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Best Places in Delhi for Budget Shopping

There’s a popular perception that shopping is every girls’ favourite hobby. And let me tell you, they’re not wrong! There is nothing like too much shopping. While malls are easy to go to, they definitely weigh heavy on pockets, and let’s face it- month end bhi koi cheez hoti hai!

Delhi is one of the places that is always up to date with the latest fashion trends. So, we present to you Delhi’s top places for street shopping so that you can stock up the latest trends for this summer.

1. Paalika Bazar

Paalika Bazar - Best Places in Delhi for Budget Shopping

This underground market is heaven for you if you are into video games and consoles. You can easily find latest Xbox and play station games in this market. Apart from this, a variety of electronic items are also available here.

This is an air-conditioned market, so Dilli ki garmi should not be that big a problem. Other things that are available here are clothes, accessories, glasses, footwear, etc. There’s more than 300 shops in this market, so if you have the ability to bargain, then you can actually get whatever you want without shelling out huge bucks. 

All of this sounds great, but just be careful of shopkeepers selling perfumes at throwaway prices, and also fake designer watches, pornographic material, and some other illegal things. Don’t fall prey to low prices and end up buying poor quality stuff!

Nearest metro stations– Rajiv Chowk.
Time to visit– 10 AM to 7 PM.
Closed on- Monday.

2. Lajpat Nagar

Lajpat Nagar - Best Places in Delhi for Budget Shopping

The central market of Lajpat Nagar is an interesting combination of clothes, household items, and the very famous Dolma Aunty ke Momos! The market is up during Diwali and Christmas, and is a sight to behold.

Right from clothes, to household items including cushions, cushion covers, medicines, decorative items, you get everything here! The only drawback is that this market is slightly upscale, meaning here you can’t say aise nahi chalta bhaiya, 100 rupay ke do dedo! But again, if you bargain hard enough, anything is achievable!

This market offers a variety of food as well, from chat to momos to biryani. Indian style kurtis and salwar kameez dominate the market even though now there are new shops sprouting that also sell western wear, shoes, purses, etc. If you roam around enough, you will be able to find this one shop that sells absolutely stunning lanterns, dream-catchers, and all things shiny! This market also has a newly opened Miniso store, by the way!

Closest metro station– Lajpat nagar.
Time to visit- 10 AM- 9 PM.
Closed on– Monday.

3. Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar - Best Places in Delhi for Budget Shopping

Even if you are not a Delhitie, you obviously know this super famous market! This is the place where fashion reaches the fastest, so if you want to grab the latest “what’s in”, then head here!

Jumpsuits, denims, boots, dresses, there’s nothing that you can’t find here.  And to  be honest, this market offers everything at throwaway prices. LITERALLY. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to bargain! There are tops starting from as low as INR 50, that can range up to INR 300- INR 350. Clothes, bags, cutlery, shoes, lingerie, home décor– that’s what we mean when we say there’s something for everyone and every season!

As if this wasn’t enough, you can also rent clothes from this market for stage performances, weddings, etc. Talking of footwear– the variety here is to die for! You can easily get a pair of flats for INR 100- INR 150. And thigh high boots starting INR 750. Accessories, soft toys, ceramic mugs, keychains are some other things that you can get here.

Closest metro station– INA.
Time to visit– 11 AM- 8 PM.
Closed on– Monday.

4. Chandni Chowk

The lanes of Old Delhi are the best for shopping if a wedding is on the cards. From designer lehengas, to sarees, to artificial  jewellery, this market will make you shaadi ready at a budget friendly rate.

The narrow lanes will guide you through the gems of Purani Dilli and flood your heart with colours and warmth. The market is famous for bridal wear, lehengas, designer suits and sarees, laces, etc. Semi-precious jewellery, books, dress material are some other things that you will find in this treasure.

While the rest of the city has advanced, this area has managed to retain the purana charm. While you are here, don’t forget enjoy the delicious parathas and lassi at the parathe wali gali! Nayi Sadak is the best place to buy books for competitive exams (new or second-hand) and stationery, including colors, pain-brushes, notebooks, etc. If you want to buy silver jewellery, then head to Dariba Kalan for its ancient silver market.

Closest metro station– Chandni chowk.
Time to visit– 11 AM- 9 PM.
Closed on– Sunday.

5. Karol Bagh

One of the oldest markets in Delhi, this place offers a combination of stores as well as street market. This market extends till Ajmal Khan Road, and has over 150 stores excluding roadside shops. T

here is a wide range of attractive Indian and western clothing, and the goods are available as per seasons. Towards Ajmal Kahn Road, you will also find toys, stickers, accessories and luggage bags, etc.

Though the market  houses many stores, the road side ones are more preferred because you can bargain like hell! This market also offers gadgets and books- and that is the best thing here; the market is not only limited to clothes. Home furnishings are also available here. The place gets a little crowded during weekends and evenings- but then again, nothing should stop you from shopping! While you are here, do remember to visit Roshan di Kulfi, Art of Spices, or Karim’s to treat your taste buds to amazing food.

Closest metro station- Karol bagh.
Time to visit- 11 AM- 10 PM.
Closed on– Monday.

6. Janpat

Janpat - Best Places in Delhi for Budget Shopping

Also known as Tibetian market, this place is located in the heart of Delhi- Connaught Place. This is famous of imitation jewellery and trendy clothes.

From kurtis, to t-shirts to jackets; you will find it hard to leave the place because there’s just so much that you want to take back home! There is a wide variety of clothes and the latest fads.

As you enter the Janpath market, you will be introduced to a road flanked with shops on both sides loaded with clothes and accessories and among this is a shop that only sells jhumkas– and believe me, each pattern is unique! You have to bargain your way through the market to get the best of Janpath.  A store called 1496 in Janpath partnered with Imtiaz Ali & Ranbir Kapoor to do exclusive merchandising for the movies Highway and Rockstar. You can definitely give it a visit for quirky tees and artefacts.

Nearest metro station– Janpath.
Time to visit– 11 AM- 8 PM.
Closed on– Sunday.

Use your skills, bargain till your last breath, and shop till you drop!

Note- In view of CONVID-19, we urge all our readers to bookmark our article. Please remember to visit these markets when the danger of Corona virus is over. Safety over everything!

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