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Are you someone whose Goa plan never worked out? Maybe your friends may have canceled it or your parents. Either way, it was your loss and you felt disappointed and dejected. All of you have dreamed about visiting this iconic place.

From its cuisine to the rocking night parties, everything is extraordinary. Well, on that note, let’s talk about the mind-boggling ‘Goa Carnival’ which is being celebrated in February this year.

Everything about Goa Carnival!

Everything about Goa Carnival

This year Goa Carnival is being celebrated from 13th February to 16th February. Every year it is celebrated during the months of February or March. It’s the most anticipated event and people start getting prepped up for the festival from the month of December.

Just like Diwali, the streets in Goa are beautifully decorated with luxurious grand balls and attractive lightning. You can feel the vibe before the onset of the carnival. Goa carnival is a pre-Lenten Carnival and is being celebrated since the time when Goa was a Portuguese colony.

It attracts loads of tourists from all over the world. The carnival is huge with the element of dance and music performances. It showcases the alluring Goan culture with a hint of Portuguese heritage. The carnival has 500 years of history. Can you imagine?

The North Goa incorporates its capital city Panaji, Chapora and the beaches Anjuna, Baga, and Calangute where as South Goa is home to Colva, Margao, Vasco da Gama Bogmalo and Benolem.

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How is Goa Carnival celebrated?

How is Goa Carnival celebrated

It starts with a grand procession headed by the Carnival King Momo. You guys must be wondering, What is Carnival King Momo? Is it related to food? Is it a person? Well, yes it’s a person. The King of the Carnival is Carnival King Momo which is quite similar to the ritual in Rio di Janeiro’s carnival.

The King leads the parade on a huge float surrounded by amazing dancers, singers, clowns, acrobats, and entertainers. “Kha, Piye, Aani Majja Kar”, the ultimate motto of this carnival which means Eat, Drink and have Fun. This is said by the King and it truly represents the Carnival’s vibe.

You would find people wearing colorful costumes and there’s a play performed by the local which reflects the Goan culture. The famous one-act folk play, Khell or Fell uses exciting colors. Fella-Gitam or Intruzachim Geetam are performed by singers who are accompanied by musicians.

Night Life and Red & Black Dance

Night Life and Red & Black Dance

The night time is all about dancing your heart out. There are grand masquerade balls with people wearing their masks and enjoying to their fullest. The final day of the Carnival is a big hit and closes with the Red and Black Dance.

Goa Carnival is all about colorfully decorated float parades, authentic Goan seafood, sports competitions, and DJ Nights too. Also, The fashion show is another major eye-catching event.

Moreover, there’s no age barrier to be a part of the Carnival. Not only you and your friends but your family can too take a part in it and enjoy it free of cost. Just dress up and keep your masks ready to rock. But if you want to be a part of the Red and Black dance, there’s a fee of Rs 100.

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Places you can visit at the time of Goa Carnival

Places you can visit at the time of Goa Carnival
  1. Panaji: The beautiful attractions in Panaji are: Our Lady Of The Immaculate, Goa State Museum, Fontainhas, Goa Science Centre and Planetarium, Reis Magos Fort, Vainguinim Beach, and Maruti Temple.
  2. Margao: The famous attractions in Margao are: Holy Spirit Church, Our Lady Of Grace Church, Colva Beach Road, Goa Chitra Museum, Shree Damodar Temple, Municipal Garden, and Sat Burzam Ghor.
  3. Vasco da Gama: The place Vasco da Gama is known for its Japanese Garden, Mormugao Fort, Monkey Beach, Pilot Point, St. Andrew’s Church, Baina Beach, Heart-Shaped Lake, Sao Jacinto Island, and Hansa Beach.
  4. Mapusa: The renowned attractions of Mapusa are: St. Jerome Church, Datta Temple, Shri Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan, Shree Ganesh Temple, and Milagres Church.

What’s different in Goa Carnival 2021?

What's different in Goa Carnival 2021

As you guys know, due to COVID-19 scenario, things are pretty different. Social gatherings and marriages aren’t allowed to accommodate many people. So, Will Goa Carnival be celebrated this year?

On Tuesday, Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar said, “We will decide on the carnival after gauging the Covid-19 situation. If the decision to organize it is taken, it will be held in two places, most likely in Panaji and Margao.” Let’s just hope for the best.

TIP: It’s the peak season, so make sure you keep your belongings safe and do bookings in advance otherwise finding hotels, restaurants would be quite hectic and time-consuming. So, make sure you enjoy to the core but with your masks on.

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