Tribhanga Movie Review

Tribhanga chronicles the lives of three independent yet completely different women.

Well, the three of them are related to each other. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you wouldn’t know. So, the three of them are Tanvi Azmi aka Nayantara, Kajol aka Anuradha, and Mithila Palkar aka Masha.

Amongst the three, Kajol aka Anuradha is the amusing one in the movie. So, the plot starts with Anu prepping up for her Odissi dance recital. A few minutes later, she is informed that her mother has hit a brain stroke. She rushes to the hospital with her daughter Masha, and her best friend, Raghav.

She meets Milan over there, who happens to write Nayan’s autobiography. Anu was really pissed at him because he talked about the cremation ceremony when they got to know that Nayan is in coma. Despite the endless number of differences Anu and Nayan had, she was her mother at the end of the day.

Later know Anu meets Robindro who happens to be a calm, spiritual being. Robindro and Anu lived with Nayan after she moved out of her husband’s house. Nayan’s life has been like a rollercoaster ride. She fought for her passion of writing and became a prolific Marathi litterateur.

There were many men in her life at various stages but none of them provided the stability which Raina did. Bhaskar Raina, a prominent artist and a genuine person who had an ‘open relationship’ with Nayantara.

He brought Anu and Masha back into Nayan’s life. All the flashbacks come in the form of a video which was recorded by Milan where Nayan talks about every event in her life. So, the whole movie revolves around how Anu regrets her decisions and feels guilty for not confronting her mother.

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Tribhanga Character Insights

Tribhanga is directed by none other than the ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’ star, Renuka Shahane, and produced by superstar Ajay Devgan. This iconic movie features some amazing stars and all of them have done justice to their roles.

1) Kajol aka Anuradha Apte

Kajol aka Anuradha Apte

Anu is an established actress and an Odissi dancer. You would definitely adore this fun-loving person. She is totally a mood, her abuses are on point (Delhites beware she can give you competition).

A free-spirited independent soul who raised her daughter Masha all by herself because her boyfriend used to beat her after getting drunk. Anu was so strong that she beat the shit out of that Russian guy.

On one side, Anu in her childhood days went through a lot of criticism because of her mother’s decision to break the stereotype and raise her children alone. She wasn’t angry back then, it was only after Vikram’s entry when the misunderstandings between the two of them started to grew.

Vikram was Nayan’s partner and a photographer. He many times attempted to sexually molest young Anu. She thought that her mother knew everything yet she chose to stay quiet but it was Milan who made her realize that the case was different.

Later in the movie, Anu starts to know that her daughter Masha has faced a lot of criticism because of her decisions. It seems like the cycle repeated itself again, just the people were different. Anu really wanted Nayan to get well soon because she had a lot to discuss with her mother.

2) Tanvi Azmi aka Nayantara Apte

Tanvi Azmi aka Nayantara Apte

Nayantara’s character in Tribhanga represents a progressive woman who’s ready to face the world with a bang. She gave good education to her children yet Anu and Robindro didn’t call Nayan as ‘Aai’.

Is it because they were angry with her life choices? Did she not spend enough time with them? Well, Anu’s reason is pretty much clear but what about Robindro? Nayan always desired her children’s love. It was the communication gap that lead to all those misunderstandings and problems.

Nayan went wrong on many aspects like she didn’t pay much attention to her children because of her passion for writing. But we all make mistakes, right?

3) Mithila Palkar aka Masha

Mithila Palkar aka Masha

Anu’s daughter Masha is the perfect blend of beauty with brains. Her in-laws are conservative yet she chose to be a part of that family. Masha has faced criticism because of Anu’s decision. One day her teacher even asked, ‘How much does your mother charge?’ It was because Anu used to bring her boyfriends to school PTM’s.

All Masha wanted was a stable family where her child would have a father. She didn’t wanted her child to suffer the same. Is it in the Indian society to mock people who go against the societal norms? Was it really Anu’s fault?

Anu was living on her own terms. She didn’t care much about the society and their narrow-minded brains. She loved Masha. On the other hand, Masha supported her mother’s decision and never allowed those differences to pop up.

Masha’s only fault was that she went for gender-determination test. Her in-laws wanted a boy child. But what if it was a girl child? Would they kill/ abort that child? Well, Masha’s dream to have a family came with a lot of consequences.

Anu explained really her really well that it’s okay to adjust but not at the cost of you losing your identity. You should make your own decisions. In this world, standing for yourself is very important being a part of the female society.

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4) Kunal Roy Kapur aka Milan

Kunal Roy Kapur aka Milan

Due to Nayan’s arthritis problem, she approached Milan to write her autobiography. Milan is a very sweet, calm person who really admired Nayantara and her work. He was a writer and wanted Nayan’s story to get completed. He wanted to know Anu’s side of the story. It was because of him that Anu realized how wrong she went.

5) Vaibhav Tatwawaadi aka Robindro 

Vaibhav Tatwawaadi aka Robindro

Robindro was a religious man and loved Anu unconditionally. It was because of her that Robindro used to call Nayan by her name. Both of them are two sides of a magnet, completely different. His role brings stability to the whole movie.

6) Kanwaljeet Singh aka Bhaskar Raina

Kanwaljeet Singh aka Bhaskar Raina

Bhaskar Raina was the reason why Anu came back to Nayan. He was very humble and loved Masha like his own daughter. He also exposed Anu and Robindro to a completely different world which was the reason behind Anu’s love for Odissi dance and Robindro’s devotion towards Lord Krishna. All of them loved him and respected him.

All the characters had their role to play but the story of Tribhanga which is based on the three of them depicts the importance of communication. A parent should always observe small changes in their child. The communication gap gave birth to misunderstandings and that’s why it’s important for parents to look out for their children especially when they are in their teen stage.

The three of them weren’t wrong at their places but they did make mistakes. The lesson that one can learn from Tribhanga is to share your feelings and talk to your parents. Also, never fear from taking unconventional steps which don’t go well with the society. It’s your life and live it like Anu and Nayan did.

Overall the movie was beautifully constructed and the storyline was amazing. It’s believed that some incidents are inspired from Renuka’s real life journey. The main question still remains unanswered: Did Anu clear out the differences with Nayan? Well, for that go watch this beautiful movie on Netflix.

Ending the review with Kajol’s aka Anu’s dialogue, “Nayan is Abhanga, weird h par genuis h tho thodi weird bhi hogi hi. Masha is Samabhanga, completely balanced aur mai Tribhanga, tedhi medhi crazy par sexy.”

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  1. Very well done, never lose interest at all. I find many lessons, like one should not ignore the kids for any reason. Kids need a lot of Love and attention all the time. Mother’s Role is very important.

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