Indian Street Food List to Die For

Get ready to have drool all over yourself after finishing this article. Now we all know that nothing beats Indian food and even non-Indian food that’s made in an Indian style (masala macaroni, momos, roadside chowmein and the list goes on) but there’s a lot more to the Indian palette than just the standard butter chicken, dal makhni or idli sambar i.e. the Indian street food.

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And in fact the street food of India better represents the culture because this is something that everyone from a toddler to an old person cherish equally. The roadside stalls maybe small but they sure bring together a large number of people at a rate unparalleled. So on that note let’s talk about some Indian street foods list that are worth dying for (quite literally)!

1. Samosa


The queen of all street foods and a national sweetheart is this fried heaven of potato goodness. That’s why we put samosa in the 1st position of the Indian street food list. Nothing beats the simplicity yet the flavour complexity of this crunchy, hot pocket. And the minty and sweet/sour chutneys that accompany it are just icing on the cake.


Gol Gappa

Pani puri, Puchka, Gol Gappa, call it whatever you may but all the names evoke the same level of excitement in any person. This cute hollow fried puff is filled with a bunch of chutneys and a potato stuffing, then dipped into spicy flavoured water. And once you put this ball of manifold tastes in your mouth, there for sure is going to be an explosion of flavours that you can’t put to words. And oh, you just cannot get enough pani puris, ever.


Vada Pav

Hailing from Maharashtra, this street dish can be called the Indian cousin of a burger. It has a bread bun, a fried fritter and some spices to enhance the flavour. But its analogy to a burger isn’t the only thing that’s exciting about it. First, mint chutney is applied to the bun, then the bun is filled with the fried fritter made of potato and lastly a bit of red spice powder is sprinkled on the fritter. Although there are slight variations to how it’s made in different places, one thing common is that it tastes out of this world everywhere it’s made. And the pickled chilli or the sprinkled one is sure to remind you how important hydrating yourself is!



Another Maharashtrian classic is this mixture made primarily out of rice puffs. It’s a handy snack which consists of freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, zest of lemon, coriander, green chilli, roasted chickpeas, tamarind chutney, mint chutney and finally the rice puffs. Though the ingredients are a lot, this healthy snack is very light i.e. if you consume 10 cones (yes, cones) of it, it is justifiable.


Chicken Tikka

Prevalent in most of north India, this non-veg delicacy is sure to leave you licking you fingers everytime.  Originally pioneered in Punjab, this has slowly now become a nation-wide and even world-wide hit. The chicken is marinated in a bunch of spices and then put on a seekh and finally put in a tandoor, where the magic happens. And what comes out is this crunchy yet juicy goodness of chicken wrapped in diverse flavours. And on top of that, the side of juicy onions and mint chutney take the whole dish on another level.



This might be factually incorrect, but momos have been Indianized to an extent that its now safe to call them on of our own. And of course their authenticity changes from city to city and corner to corner. There are tandoori momos, fried momos, afghani momos, gravy momos, you name it and it is there.


Chhole Bhature

This one can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack and midnight snack. Because one can never get enough of chhole bhature. The fried bread served with chickpea curry is the heavenly combination of flavours which will always leave you wanting for more. And as if this wasn’t enough, it comes with the side of several pickles and juicy onions and at times sweet lassi, which makes it a “chef d’oeuvre”.

Food is that one thing that unites people regardless of their differences and it’s even better when the food is tasty. Now if you’re facing an inner turmoil about ordering food online, don’t. In fact go to your local market and enjoy a kathi roll from the place that always gives you acidity, because it’s worth it or as we earlier said, worth dying for.

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