Indian Parenting Style- Things Indian Parents Do But Won’t Admit!

This article is going to bring all the brown kids together at a rate greater than an India v/s Pakistan cricket match. It’s a known fact among all the desi Indian kids around the world, that our parents are just as annoying as us. After all, it runs in the family, right? But apart from telling their stories about how they had to get to school (which sounds like an episode out of man v/s wild) and waking you up almost two hours before you had asked them to, there are many other annoying things that desi parents do but would never admit. In this blog, look out Indian parenting style.

1. Being Addicted to Their Phones

Indian Parenting

Now I know many of you are already nodding in approval, but your parents might not. We all have gotten lectures about how literally every problem in our lives and this entire universe is “because of this godforsaken phone”. And it might be true, but the worst problem out of them all is the good morning WhatsApp texts and pictures that our parents send in the family group. And equally annoying in when our naïve parents blast Facebook videos on full volume with zero regard for public harmony, spreading noise pollution. But according to them the only person who is a slave of technology is you, not them!

2. Not Following Traffic Rules

Not Following Traffic Rules

This is a prime aspect of all desi kids who ever tried to learn driving from their parents (especially dads). Our parents might not be the worst drivers, but every now and then they have skipped a red light or taken a U-turn where it wasn’t allowed. But apparently that’s fine. And the moment you accidently switch on high beam instead of low beam in a stationary car even, all hell breaks loose. Your dad is most likely to give you lecture about how you should have your indicator on, almost 250 meters before the turn but himself would not even care for switching it on. Another hypocritical road lesson is when they teach you “pedestrian first” but stop their car ahead of the zebra crossing. But try calling them out on this, they probably won’t even hear you as they are busy watching that video on their phone at a 1000 decibels.

3. Liking Present-day Music

Liking Present-day Music

“Today’s songs are not music, the real music was in our times with better singers and more originality”, you have probably heard this line your entire life since childhood and might even agree to it to some extent given how Bollywood is basically producing trashy music in the name of songs these days and the only good songs are remixes of the old songs which basically proves our parents’ point. But that does not mean we don’t enjoy those catchy yet annoying beats which are basically earworms but you start liking them after a while. And by “you” I mean you and your parents both. But our parents would never openly admit that they like Bollywood music even when they secretly love listening to it on the car radio or watching those songs on T.V.

4. Loving You

Loving You

Last but not the least is the cutest quality of all our parents. Unlike western parents who openly tell their kids they love them and vice-a-versa as you might have seen in movies or TV shows, desi parents are a bit awkward when it comes to expressing love to their kids verbally and again vice-a-versa. They would cook you your favourite meal or get you a present you wanted to have for the longest time and do an infinity amount of other things to spoil you and express their love but when it comes to talking the only thing that will come out of their mouth is “stop looking at your phone all day, your eyes will perish” but even under that harsh tone we all know the true feeling is nothing less than that of love.

We hope that this article probably helped you relate to the dilemmas of other desi kids around the globe. And hopefully you nodded your way to the end of it in agreement.

Now don’t ponder too much about it and keep your phone aside quickly otherwise you’ll get another lecture about importance of reducing your phone usage from your dad who is watching cricket highlights on his phone.

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Written by Sugandha Singh

A student of History(Hons) from Hansraj College,Delhi University. Sugandha loves writing on contemporary ideas specially in fields related to Heritage, modern-day dilemmas, nature and more. A Netflix enthusiast and lastly a hardcore GenZ.

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