Top Indian Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

There is so much content all around that it gets difficult to choose the right one which is worth watching! 

With so many movies and series taking over the digital platforms by storm, there is a very little chance for documentaries to gain the limelight. Though the content is getting better day by day, still fiction takes over reality. 

But now with the times changing and curious cats everywhere, you can watch some great Indian documentaries on Netflix which is being loved by the online audience. 

Here is the list of Top Indian Documentaries to watch on Netflix – 

1. Limitless – A Documentary on Women and Running – 

Limitless – A Documentary on Women and Running

Director – Vrinda Samarth

Want to get inspired and stop being a couch potato then this is the documentary that you must check out. 

The documentary showcases the lives of eight Indian women who are faced with self-doubts and expectations from society and how they rediscover themselves through running.

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The basic element of this documentary is exploring how running can help in improving self-image and gaining confidence. 

The ordinary women runners’ inspiring story is a must watch and should make it to your watchlist!

2. Period. End of Sentence. 

Period. End of Sentence

Director – Rayka Zehtabchi 

This short film with a big heart has already won the ‘Academy Award for Best Documentary’ (Short Subject) at 91st Academy Awards and is inspired by Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu. 

The documentary is based on a quiet sexual revolution lead by the Indian women based in Hapur, where local women learn to operate a machine that makes low-cost and biodegradable sanitary pads which they then sell to the other women at low cost or affordable prices. 

This story helps in empowering women to shed taboos revolving around menstruation in India. 

3. Ladies First

Ladies First

Director – Uraaz Bahl 

Following the life of national-level archer ‘Deepika Kumari’, this documentary is based on her journey. 

Born in Ratu, a village in Jharkhand, she had struggles which included battling poverty and the patriarchy which has been dominant since eras to showcase her talent and excel in sports. Currently holding the 9th position in the world rankings for Archery, she was in fact world no. 1 earlier. 

This story is inspiring, motivating, and makes you believe in rising from the dust to achieve your dreams!

4. Beyond All Boundaries

Beyond All Boundaries

Director – Sushrut Jain 

Cricket is considered to be a religion in India and this documentary just goes to show that! 

Set against the backdrop of the 2011 World Cup, the documentary revolves around three hardcore fans whose passion for the sport leads to making of sacrifices.

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One of the fans is none other than ‘Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary’ the biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar who religiously attends all his matches with his signature tricolour paint on the body. The other two being a girl cricketer and a boy wonder.

Emotions, Love, and Cricket – all you cricket fans out there, this one is for you! 

5. Rubaru Roshni

Rubaru Roshni

Director – Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal 

An Indian anthology documentary film narrated by Aamir Khan tells three real-life stories of both the victims and perpetrators of the violence in a first-person account. 

It showcases the murders of Lalit Maken and his wife, the murder of Mariam Vattalil, and the 2008 Mumbai attacks. 

The stories are based on the loss of the loved ones and tell how acceptance gave them the strength to move from darkness to the light called life. 

6. Celluloid Man

Celluloid Man

Director – Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

Celluloid Man is based on legendary Indian archivist ‘P. K. Nair’, who was the founder of ‘National Film Archive of India’ and is known to be the ‘Guardian of the Indian Cinema’. 

The documentary explores the life and work of P. K. Nair, who grew up to be a great collector of films. 1700 films were made in India during the silent era of which only nine survive, solely because of his efforts.

It gives the audience to take a look at the nature and importance of preserving visual arts. This documentary made a huge success and was screened at 50 film festivals. 

7. A Suitable Girl

A Suitable Girl

Director – Sarita Khurana, Smriti Mundhra  

A Suitable Girl is a documentary which in real terms showcases the story of three young Indian women who struggle to pursue their dreams amid the increasing pressure for finding a suitable partner. 

Ritu, Dipti, and Amrita are educated, financially independent, and stable middle-class women and yet their lives take a dramatic turn when the pressure to get married increases. 

A documentary showcasing the complexities caused by the society and the difficulties faced while trying to live life on your terms and it also gives a sneak peek into the complex relationships between marriage, family, and the culture. 

8. My Friend Hussain

My Friend Hussain

Director – Bhavana Sresht

One of a kind and internationally recognized artist MF Hussain is known as the ‘Picasso of India’ and this documentary is based on his life and work which made him a legend in the field of painting. 

The documentary shows his journey which includes the art, his struggles, achievements, and his friendships. 

Overall this docu-feature captures the lifestyle and brings all the different pieces together with interviews from his friends, associates, and also his well-wishers. 

9. Placebo


Director – Abhay Kumar 

Placebo is a dark and intriguing documentary that shows the other side of the Indian education system and also explores the issues and reasons behind the student suicides in India. 

This documentary is based on India’s reputed and prestigious medical college AIIMS after his brother smashes his arm on the window and loses motor control. 

A story that shows how competitiveness can take a heavy toll on students and which should be watched by every Indian student, parent, and teacher. 

10. Inshallah, Football 

Inshallah, Football

Director – Ashvin Kumar 

Difficulty in dreaming and making those dreams turn into reality in Kashmir is the core aspect of this documentary. 

Inshallah, Football deals with the issues of an 18-year-old, football aspirant who is a Kashmiri. The story showcases his struggles and dilemmas whose dream is to play football in Brazil. 

Though he gets selected to play in Brazil it is unlikely for him to push that dream ahead as his father is an ex-militant and the story starts when the Indian government denies him a passport. 

A story of dreams, passion, and struggles, shows how there is a disconnection between the past and the future generations and how dreaming is not always as beautiful as a bed of roses. 

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  • Meet the Patels

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Written by Sharmila Feroz

Sharmila Feroz is a graduate of versatile vocations who grew up in a military household which led her to travel to interesting and beautiful parts of the country. Penning those travel experiences paved her way into writing about ethnic lifestyle and cultural celebrations in India.

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