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The Bikaner Camel Festival – A celebration of culture and traditions

The Bikaner camel festival is yet another most anticipated fair from the Rajasthani state, which bequeaths its spectators in complete bewilderment of their rich cultural heritage and art. This festival is dedicated to the ships of the deserts ie, the camels. There are many camel performances organized by the Bikaneris like camel races, camel dances, camel rides, and many more like that. It’s not only the camel performances that shocks you but also the cultural performances by local artists. This great fair is a yearly event that mainly occurs during January.

Coming to Bikaner, in turn, mean getting welcomed by the great hospitality of the Rajasthanis. You get to devour the tremendous Rajasthani delicacies, and Bikaner especially has a lot to offer to your taste buds. Bikaner Bhujia will spice up your evening snacks, and the local sweets made from camel milk is the best dessert served.

Bikaner Camel Festival

Although camels are the main highlights of this colorful fair, and there is no doubt about it, but this festival is an assortment of all types of attractions that moves you with the best experience of your life. After you explore the different traditions of the locals like the camel trading process and have clicked many selfies with ornamentally decked camels, here are the exciting highlights of the fair for you.

  1. The strong and immersive traditional folk dance performances and soothing music performances
  2. The entertaining Camel Beauty Pageants, where you can find camels adorned with vibrant anklets and pieces of jewellery like that.
  3. A series of camel games that will blow you spellbound, including the iconic camel race conducted on the open grounds.
  4. No fairs in India are complete without souvenirs. Enjoy the jammed stalls of locals, which sells souvenirs involving camels like camel skin articles, camel milk, delicacies made with camel milk, and so on.
  5. Many traditional games and programs organized for the tourists as well as locals, which will leave you with a band of exhilarating memories.

Celebration of Bikaner Camel Festival

This Bikaner Camel Festival that has gained acclamation internationally is a two-day fair that is mostly held during the chilly month of January. This festival mainly celebrates the ‘ships of the desert.’ The tourists get to understand the deep relation the Bikaneri locals have with camels. This festival shows the culture that the Bikaneris follow, and thus promotes camel breeding and continues the age-old tradition of camel taming and trading.

Day 1- Bikaner Camel Festival

Bikaner Camel Festival

The first day starts with a glorious Camel Parade. The beautifully dressed camels with vibrant jewellery all over them, they parade from the imposing Junagarh fort to Dr. Karni Singh stadium. As they reach to the open grounds, the extravagant Camel Beauty Pageant commences. The camel owners show off their camel’s sturdy talents. There are other competitions organized for the camels as well, like camel milking and best fur cutting design. The evening ends with a grand performance by the local artists that leave you in awe with their culture.

Day 2 – Bikaner Camel Festival

The Second day is majorly the same, but an array of competitions are organized for the locals and tourists as well.

These competitions are for everyone, and they include ‘Tug of War’ for men and women and ‘Water-pot Racing’ for women. There is also ‘Turban tying competition’ that is held for tourists from other countries, to offer them an experience of local attires.

The Bikaneris organize a Wrestling competition and Kabbadi competition in which the locals participate, and it is an entertainment for the tourists. The grounds again become lively with powerful performances by local artists. The festival comes to an end with dazzling fireworks.

History of the Bikaner Camel Festival

This whole Bikaner fair is dedicated to Camels, as a tribute to what these sturdy animals are for the desolate lands of Bikaner. Since King Rao Bika Ji founded the city of Bikaner, Bikaner has been the only region of camel breeding in the Indian sub-continent. Thus, to put more awareness and to generate more funds for the locals, the tourism department of the Rajasthan government initiated this “International Bikaner Camel Festival” in 2006.

Other Attractions in Bikaner

1. Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort is the most fort in Bikaner, for its sharp exterior and lavish interiors. Formerly known as Chintamani fort, it is a rare fort around Rajasthan because till date no one managed to invade this fort. For the visitors some part of the palace is now a hotel, you can find some ancient artefacts well preserved for the spectators.

2. The National Research Centre of Camels

This research centre dedicated to the official state animal of Rajasthan, was established in 1984 by the Rajasthani government. This research centre stands as a breeding farm for camels. This centre also has a museum where visitors get to know the facts and rare information about Camels. There are also special delicacies made from camel milk available here so that you can indulge in a great treat!

3. Lalgarh Palace and Museum

Lalgarh Palace and Museum

Lalgarh Palace is an architectural beauty standing wide and tall with utmost aesthetics in Bikaner. The interior of this grand palace brimming with rare artefacts and unique wall paintings, will drop you astounded. You can also get a personal experience of this grandeur by staying here! Some part of this palace is converted into a heritage property hotel.

4. Shri Laxminath Temple in Bikaner

Shri Laxminath Temple is the oldest temple in Bikaner. This ancient majestic temple was built during 14th century by Maharaja Rao Lunakaran. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu, and people from all over India come here to worship. The temple’s interiors stacked with beautiful paintings and sculptures and exquisite handiwork in silver, is awe-inspiring.

5. The Royal Cenotaphs

The Royal Cenotaphs

The Royal Cenotaphs or Devi Kund saga is one of the most beautiful works in Bikaner. A cremation ground for the royals of Bikaner, most of these cenotaphs are made of marble or the famous red sandstones. There are various red sandstone cenotaphs around here, the earliest of Rao Kalyanmal (1577) and the last of Karni Singh (1988). The cenotaphs have intricate carvings of the epics from mythology and beautiful foliage of nature.

How to reach Bikaner

By Air

The nearest airport to Bikaner is Jodhpur International Airport, which is 235 kilometres away and connected with all domestic and international flights.

By Rail

Bikaner has two railways stations close to the city, Bikaner Junction and Lalgarh Railway station, which are approximately six kilometres away from the central town.

By Road

Bikaner is well connected to all cities around the state of Rajasthan, with their state public transport services available with high frequency. Bikaner is also connected to major cities around India like Delhi and so on.

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