10 Stereotypes All Indians Are Fed Up Of Hearing

Oh so you live Mumbai? Have you seen Shahrukh Khan?

Every country has a bunch of stereotypes associated with it. It is common to think and believe a country to be a certain way because of the manner in which it is portrayed in media. But we must remember that most of it is untrue. Here’s a list of 10 such stereotypes about India

1. All Indians Are Related

Just because my surname is “Sharma” doesn’t mean I know all the “Sharmas” in the country. All Indians are not related; even though they may possess the same surname. Also they don’t have a million cousins. They only believe in the saying “All Indians are my brothers and sisters” but not literally.

2. All Indians Are Poor

A common misconception about Indians is that everyone lives below the poverty line and we all have rural roots. Photographers who’ve sold paintings of children and women in poverty stricken conditions have not helped in getting rid of this stereotype. While it is true that India is home to one of the largest slums in the world- Dharavi in Mumbai, it is also true that India is home to some of the wealthiest billionaires in the world such as the Tata’s and Ambani’s.

3. You’ll Find Elephants On The Streets

cows on the road in india

Thanks to old Bollywood movies, people from foreign countries believe we are a land of snake charmers and we travel on elephants. In reality, that was never the case. Yes you may meet some friendly cows in the middle of a busy street, but not ELEPHANTS!

4. All Indians Are Yoga Enthusiasts

All Indians are yoga enthusiasts

Not all Indians begin our mornings with meditation and one hour long yoga sessions. Yes, yoga gained immense acceptance by Indians but not all of us prefer it as a method of exercise. Having said that, if you’re in India you must give yoga a try!

5. The Weather is Forever Hot

stereotypes about india

Some parts of India such as states up north and towards the Southern tips are ninety percent of the time cold. Most metropolitan cities are subject to hot summers but they too are interspersed by bouts of rain and tend to remain cool for the rest of the year. Our heat is strong and takes some getting used to, but that’s only in summer time!

6. All Indian Marriages Are Arranged

All Indian marriages are arranged

In India elders choosing or introducing prospective spouses to their children was the most common way of getting married many decades ago . While that was indeed a common practice , and still exists in some places, it is not that every Indian marriage is arranged. While it is also true that love marriages were previously frowned upon, these days there is much wider acceptance of the same.

7. Indians Greet Each Other With Namaste

Indians greet each other with Namaste

You don’t have to say Namaste to every Indian you see. They sometimes greet their elders with this greeting but if you’re speaking to someone of the same age range or younger a simple “Hi” would suffice.

8. Indian Cinema is All About Singing and Dancing

Indian cinema is all about singing and dancing

India is known for its rich cultural heritage. We are pride in our folk dances and Sufi music. However, when it comes to Indian cinema there is a stereotype that all movies contain songs and random dances. While that is true about old films, the current generation’s movies focus more on plot and cinematography rather than just songs and dance.

9. All Indians Are Vegetarians

All Indians are vegetarians

The biggest misconception of them all- All Indians are vegetarians. Since India is predominantly a Hindu country and Hindus worship cows, most foreigners think all Indians are vegetarians and do not consume meat. That is completely untrue because we love our meat!

10. Indians are IT Experts.

One stereotype about our population is that we are all IT experts and the only accepted profession a man has when he grows up is to be an engineer of sorts. This is obviously not true. Our youth has excelled in all fields of science, medicine and the arts; and are dipping their feet into newer areas of study as well!

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