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Top Travel Tips for India

Planning a trip to India? In this travel guide, we’re covering the top travel tips for India. It will give you a Heads Up on what to be mindful of in general while visiting any place in India. India is known as Incredible India- and we’re sure you will surely believe so after you visit this country- However, there are some things that will help you be prepared on what to expect during your trip… Read on to find out what they are!

Top 9 Checklist While Traveling To India

1. Language


This one’s a no brainer. Since India is home to approximately 22 languages, foreigners often face issues communicated with the locals. While some metropolitan states have localites speaking English, most rural states as well as many urban towns are not comfortable conversing in English. The British left us with many things but unfortunately English was not one of them.

What You Could Do:

Learn a few words of Hindi to help you get by. You could also carry signs or translate things on your phone and show the person you wish to communicate with. (Thank God for the internet!) Be prepared to feel out of place due to the lack of knowing the local language- it’s totally understandable!

2. Public restrooms

traveling to india checklist

We aren’t very proud about this one, and we’re working on it- but as of now, Indian public babthrooms are the probably the worst thing that can happen to your on trip. You’re most likely to control your bladder by just looking at a public restroom, but even if you have an iota of hope pushing you to use one- hold back!

What You Could Do:

Make sure you use the restroom before you leave your accommodation. Look for decent hotels around to take stops while sightseeing. Carry your own tissue paper roll and sanitizer just in case. And if you want to be extra careful you could even carry around disposable toilet seat covers!

3. Indian etiquettes (or the lack of it)

planning a trip to india

You’ll probably figure this out as soon as you land in India- we Indians are very loud. And being a country of 1.37 billion people, the place is very crowded too. So be prepared to be pushed around and have people speak to you and others in loud tones. While we’re not covering up for it- it’s unfortunately just how it is!

What You Could Do:

The only practical thing, wear noise cancelling headphones on your travels (ensuring you stay alert of announcements & your journey). Take it with a pinch of salt because unless you’re travelling to lesser populated areas of India, you’re not going to find much peace (in terms of sound) here.

4. Delay in Processes

Delay in Processes

This point is specific to those who plan to stay for a bit longer and would have some procedures to undertake during the course of their stay in India. The country’s government and legal procedures work comparatively slowly and to add to it, you will always find a lot of people doing exactly what you need to do.

What You Could Do:

Try checking if there’s an online method of the procedure you need to get done. This is unlikely but sometimes you could get lucky and you may just stumble upon a faster way of getting your work done!

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5. Eve Teasing

Many foreigners face the issue of eve teasing in India. Unfortunately the police department and legal associations are not very helpful and proactive in such cases. The reason being the magnitude and frequency with which such situations occur. Eve teasing could happen in many ways- for e.g. Name calling, whistling, passing comments, groping while on public transport and what not.

There are two schools of thought suggesting what you could do in such situations- one: keep quiet as you don’t want to bring upon yourself more trouble or two: speak up and ensure the perpetrator gets just what he deserves. While the latter seems like the obvious choice- every situation is different and needs to be analyzed differently in order to take a call on how to react.

What You Could Do:

The only thing that will help you is being aware and alarmed at all times during your stay in India. Carry a pepper spray and make sure you don’t roam the streets alone at night.

6. Commute Related

Foreigners often face issues while commuting. Using public transport could be difficult for two reasons. One, it could take time figuring out the directions, routes, timings, and the overall system of hopping onto a vehicle. Second, even if you were to get a grasp on the way the transport system works, the crowd will discourage you from consistently using public transport.

What You Could Do:

While public transport helps saves time on the journey, cabs would make your journeys easier and safer. They will also cost more but the cost is totally worth the comfort with which you’ll travel in. Google Maps are helpful to a certain extent- make sure you track your journeys to ensure double safety of you and your family.

7. Food


While many foreigners relish Indian food, it could sometimes turn out to be too spicy for  foreign palettes. Also, street food is very famous in India but the conditions in which it is prepared could make it too harsh for some sensitive tummies. Each state has a dish native to it and we definitely recommend trying out the local cuisine but thread wisely- you don’t want yourself falling sick on your trip to India!

What You Could Do:

Pick your restaurants wisely. You do get versions of street food in good quality restaurants- you could dine here for the experience. Make sure you try out local cuisines too, but in moderation. If you find out that your stomach isn’t all that sensitive- go crazy and enjoy our Indian cuisine to the fullest!

8. Weather


If you’re coming from a cold country, you are sure to like India’s summers. They are hot and humid; and will definitely help getting a good tan. The monsoons in areas Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, West Bengal, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Kerala, and Karnataka are pretty intense. You might want to stay clear of these places if you’re visiting during the rainy seasons.

What You Could Do:

Do your research. Depending on the agenda of your trip, figure out which place best suits your needs and expectations of your vacation in India. This also helps packing clothes accordingly. Making an itinerary also becomes easier once you have your expectations clear and research in place.

9. Cleanliness

While there are some pockets of India that are clean, most metropolitan cities are dirty due to the immense population and most rural towns are dirty due to the lack of knowledge.  There is a certain lack of civic sense that we Indians lack but it is definitely a byproduct of the 1.3 billion people that inhabitat Mother India.

What You Could Do:

Carry tissues, wet wipes and sanitizers along with you. You could even carry your own disposable plates around. Wear closed shoes, preferably gumboots; that will protect you from all kinds of waste on the road. Wash your hands and face whenever you get the chance, the dust and pollution along with sudden strong UV rays can potentially cause blemishes and other skin problems. This is not to scare you but just to keep you warned and ensure you’re aware of these little things on your visit here!

To sum up

India is a great country offering so much to see- diverse people, multiple amazing tourist spots, breathtaking views and a lot more! Irrespective of the issues listed above, you are bound to make numerous lovely memories on your visit to India- many of which you will treasure forever.

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Written by Suzanne Dsouza

Suzanne is a Market Research Analyst for Qualitative Consumer Insights at Nielsen India. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore.Hear it from her-
"Being brought in up in 3 metropolitan cities of India and having traveled to many states in India, I love covering travel related topics - places I've been to and places I wish to visit. My education in psychology makes me an empathetic yet mature individual;and while working in an MNC can sometimes take a toll on me- writing helps me find the balance and peace of mind I need.
Apart from work I enjoy spending time around my furry friends, cleaning, baking, learning new dance forms and horse riding"

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