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Top Indian Food Bloggers

In the recent times Food Blogging has become one of the most opted professions whether opted as a full time career or pursued as a hobby. Food Blogging not only takes you through the gastronomically infused experiences at different destinations but also makes sure that you explore the world of new recipes.

India is a destination filled with variety of food options and Indians being avid food lovers will make sure that you be a part of their journeys which is all about exploring destinations with food treasures and to learn new recipes with just one click.

Here are top 10 Indian food bloggers who will make sure that you keep coming for more :

1. Ashutosh Bhatt  (@routeprints)

Ashutosh Bhatt started his journey in the year 2018 along with his friends and travelled to many countries. His love for travel and food made him start his own blog named ‘Route Prints’ along with his Instagram page “Routeprints” where he shared his experiences from some of the amazing countries and their food speciality.

Route Prints, a happy place where he not only shares about his experiences and gives you the glimpses of local food options but also lets you take a sneak peak of his adventures and gives reviews about the places.

Photography is also one of his specialities and with such experience he has already worked with top brands as a promotion partner like Indigo, Zomato and Neemrana Hotels.

2. Richa Hingle  (@veganricha)

Richa Hingle is one of those food bloggers who helps and encourages her followers in adapting healthy food options through her blog and Instagram page “veganricha”.

She shares recipes which are 100 per cent Vegan and prepared with all organic ingredients. She loves experimenting with food which can be clearly seen through her blog and makes sure that her followers do give these recipes a try!

She has even written cookbooks which showcases recipes from Indian kitchen and is available in the United States and internationally.

3. Ronak Rajani (@mumbaifoodie)

Mumbai is a place which is filled with treasures of food and Ronak Rajani, one of the top food bloggers, is the man whose Instagram page “mumbaifoodie” covers all the drinks, food and travel related information of the dream city which will keep your mouth hanging.

He is a food lover and his passion for exploring the unexplored food places in Mumbai gives you infinite options to explore as well.

He is even known for giving honest and reliable reviews and the food shots which makes you drool are taken with utmost care and expertise which showcases the smallest of details.

4. Karan Dua (@dilsefoodie)

A food lover who never misses out on food events for trying different dishes and cuisines of different places is the next top favourite blogger Karan Dua. He is not only known for hosting and attending events but he also reviews restaurants and eating joints for his followers to try out.

Watching Karan eat all that delectable food will definitely leave you craving for more. The photographs he shares which are from his eating experiences cover his Instagram page dilsefoodie” with a strong fandom and increasing followers.

Any inspiration you need or want to try some new eating joint for different food experiences then do check out his page!

5. Shubhneet Jain (@v_for_veggie)

Want to see a feed filled with scrumptious vegetarian food posts then you need to take a look at “v_for_veggie” by Shubhneet Jain. With a good amount of followers and 3000 plus posts, he has made sure to steal the attention of even hardcore non-vegetarians.

Chole Bature, Pizzas, Burgers, you name it and he has made every vegetarian dish look treat worthy and might have tempted you to turn vegetarian. He has a blog where he shares his experiences and also reviews different eating places.

Want to roll your eyes over some delicious vegetarian delights; this is the page you should be following!

6. Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain (@thegreatindianfoodie)

Two brothers from the capital city of Delhi started the journey of showcasing their food adventures and then posting mouth watering photographs from their unforgettable experiences, named Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain on their Instagram handle “thegreatindianfoodie”.

They have built a great reputation on Instagram and showcase each and every food type starting from cakes to exploring the streets of Delhi for some heavenly chaats.

Their photographs are simple yet powerful enough to make you crave!

7. Natasha Hamo (@organicandhappy)

Natasha Hamo’s story is inspirational as prior to switching to healthy eating habits she suffered from eating disorder due to medical complications. This gave way to “organicandhappy” where she promotes whole food recipes along with easy-to-make vegan recipes that are not only healthy but equally delicious.

Her Instagram handle is filled with amazing vegan food posts that are vegan and all prepared with organic ingredients. With a strong number of followers, she has become an inspiration for all healthy food enthusiasts.

You can check out her Instagram handle for new delicious vegan recipes, food events and reviews of restaurants which will provide you with healthy yet delicious food.

8. Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17)

Self taught baker, food blogger and the author of ‘Bake with Shivesh’, Shivesh Bhatia is one of the most loved bloggers. Based in Delhi, he started his journey with his Instagram handle “shivesh17” where he shares his baking recipes and beginner tips.

He has pretty much impressed people around the country with his baking power which definitely proves why his followers are so high and still increasing.

His posts are filled with baked goods such as cakes, pastries and muffins which looks heavenly once out of the ovens. Need updated baking recipes and tips, do check out and follow this account.

9. Nikita (@iamdatingfood)

With the Instagram handle’s name so interesting, Nikita’s love for food can be clearly seen through the posts that showcases Delhi’s amazing food options which are beautifully captured and edited as a treat to your eyes.

She is also a Zomato Connoisseur where she shares food and restaurants reviews on Zomato for the fellow Zomato users to check before heading out.

Exploring Delhi food has always been an interesting adventure with varied options and if you too want to explore through her eyes then this is the account you must follow.

10. Uma Raghuraman (@masterchefmom)

Uma Raghuraman was a participant of Master Chef India and hence the name “masterchefmom’” and the journey started. She is known to post photographs which are taken with great care of her own prepared recipes. She is a big time foodie and has even won the award in the year 2017 ‘Savuer Blog Award’ for ‘Best Food Instagram’. 

The way she styles her food is remarkable as it’s curated in such a way which can make anyone fall in love with her creations. She is undoubtedly one of the most loved bloggers and also because all she cooks are everyday Indian dishes which helps her connect with every desi heart.

You love to cook everyday Indian dishes; then you should definitely be following her account!

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Written by Sharmila Feroz

Sharmila Feroz is a graduate of versatile vocations who grew up in a military household which led her to travel to interesting and beautiful parts of the country. Penning those travel experiences paved her way into writing about ethnic lifestyle and cultural celebrations in India.


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