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Planning a Roka Ceremony in India?

Planning a Roka Ceremony in India?

Here’s What You Need To Know!

When we talk about Indian Weddings, we can only assume that it will be an interesting and grande event.

Yes, Indian weddings are fun activities, full of uplifting and exhilarating rituals and ceremonies!

There are too many functions and ceremonies in Indian weddings.

These ceremonies can be divided into two categories, namely, pre-marital ceremonies and post-marital ceremonies.

Every ceremony has its own significance. One of the most important ceremonies before the wedding is the ‘Roka Ceremony’.

Well, if you’re planning to get married soon, then this article will give you a glimpse of the essentials of a Roka Ceremony.

Bring on your favourite munchies and start taking notes!

Significance of Roka Ceremony

Significance of Roka Ceremony

Roka ceremony means “formally we stop each other” in English.

This is an official announcement of your relationship with the world. This means that the bride and groom have accepted each other and also is the first function of the official family meeting.

A few years ago, this ceremony was small and used only for family gatherings and exchange of sweets.

However, Roka as we know it today is a laborious thing.

Some people celebrate the roka ceremony and the engagement ceremony together while others hold both events on different days.

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Roka Invitation Cards

Roka Invitation Cards

Arranging invitations is the top priority of Indian families.

However, as the paradigm shifts to digital trends, many couples are turning to digital invitations.

Whether this means working harder, creating a complete wedding announcement website or a simple GIF, these invitations are becoming the norm in India.

So, when you think about it, please contact someone who can send you a warm invitation.

Since Roka is usually an intimate thing, the Roka ceremony invitation card can be arranged in an informal, subtle, whimsical, and fashionable style.

Sometimes words and deeds speak louder than just mere words, so choosing the right words in the invitation card is very important.

It is important to choose special words that reflect your love for Kith and Kin.

You can opt for digital art with the couple’s picture embedded on the card and the invitation can be in a quirky font.

Experiment and explore ideas on Pinterest to make your own Roka Invitation card.

Choosing the Right Venue

Choosing the Right Venue

The hotel is used for high-end ceremonies.

If you expect a large audience, it makes sense to book an elegant banquet hall for this occasion.

Otherwise, the Roka ceremony is usually an intimate event with only friends and relatives.

When this happens, the ceremony can be celebrated in a small terrace club, restaurant or even at home.

With such numbers, it is wise to study different food and beverage suppliers, who can help you enjoy extremely delicious food!

Most couples are content to simply exchange rings in the Roka ceremony.

However, others want their engagement night to be an unforgettable event. If you fall into the second category, please enjoy the Roka cake cutting ceremony.

Also, you can surf websites like where you’ll be provided a list of Venues and Caterer services in your area.

Everything About Your Outfit and Makeup

Everything About Your Outfit and Makeup

When you tick Roka’s preparation list, you need to be aware of the latest designer trends.

Most brides and grooms will choose Indian attires.

You can wear any clothes, from saree, exquisite salwar, charming Anarkali or elegant Lehenga.

Men like to wrap themselves in their Roka ceremony-sherwanis, bandhgalas. and angrakhas.

You can also opt for designing your engagement clothes but remember that less is more.

Experiment with jewellery options like floral jewellery.

The Roka ceremony is the first step towards a new chapter in life.

In order to make this day special, bride needs to make sure she is photo ready.

You can explore MUA’s on Instagram or Google.

There are outstanding MUA’s like Parul Garg who will make you look the best on your special day.

You can also visit websites like for MUA’s and Photographers.

Keep Your Guests Entertained

Keep Your Guests Entertained

The Roka ceremony is the first time your family officially celebrates together.

So, there must be a few minutes of awkward silence from time to time.

Arrange several icebreakers to let people know each other better.

Use the dance floor as a space for people to jump in and out, while calling out random character features.

Hire some event planners and let them come up with some innovative ideas for your Roka Ceremony.

This is a great way for people to relax and laugh at themselves.

You can also prepare a couple dance and then everyone in the end can join you guys.

Make sure you are enjoying and cherishing the new beginnings of your life.

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Pre-Wedding Shoots

Pre-Wedding Shoots

There was a time when shooting before marriage was a novelty.

Now, this seems to be a requirement of your Roka ritual.

Pre-wedding shoots can help you capture your love story in a beautiful way.

It can also provide some aesthetic elements for your new home.

Choose a theme that you both like and arrange a shot before or after the Roka ceremony.

You can give it a whimsical look by using the shoots as a wedding announcement on social media.

A small gift can occupy a place in people’s hearts!

Yes, it is a good idea to give cute Roka gifts.

This little love token will embody “gratefulness” in a special way.

In addition, the invited person will definitely receive personalized chocolates, dried fruits, silver pendants, and other gifts, which feels special.

The gift will be a souvenir of a lifetime.

Lastly, Enjoy your Roka Ceremony and plan it in the best way possible!

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