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Plan Your Haldi Ceremony in Style – All You Need to Know

Plan your haldi

Right before the most delightful day of your life approaches, comes the mellow yet glam celebration of the Haldi ritual.

Holding a special place in Indian weddings, this ceremony has its very own significance for the soon-to-be bride and groom, warding off Buri Nazar and leaving behind dazzling skin right before the big day. This intimate ceremony sets the right tone for your nuptials and ramps you up for a grander wedding celebration.

Hence, making the right choices to get your ceremony head and shoulders above, might put your tummy in knots. This is why you are headed to a place that’s fit enough to shower you with everything you need to know to make this day a memorable one!

A Subtle Haldi Precedes a Grand Wedding

A Subtle Haldi Precedes a Grand Wedding

The sheerness of the Haldi ceremony is often understated. To sponge up the very significance of this austere occasion, it is indispensable to blend the virtuous traditions with shreds of millennial glamour. These traditions or beliefs are built on the foundation of praying for the wellbeing of the bride and groom with the practice of applying Haldi on them right before the big day approaches.

Often amalgamated with milk, sandalwood, curd, or herbs, the divine color of Haldi is also believed to drive prosperity and happiness into the lives of the soon-to-be-married couple.

It goes without mentioning that Haldi is categorized as a class of its own for providing antiseptic benefits and dazzling skin. That being the case, planning for this subtle ceremony has to be done the right way not only to envelop all the blessings but also to treat your family and friends with a party of a lifetime.

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Guide to the Perfect Haldi Ceremony:

Filled with merriment and high spirits, this ceremony needs to be coupled with proper planning to ensure a noteworthy celebration. This starts with doing the essentials in the best way possible.

From décor to the venue to cuisine, keeping track of all the developments might get to your nerves.

On that account, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to make your Haldi ceremony a glamourous yet traditional affair!

1. Venue

Haldi Ceremony venue

The selection of the right venue would set the tone for the entire celebration. While it is ideal to come down in favor of an outdoor venue, intimate home affairs can definitely be entertained.

However, it is important to ascertain enough space for your guests to enjoy the celebration with a good spirit. While on one hand, there has been a rage for poolside Haldi ceremonies among millennials, on the other hand, indoor at-home celebrations also haven’t lost their touch.

It all comes down to your choice and how you fantasize about your yellow affair to be. Accordingly, a venue (indoors/outdoors) which suits the invitees and of course, you, should be selected in order to allow everyone to let their hair down on your special day.

2. Guest List

Haldi Ceremony guest list

The guest list has to be prepared in tandem with the venue or vice versa, which is why these two parameters need to be figured out early on in the planning process.

Given that the Haldi ceremony is quite an intimate affair and not as grand as your big day, it is wise to keep the guest list curtailed.

Having a gathering of close family and friends would suffice for this subtle celebration.

3. Décor & Dress Code

Haldi Ceremony dress

Ideally, the theme for a Haldi ceremony matches the divine shade of this spice and the décor moves along the grounds of divinity besides being Instagram-ready.

For this, lime yellow marigold flowers are the best equivalent. Besides, all-yellow seating, cushions, lights, and pandals would perfectly imbibe the shade of the flowers and ameliorate a festive spirit for all invitees.

However, it is not mandatory to keep all-things yellow. You may opt for a rather tangy vibe and influence the theme of your Haldi celebration with orange marigold flowers instead.

To top it, you can also spice things up by setting up an orange-yellow theme with a few color swaps.

What good is any party without great pictures!

Choosing a yellow outfit would be the best fit for this ceremony. You could pair it with special floral jewelry curated for celebrations as such.

Setting a dress code for your guests would be even better to ensure color coordination and of course, a photogenic party.

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4. Menu

Haldi Ceremony menu

Keep the menu light and high on beverages. Try and provide a host of snacks for your guests to enjoy along with the drinks.

While preparing the menu, make sure you do not forget to infuse the goodness of your traditional cuisine along with spicing things up with shreds of western cookery.

5. Playlist

Haldi Ceremony playlist

Secret to raising the energy quotient of any party lies in some great music. On that account, picking the right songs that boost the spirits of the guests is something to hang on to.

Curate a playlist with some high-energy songs blending the intimate and emotional theme of the ceremony.

6. Props and Games

Haldi Ceremony games

What great party lacks recreation!

To ensure your guests do not miss out on anything, it is ideal to set up props – hand props (for bride-to-be, bridesmaids, etc), photobooths – to turn your intimate ceremony Instagram ready.

Besides, you could also arrange games that would multiply the fun on your special day.

7. Souvenirs for Guests

Souvenirs for Guests

An important reminder for you: Do not let your guests leave your party sad or unsatisfied.

To checklist this criterion, gifting the invitees with mementos would leave a memorable imprint in their hearts. This would be a great way to thank each and every person for showing up on your special celebration. Some ideas for presenting souvenirs are: floral tiaras, handwritten thank you notes, sweets, beauty products, etc.

We know how special this day is for every bride-to-be and the significance it holds for them. While we have presented you with all the essentials you need to throw a successful party, walking in line with the traditions is just as important.

Make sure you seek the valuable advice of the elders of your family to organize the ceremony of a lifetime.

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