Are Medical And Engineering The Only Respected Career Options? Think Again!

How It Was

The youth of India has grown up hearing statements such as “If you’re a boy, you must become an engineer.” And “If you’re a girl, you must become a doctor.” Millennials today have been brought up to believe that these are the only two respectable careers one can choose. But thanks to changes in mind sets of people over the years, this is not the case today.

Don’t get us wrong, engineering & medical are among the most important & demanded fields, without which many of our progresses would be stopped. All the latest technologies of today are only possible due to significant growth in engineering, & we’re arriving at treatments of many previously untreatable & deadly diseases only because of the exponential growth in medical sciences. Both these developments have greatly contributed to the growth of our nation. But the problem is not within engineering or medical fields per se. The problem lies with the fact that whether a student has the talent in the fields or not, a majority of them in India are taking either engineering or medical as their careers.

It is not possible for a majority of students to be inclined towards these two fields. And it is unfortunate that one often faces the force of society to either become doctor or engineer. It’s not really forceful, rather it is a constant reminder or appeal to choose either of these two careers.

How It Is Now

Youth Thinking Beyond Medical And Engineering Professions In India

Youngsters today are pushing the career envelop and looking to pursue careers in NGO’s, yoga centres, restaurants and what not. India has expanded its horizons in many different kinds of professions over the years. Something that was considered a hobby is now accepted as a full time profession. For example, blogging. Blogging was something people did in their free time but today we see many bloggers who earn their entire livelihood through this profession.

With the developments in technology and many emerging fields, finding the right match has become of paramount importance. Being passionate, interested and motivated to do a job has become a necessary condition of every job these days. Social media and film have also done their bit in influencing students to pursue their dreams and to pursue the paths less trodden. Students have also begun to realize their fields of interest through internships and volunteering opportunities, online certifications and courses.

The youth today is gaining more acceptance of unconventional career paths rather than rejection from family members. Yes, there are still many families that support the viewpoint that professions such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, civil servants and likes are the only professions that exist and work well in our country- but many of them are changing and have changed over the years and have grown to accept other career options. What we’re saying is that it is a start.

A Few Unconventional Professions Gaining Acceptance In India –

  • Fashion Designing
  • Freelancing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Celebrity Managers
  • Life Coaches
  • Chefs
  • Radio/ Video Jockeys
  • Wedding planners
  • YouTuber
  • Social Media Influencer
  • App Developer
  • Yoga instructor
  • Dance Therapist
  • Pet groomers

The youth of India has slowly started undertaking jobs that they are truly passionate about rather than blindly following what the society demands. It is a great start as doing something one loves only leads to them performing well and being satisfied with their work. Work satisfaction increases the happiness quotient of people and happy people make a happy and prosperous nation. Cheering for a Happy India.

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