. Either it is boiling hot or pouring cats and dogs. Mumbaikars love the monsoon months from June to September.During winter it is pleasantly cool. But mainly the weather is hot and humid and you could get seriously tanned and sun burned on your trip to Mumbai.

Heads Up! Make sure you carry sunscreen and an umbrella if your skin is sensitive to strong sun rays. Carry wet wipes and hydrating beverages to keep your body cool throughout the day. That way you will be able to make the most of your trip too!

The Must Visits

heritage sites in mumbai

A quick Google search will give you a plethora of places to visit in Mumbai. From museums to historical locations to iconic spots to celebrity houses, Mumbai has everything! You will never run out of spots to visit and things to do in Mumbai.

Heads Up! Do your research. It is almost impossible to cover everything Mumbai has to offer in one or two visits. So based on your preferences, shortlist a few favourite places and visit them properly. Mumbai has city tour bus facilities that will give you tours of the famous places in a day or two- you could opt for those for an overall view of the city. You can then pick and choose your most liked spots and then explore them well!

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The Artistic Spots

Places for Arts in Mumbai

Bombay has a bunch of artistic places that will bring out the photographer in you. Places in Bandra West and Sasoon Docks are among the famous spots to find some really cool wall graffiti. If you’re an art enthusiast, head out early in the day with your camera and capture some amazing art along your way!

Heads Up! Artistic spots do not online include wall art. Places like Chor Bazaar and Crawfort Street and Flora Fountain are also extremely pretty and aesthetic to visit.

Marine Drive

You cannot leave Mumbai without visiting the Queens Necklace! Marine Drive is a must do for all Mumbai visitors. You can go jogging along the sea or sit down by the water and enjoy a hot cup of tea, either way, the location will make you feel both a sense of fulfilment and purpose at the same time.

Heads Up! Marine Drive has a different vibe in the morning and during night. During nights, the place is lit up and from above looks like a Necklace ; hence the name Queens Necklace.  We recommend trying to visit during day and night, if you have the time. The feeling at both times is unparalleled and you won’t regret it!

So, looks like you have almost everything covered! Remember these little notes on What To Know while visiting Bombay and you will be just fine. There will always be some unexpected occurrences on your trip, embrace them too- everything becomes a memory in the end!

Hope the Mumbai travel guide was helpful and would prepare you for the trip better. Read more Travel guides about other places in India on YehHaiIndia .

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