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How To De-Puff Your Face in Winters

Treat Face Puffiness in Winters

Puffiness on the face is a terrifying condition that often leads to premature wrinkling and skin ageing.

Waking up to a swollen and puffy face on a day when you have an important event to attend is one of the worst nightmares.

It might feel convincing to resort to make-up for a touch-up to hide that unappealing puffed up look, but even with layers of make-up and contouring products, there comes a point when your skin eventually begins to give off signs of poor health or advancing age, even if you are much younger than what you appear to be. 

For quick respite from puffiness that takes up space on your face, the best approach is to work on the exact cause of that troublesome appearance. 

What Causes Face Puffiness?

Puffiness is most likely a result of collection of lymphatic fluids beneath the skin due to poor circulation and drainage.

Many factors can contribute to this fluid deposit, the most notable ones being flu, allergic reaction, lack of exercise, inadequate fluid intake, certain medications, and health conditions that impact blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

In a lot of cases, this condition can be managed at home employing dietary and lifestyle fixes.

In case, your condition is a result of certain medication or a chronic health condition, it’s best to seek opinion of a health care professional to manage the puffiness.

On occasions when it gets hard to decipher the exact cause, it’s best to seek natural cures to ward off the unsightly inflammation and uneasiness that accompanies this condition.

Here we bring to you proven remedies to de-bloat your face in winters all in the comfort of your home.

10 Best Natural Cures To Get Rid Of Face Puffiness:

1. Increase fluid intake

Increase fluid intake

First and foremost, staying hydrated is instrumental in achieving a healthy looking de-puffed face as it prevents body fluids from depositing at a particular site.

Drinking enough water and replacing snacks with soups, stews and lentils is a good way to improve your body’s hydration levels.

Staying hydrated also ensures the toxins get easily eliminated from the body. Me

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2. Follow a regular face massage ritual

Follow a regular face massage ritual

Massaging your face to eliminate congestion around the nose, mouth, eyes, forehead and neck works like a miracle in giving you respite from swollen face. Use a natural oil like olive or coconut oil to massage your face.

Start from the forehead, eyes and nose and then proceed towards your cheeks, chin and jawbone to get rid of stiffness. End this ritual by massaging the neck to evenly distribute the fluids.

Using a massaging tool or wand is the easiest way to bring glow back to your face. The movements enlisted help activate blood flow towards the skin’s surface which gets impacted due to dropping temperatures, resulting in a dull and pale complexion.

3. Steam your face

Steam your face

Facial steaming is an age old beauty ritual that women use all around the world to get beautiful skin. Not only does it purify skin pores, but also works to loosen the mucous and fluids collected on your face.

It also charges up blood flow to ensure optimum lymphatic drainage, thereby, helping you achieve a toned skin and sculpted face.

4. Go easy on Green Tea

Go easy on Green Tea

A renowned skin- superfood, green tea is quite effective in providing relief from stuffiness on the face, thanks to its affluent anti-oxidant content, particularly,  polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins, that help combat inflammation and promote skin health. 

Drinking a cup or two of green tea is enough to get relief from a bloated face. Alternatively, you can also place soaked green tea bags on your face and eyelids to soothe inflammation and puffiness.

5. Limit salt intake

Limit salt intake

In some instances, excess salt in your diet might be responsible for that sickly bloating on your face. 

Consequently, reducing the amount of salt in your diet might help, whenever you spot puffiness around the eyes, cheeks and nose. If you do consume salty foods, remember to pair them with fibre rich foods such as fruits, stews and soups.

6. Get some caffeine

Get some caffeine

Yes, your favorite morning cuppa has a lot more in store than what you might think. A rich source of caffeine, it does an incredible job in waking up your skin, thanks to its wondrous anti-inflammatory qualities.

When applied topically, it instantly heals bloating, puffiness and cellulite to make your skin firmer and younger in appearance.

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7. Oral and nasal saline rinse

Oral and nasal saline rinse

If you frequently suffer from bouts of cold or flu, it helps to rinse your nasal cavities with salt water to ease congestion that might result in a swollen look on your face, especially around the nose.

It also helps regulate your breathing pattern which gets impacted due to inflammation in nasal passages.

Similarly, when gum and dental problems become a regular pattern, swelling on the face and around the jawline is the most possible outcome which arises mainly due to inflammation in gums.

To get respite from the puffiness brought on by inflammation in your gums, rinsing your mouth with warm salted water gives instant respite from both pain and inflammation in the gums and on your face too. 

Those suffering from coughs also sometimes show signs of bloating on their face. Salt water gargle not only helps ease the discomfort arising due to cough and throat infection, but also helps reduce inflammation that makes you feel and look sick.

8. Get moving

Get moving

Staying active is the most important step to look and feel good. For inflammations that keep disrupting your peace, it’s vital to lead an active lifestyle.

Walking or exercising on a daily basis helps maintain optimum blood flow to ensure regular drainage of body fluids that tend to stagnate when you sleep or sit for longer hours.

Doing face yoga is yet another great remedy to achieve a healthy looking face sans any kind of puffiness.

9. Oatmeal  and honey

Oatmeal  and honey

Oatmeal is a miracle inflammation fighter that fixes nearly every skin and health concern. Both its intake and topical application, when blended with milk or aloe vera gel, is deemed effective in treating puffiness and inflammation around the eyes and face.

Honey is praised for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine qualities. It’s consumption is a good way to help prevent allergic reactions, while its application on skin helps regulate skin functions.

For bloated face, it’s a magical potion that rids your face of unwanted fluids due to its osmotic properties. 

A great moisturizer, skin brightener and acne fighter, it works better when mixed with oatmeal powder to heal puffiness and wrinkles that erupt afterwards when the puffiness is gone.

10. Vitamin C

Here’s another reason to up your vitamin c intake! Foods like oranges, grapefruit, kiwis, lemons and even chicken are great to heal a puffed up face.

Not only do they boost your immunity to keep colds and flus at bay, but also work to make your skin supple and firm without any fluid blockages underneath that lead to a an unattractive washed out appearance due to their fibre rich composition.

Vitamin C also assists in drainage of body fluids due to its diuretic properties and hence, is considered vital to eliminate unwanted bloating and cellulite on the face and body.

Make these lifestyle switches today, for a sculpted and fresh looking face in winters.

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Written by Sukomal Joshua

Sukomal Joshua is a Beauty Writer with an incessant pursuit for everything that's natural and organic. With over a decade long experience in researching natural beauty products and recipes, she wishes to instill awareness about the power of nature in nurturing beauty and health.

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